Wuxiaworld > The Earth is Online > Chapter 85
The big turkey smashed into Fu Wenduo, her huge wings waving in the air. Fu Wenduo was just wounded by her attack and now she struck again. Fu Wenduo moved to avoid the big turkey’s sharp mouth but couldn’t avoid the wings. Then a hand stretched out and pulled Fu Wenduo’s waist. Tang Mo tried his best to pull Fu Wenduo back to avoid the big turkey’s attack, but his arm was scratched by the big turkey.

The big turkey kicked against the ground and struck again, not giving Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo the chance to react.

Crashing sounds rang out in the supermarket.

There were only two minutes left and the turkey became faster and more powerful, her roars making the players’ scalp numb.

Fu Wenduo’s chest was wet with blood.

Xiao Jitong and Ningning saw this and immediately rushed from the side. The four people fought the big turkey. Under the pressure of hunger, the players were weakened while the big turkey was stronger.

Among the players, Fu Wenduo was the strongest, followed by Ningning and Tang Mo. Now Fu Wenduo was wounded and it was more difficult to defend against the big turkey. Everyone rushed out as the turkey opened her wings, wholeheartedly chasing Fu Wenduo.

It was the last 10 seconds. The turkey roared angrily. Her wings danced and she flew into the sky, unexpectedly leaping over Tang Mo and Ningning, directly extending her claws to Fu Wenduo.

Time seemed to stretch out infinitely as Tang Mo cried out, “Be careful!”

Before this, the big turkey had never flown and the group never thought she would fly. This blow was completely unexpected and couldn’t be avoided by Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo moved as far as possible to avoid the big turkey’s claws, while glaring at her. Since there was no escaping, a black dagger appeared in his hand and he faced the turkey head on.

As the black tower counted down to the last second, the two of them met in the air, the extremely fast speed almost surpassing Tang Mo’s dynamic strength. He didn’t see exactly what happened but Fu Wenduo fell heavily to the ground while the big turkey stiffened and stopped in midair.

A clear child’s voice was heard at the same time.

“Ding dong! The Eagle Catches the Chicks game has ended.”

As soon as the voice finished, Fu Wenduo coughed and spat up blood. His ribs were broken and the bones stabbed his internal organs. The big turkey’s last blow had directly hit his right abdomen and blood couldn’t stop flowing from his mouth. Tang Mo ran quickly, taking out the Earthworm’s Tear and sticking it to Fu Wenduo’s chest.

A warm white light flashed from Tang Mo’s hands and Fu Wenduo’s face returned to normal. He seemed to hear the sound of bones growing. As the light disappeared, Fu Wenduo’s wound gradually healed. On the other side, the big turkey’s wings split from her body and landed on the ground.

The body of the big turkey shook but the game was over. She didn’t make a sound as she stiffly walked forward and fell asleep on the ground.

The attack of the big turkey was too sudden. No one expected that she would attack Fu Wenduo and used almost all her strength to kill him. They had a very good understanding that the game should’ve been over by now. The more questions that the players asked, the more information they got and the easier it was to determine the right order. With the big turkey’s abilities, ordinary players couldn’t support three rounds of fighting against her. After three rounds, everyone would lost combat effectiveness and could only wait for death.

But Tang Mo and the other people hadn’t died and they could even be called vigorous.

The snoring of the big turkey echoed in the supermarket and Fu Wenduo’s injury wasn’t particularly serious. If their physical fitness wasn’t limited, the Earthworm’s Tear wouldn’t have been needed. Of course, this seriousness was relative to Fu Wenduo. Other people, like the short-haired girl, would’ve died from the blow.

Xiao Jitong brought out the mineral water to heal the wounded, his eyes on Fu Wenduo’s black dagger for the moment. Fu Wenduo picked up the dagger that had fallen to the ground, making it disappear to an unknown place in the blink of an eye.

The battle lasted for only two minutes but it was even fiercer than the previous two. The players’ physical strength had dropped too much. The big turkey recharged her batteries and deliberately waited to the end, forcing the players to be on the defensive. The turkey was also becoming smarter, setting insidious traps for all players. Whether it was Tang Mo or Xiao Jitong, they weren’t aware of the person that the big turkey really wanted to attack.

Everyone was a bit injured. After three consecutive queuing errors, no one spoke as they silently healed up.

Then there was a loud sound and the big turkey woke up. She felt the pain of her broken wings, opened her eyes and glared at Fu Wenduo. She stared quietly at Fu Wenduo, her eyes cold like she wanted to peel off his skin. After a long while, she giggled and walked to the players.

“My lovely children, who knows… why are my wings gone?” She asked, hatred in her eyes as she stared at Fu Wenduo. She looked at Fu Wenduo and gritted her teeth.”Child, where is Mother’s wings? Can you tell me…?”

“The first question.” A cold voice was heard from beside Fu Wenduo, causing the big turkey to turn her head. She saw Tang Mo coldly looking at her with his hands in his pocket. The group looked at him with astonishment, not expecting him to speak at this time.

Tang Mo’s voice was calm. “The first question, he is number one.”

Tang Mo was referring to Fu Wenduo.

The big turkey’s fake smile stiffened on her face. She didn’t answer for a bit before asking, “What is the second question, my lovely child?”

She would only continue once all questions had been asked. Xiao Jitong was quickly thinking of the second question when he heard Tang Mo saying, “The second question, which one is he among the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh places?”

Xiao Jitong looked at Tang Mo with surprise. Fu Wenduo was also startled before soon understanding.

A glimmer of consternation flashed on the turkey’s face and didn’t find anything strange about these two questions. The two questions were essentially the same, asking if Fu Wenduo was ranked first. Unless Tang Mo was stupid, he wouldn’t ask these questions for no reason. The big turkey thought for a long time and couldn’t figure out anything. He smiled and said, “Child, don’t you know that the same question can’t be asked twice?

Tang Mo asked, “The black tower forbids players from asking the same question?”

The big turkey smiled and quickly said, “Mother is just worried that you will be at a disadvantage from asking the same question.”

Tang M didn’t speak and Xiao Jitong nodded thoughtfully. He looked at Tang Mo’s actions and although he didn’t know what Tang Mo had found, he knew that Tang Mo had figured out the correct queuing order. Xiao Jitong just didn’t know what it was yet.

Xiao Jitong closed his eyes and carefully recalled everything that he experienced in this reality instance. From the beginning of the lining up, the first round of the Eagle Catches the Chicks game, the questions that the players asked… What exactly did Tang Mo find in the end and what was the correct order?

Everything passed through his head before Xiao Jitong suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Tang Mo. At this time, he heard Tang Mo ask a question that everyone felt was extremely strange. “…What happens when there is one person left in the game?”

The smile of the big turkey slowly disappeared. She looked at Tang Mo before laughing. “Good question. Dear child, your curiosity is really heavy. Mother thinks the second question is very interesting. The answer is very simple. Even if there is only one child left, Mother likes a good child who lines up. You have to line up to eat the bugs. And for the first question…”

The big turkey’s eyes rolled around and she seemed to be thinking about something. The next second, she shouted, “This child is in fifth place.”

Tang Mo’s two questions made the big turkey feel very suspicious. She could guess what the players were thinking with the previous four questions. But now Tang Mo raised two questions that completely puzzled the big turkey. In particular, the second question was strange. Why did he ask what would happen when one player was left? Was this player ready to kill his teammates to get a chance to live?

The big turkey vaguely felt that something was wrong and her heart filled with a strong sense of unease. She looked at the other players. Xiao Jitong watched the turkey with a smile. The man who cut her wings was standing beside the human who asked the strange questions with deep eyes.

…This was wrong.

The big turkey wanted to run, or at least leave this place first. “Mother will go to find you a bug, what do you want to eat…?”

“Why are you running?” A low voice was heard.

The big turkey was startled and turned to look at Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo’s lips curved and he watched the turkey calmly.

Xiao Jitong laughed. “The bug isn’t dead yet.” The turkey turned and looked at him. She saw Xiao Jitong pick up the small bug from the ground. The big turkey had casually brought this small bug to fool the big turkey. The small bug’s vitality was tenacious and it was unexpectedly still alive compared to the two big bugs.

Xiao Jitong said, “The queuing time is one hour, the ‘Eagle catches the chicken’ game is one hour. I don’t think we need one hour to line up.” He raised his head. “Can’t we line up now?”

The big turkey’s expression transformed. She just prepared to open her mouth when the child’s voice said cheerfully.

“Ding dong! The player’s queuing time is limited to one hour and there is no lower limit.”

The big turkey opened her mouth but didn’t have time to speak as she was interrupted by Xiao Jitong. “Then we will line up.”

Of the seven players present, the two little girls, Ningning and Xiao Qiao were confused. Xiao Qiao pulled Xiao Jitong’s clothes and whispered. “Captain, what’s wrong? Don’t we have to discuss how to line up? What is this?”

Xiao Jitong didn’t answer him. He turned and looked at Ningning. “You and Mr. Tang Ji will change positions.”

Ningning didn’t know why they would change but she unconditionally believed in her captain. “Okay.”

Then Tang Mo’s voice was heard. “The two of you will also change positions.”

The two little girls looked ignorantly at Tang Mo. They didn’t understand anything and could only nod.

The big turkey was listening to this. She didn’t know who Tang Ji was but these players were ignoring her and arranging the order of the fourth lining up. What the hell was going on? Did they already know the right order? No one, these two questions were nothing special and the big turkey had thought carefully before replying.

The big turkey asked, “My child, are you so impatient to line up to eat the bug?”

Tang Mo agreed. “Yes Mother.”

The big turkey, “…”

Xiao Jitong often batted his eyes and called the big turkey ‘Mother,’ but this was the first time for Tang Mo. The big turkey didn’t feel any warmth and couldn’t help panicking in her heart. She wasn’t very smart in the Monster World, nor was she particularly powerful. It was sinister enough and powerful like the Iron Shoemaker to become a boss of the reality instance.

The big turkey wanted to say something. In fact, it felt that this group of players couldn’t suddenly line up in the wrong order. Now two irrelevant questions were asked and the turkey suddenly understood. However, she didn’t have time to talk before Tang Mo stood in front of her.

Tang Mo had stood in front of her two times but this time the big turkey let out a breath.

It felt like something wasn’t the same as before.

The blond boy touched his head and muttered, “What does the captain and this man want to do?” But he still walked over to the second position. He was followed by Xiao Jitong, the short-haired girl…

The cold-faced Ningning stood in sixth place. No matter what she felt in her heard, she had no expression on her face as she stood coldly in place.

The last one was Fu Wenduo. He walked over calmly to stand behind Ningning.

Just before Fu Wenduo was about to stand in place, the big turkey’s eyes opened and he said loudly, “Wait my child, Mother just lied to you. He isn’t the fifth person at all. In fact… he is first. Yes, he is first!”

Fu Wenduo smiled like he hadn’t heard the lie and headed straight to the last position.

Once the seven players stood in place, the big turkey’s eyes widened to the maximum and the remaining wings shook.

The next second, the child’s voice was heard.

“Ding dong! The players have lined up correctly and completed the main mission ‘Obedient children have to eat bugs’. The reality instance ‘A gold or silver nest isn’t as good as your own nest’ is cleared and the reward ‘My Chicken Nest’ has been acquired. Tip: This reward is automatically obtained after the children eats the bug.”

Their hunger disappeared and everyone clearly felt that their abilities had come back.

The two little girls were still immersed in the shock of clearing the instance while the little boy was amazed. He looked back and forth three times and couldn’t see why this line was right. Ningning also didn’t understand anything but snorted coldly.

Then they remembered what the black tower had just said. The people looked at the big on the ground and gulped, their backs cold.

A variety of complex emotions flashed in the big turkey’s heart after hearing that the black tower game had ended. She looked at the wing that had fallen to the ground not far away and finally looked at the seven players. Hatred filled her eyes as she looked over Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Xiao Jitong and the others. It was like she was memorizing their appearances before she waved her wing and turned to leave.

At this moment, a male voice was heard from behind her. “Where are you going?”

“Coo?” The big turkey was stunned and she turned to look at Tang Mo. She saw this seemingly delicate human smile before a huge match suddenly appeared in his hands.

The big turkey stared in horror at this familiar match and ran away. But the next moment, Fu Wenduo grabbed his right hand and a black weapon replaced it. Fu Wenduo moved faster than before. He was almost like black lightning as he rushed to the turkey. Ningning was stunned for a second before also rushing.

Tang Mo sighed and the huge match head rubbed against the ground, causing a brilliant flame.


Five minutes later, the little girls watched the four players sitting around the fire in a complicated manner. The only ones sitting down were Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Xiao Jitong and Ningning. Even the little boy was shocked and didn’t dare sit.

The seductive smell of fresh meat being cooked filled the supermarket. The spluttering of the flames filled the players’ hearts as a drop of oil fell from the fresh turkey, dripping into the flames and making a wonderful sizzling sound.

Xiao Qiao and the two girls stared at the roasting turkey, madly swallowing their saliva.

Ningning cut the tender and juicy turkey with a knife and handed it to Xiao Qiao with an expressionless face. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to eat turkey? Oh, it isn’t cooked yet. Wait.” Then she threw the turkey piece into the fire.

Xiao Qiao, “…”

Five minutes ago, this was a living and talking turkey! She could speak and wasn’t a regular turkey!

The little boy couldn’t accept it. The big turkey was too human-like and could speak. At this time, Tang Mo tore off a piece of cooked turkey meat. He chewed on it and said casually, “After eating this, I feel more powerful. It is like my physical fitness has increased a level.”

Xiao Qiao, “…”

The two little girls, “…”

One minute later, the seven players sat around the roasting turkey, waiting for it to be cooked.

While the turkey was roasting, the short-haired girl finally couldn’t help looking at Tang Mo. She asked curiously, “Mr. Victor, can I ask why the last order was correct? If the order of the team is the same, in the first Eagle Catches the Chicks game, the big turkey…” The short-haired girl smelt the tempting turkey smell and turned to look at the roasting turkey. She gulped and forgot what she wanted to say.

After a while, her spirit recovered. “Cough, I mean, why did it try to catch Miss. Ningning the first time? Isn’t she second-last?”