Wuxiaworld > The Earth is Online > Chapter 91
By the time the black tower finished opening the game, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had already run to the edge of the Xinjiekou business district. The players’ screams could be heard from all over Nanjing. This large-scale reality instance came too abruptly and everyone was unprepared. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo turned to look at the same place.

Once they returned to below the black tower, Xiao Jitong immediately came up to them. “The game is beginning.”

Tang Mo looked at him. “How are you?”

There was a thin layer of sweat on Xiao Jitong’s forehead. It showed that he wasn’t indifferent to this sudden garbage cleaning game. He calmly said, “We were standing under the black tower when it said that the game had begun. This voice was obviously announced to China. This game is called the last person’s garbage cleaning game. The black tower’s meaning was obvious. This game had two points. One was the ‘last person’ and the other was ‘garbage cleaning.’” Xiao Jitong paused and looked at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, before saying with a smile, “Our players in Nanjing are last and they are also garbage.”

Xiao Jitong didn’t let go of any information given by the black tower. In fact, Tang Mo was like him when playing the black tower game. No matter the game name or rules, he wouldn’t ignore any remarks given by the black tower. It was because the key to clearing the game was probably inside the words.

Tang Mo guessed why this game existed.

“If my speculation isn’t wrong, 10 days ago was the 100th day since the earth went online. This was a special day.” Tang Mo paused and saw no reaction from Xiao Jitong. Like Fu Wenduo, Xiao Jitong already took note of the special date of February 23rd. Tang Mo continued, “From that day onwards, three small light spots appeared on Nanjing’s black tower. The three lights were warming up for this game.”

Fu Wensheng had just ran over and when he heard this, he wondered, “You mean, the black tower spent 10 days preparing for this cleaning game?”

“Yes.” Tang Mo nodded. “The black tower first announced China District 10 and then released 10 areas. There are 1,021 black towers over China and it chose 10 districts from over 1,000 districts. It said that on March 5th, it identified the 10 districts. Then what is the criteria for determining these 10 districts?”

Fu Wenduo answered, “The people at the bottom.”

Tang Mo glanced at him. “These 10 districts are last among the 1,021 districts. Most likely, they are the last 10 districts. I don’t know what criteria the black tower used to judge the strength of each district but it judged that these 10 districts are at the bottom.” The game had started and the black tower’s judging criteria was no longer important. The important thing was the garbage cleaning game.

Tang Mo put it aside and looked at Xiao Jitong. “It said that Nanjing has 11 garbage disposal stations. Have you found them?”

Xiao Jitong replied, “I just had Chai Rong send people to find them.”

Soon, Chai Rong and the Nanjing Group members ran over gasping. “We found one. It is very close to here!”

The group followed up immediately. They crossed two blocks and several skyscrapers. Everyone walked quickly, not wasting a minute. Chai Rong didn’t have time to say how he found the garbage disposal station or what it looked like. A small and strange building appeared in front of everyone.

Tang Mo’s face showed a trace of astonishment when he saw this small and strange room.

In the centre of a spacious intersection, a low house sat in the middle of three skyscrapers. It was so strange that it was sort of cute. The roof was bright pink, the walls were a fresh green and the windows were sky blue. The shape was eccentric but it was like it had been drawn using the circle and rectangle computer drawing tools as there were no signs of mistakes. Round cartoon bubbles floated above its roof.

“Garbage disposal station.” Tang Mo read these words.

A member of the Nanjing Group was startled. “What is that?” He subconsciously wanted to come closer to the house, only to see a yellow ball of light in front of it. Ningning immediately reached out and stopped him, causing the man to look at Ningning.

Ningning spoke coldly, “The game’s sixth rule, each player can only enter the garbage disposal station once.”

The man immediately realized and explained, “I wasn’t going to enter. I am just taking a look. Captain, you saw it. There’s a light ball over there. It is at the door of the house.”

The first thing Tang Mo saw when he came to this garbage disposal station was the little light ball. It was a fist-sized yellow ball of light suspended in front of the door of the garbage disposal station. The ball of light wasn’t inside door of the garbage disposal station.

Tang Mo sensed something and went to look at the house from the side. Sure enough, he shouted, “You have to come see.”

The group came over.

Xiao Jitong’s eyes narrowed when he saw the situation. “It is unexpected.” He looked at the member of the Nanjing Group who had just spoke. “You thought that as long as you didn’t push the door open, it isn’t counted as entering the garbage disposal station. But in front, the house is just a plane. From the side, it becomes a piece of paper. None of us know what is required to enter. Chai Rong, before the right way to clear the instance is found, you must not let anyone near here.”

The member stopped by Ningning nodded and stood aside.

There were nine rules in this game, one of which mentioned that the way to clear the game was to send the player’s surprise into the garbage disposal station. Xiao Jitong said, “We don’t know what this surprise means at the moment but the black tower mentioned rabbit heads. Every hour, a group of rabbit heads will appear but the identities of these rabbit heads are unknown. Killing one will give a badge. The black tower won’t give out useless information…”

Chai Rong asked, “Where are the rabbit heads?”

Xiao Jitong replied, “They should be coming soon or have already appeared.”

Chai Rong thought about it. “Then we must first kill the rabbit heads and get badges. This certainly isn’t wrong.”

Xiao Jitong opened his mouth before closing it again. Tang Mo glanced at him and understood what he was thinking.

Xiao Jitong said that they didn’t know what the rabbit heads were. The rabbit heads might be a black tower monster, an underground person or perhaps a creature created by the black tower for this game. There was another possibility—

The rabbit heads were human.

In the circus instance, Mr. A and Mr. B were identities given to Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo by the black tower. What if like Mr. A and Mr. B, there was a rabbit figure about players’ heads. The black tower believed these players were rabbit heads and Chai Rong would have to kill them to get the badge.

Tang Mo felt that the black tower wouldn’t do such a blatant act of letting humans kill each other since it wasn’t in keeping with its style. Then he remembered the Mr. A and Mr. B experience and closed his mouth. Like Xiao Jitong, he decided to wait for the real emergence of the rabbit heads.

In case they were humans… would he kill them or not?

What would he choose?

Tang Mo involuntarily looked at Fu Wenduo and found that Fu Wenduo was also looking at him. The Nanjing Group and Strategy Group were discussing strategies for this game while Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo quietly looked at each other. Neither of them spoke, they just looked at their companions.

Tang Mo smiled. “If that is the only way to clear the instance…”

Fu Wenduo interrupted, “You have the king’s gold coin.”

Tang Mo stopped speaking. After a moment, he asked, “What about you?”

Fu Wenduo’s dark eyes stared at Tang Mo’s body. Tang Mo had the gold coin and could abstain from any black tower game, but Fu Wenduo couldn’t. If killing people was the only way to clear the instance… Both of them knew how difficult the hard mode in the tower attack game was. In addition, Fu Wenduo would be attacking the third floor of the black tower. Even he might not be able to survive the third floor’s hard mode.

Tang Mo smiled.

Fu Wenduo’s lips also curved. “There are 12 hours and a group of rabbit heads appear every hour.” It was a total of 12 batches. He didn’t say this but Tang Mo understood his meaning.

Tang Mo was preparing to speak when he suddenly heard a strange noise.

The group immediately turned to look at the source. Fu Wenduo was the fastest to respond. His feet moved and he grabbed a person hiding behind the tree. His hand grabbed their shoulder and pulled them out of the shadow. Bright moonlight shone on the person, causing the tall man with the rabbit’s head to scream in horror.

Fu Wenduo hadn’t expected this to be the result and was slightly stunned. As a result, the tall rabbit man shook him off and turned to run. Fu Wenduo threw a slender rope and the rope tied around the rabbit man’s body. The rope had just been tied around when the rabbit’s long ears stood upright, he placed his hands on his hips and made sharp whistling sounds. “Jiji!”

The moment these sounds were heard, the rope suddenly loosened and the rabbit head escaped.

Fu Wenduo stared at it coldly. On the other side, Tang Mo, Chai Rong and Ningning also rushed up. They joined with Fu Wenduo to capture the rabbit head from four directions.

They did their best but they couldn’t catch the rabbit. His speed was so fast that he was one step ahead of Ningning. It was just that he had almost no attack power and could only scream. The sound shocked the minds of those who heard and and his claws and teeth could leave marks on Tang Mo’s skin.

However, the group couldn’t catch him.

The other members of the Nanjing Group rushed up. All of them formed a circle, blocking the rabbit head in the middle and then narrowing the encirclement.

The human figures were reflected in the rabbit head’s bloody red eyes. The next second, he looked up and moved his legs.


A majestic rabbit head leapt into the air, drawing a beautiful arc and jumping out of the crowd.

Xiao Jitong shouted, “Ningning!”

Ningning’s body flashed and she appeared under the place where the rabbit head would fall. She raised her silver bow and fired an arrow. The long silver arrow was like lightning and about to shoot through the rabbit head’s heart. Just as the arrow was about to hit, a black figure arrived behind the rabbit head at a faster speed.

Under the cold moonlight, a black triangular pyramid weapon didn’t hesitate to pierce the head of the rabbit. The next moment, the silver arrow shot through the head. Fu Wenduo grabbed the body of the rabbit head and fell to the ground.

The body disappeared into countless yellow lights which condensed above Fu Wenduo’s hand.

A round wooden badge appeared in his palm.

Tang Mo went over and picked up the badge, looking at the letter in the centre of the badge.”


Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo, their eyes meeting in the air.

The Nanjing and Nanjing Strategy Group members rushed up, wanting to see the badge as well. However, they hadn’t yet approached when screams were heard around them. They were overwhelming, forming a resonance in the sky above Nanjing. Everyone froze and looked around.

In the darkness, a pair of red eyes emerged.

Followed by two pairs, three pairs…

Hundreds of red eyed rabbit heads hid in every corner of the buildings, trees and shopping malls, staring at the Nanjing players standing on the street. The next second, they looked up at the black tower in the sky and screamed “Jiji!”

A clear child’s voice was heard in the midst of this terrible sound.

“Ding dong! At 18:00, the first group of rabbit heads has officially appeared.”

The black tower finished speaking and under the moonlight, black shadows leapt through the air. The dense shadows covered the sky so that the moonlight couldn’t shine on the earth anymore. Tang Mo’s eyes widened as he looked at this spectacular and strange scene. Thousands of rabbits jumped in a curve through the air, running in all directions without looking back.