Wuxiaworld > The Earth is Online > Chapter 98
The sound of fierce collisions continued to be heard from the crossroads.

Tang Mo and the others exploded the building in the north to attract attention, but once they officially attacked the garbage disposal station, many players waiting for a long time swarmed.

It had been over five months since the earth went online and many players experienced the brutal black tower games and weren’t too naive. Most people thought that someone would ambush in the vicinity of the garbage disposal station because everyone had to go there to complete the game. However, knowing was one thing. Only players with a certain amount of strength would dare to ambush. Thus, the players were divided into two groups. One group lay in ambush while the other group fearfully moved in the surroundings, wanting to attack.

The two forces had formed a balance before Fu Wenduo acted. Once someone broke the balance, the timid players would swarm, just like the incident with the Nanjing Group. Hundreds of players flocked to the garbage disposal station at the same time. Tang Mo waved the small parasol and blocked a green metal butterfly. He looked up again and saw a stream of white fire heading straight for his chest.

The players used strange props and Tang Mo used the small parasol to keep blocking and evading. He counted the time in his mind.

It had been three minutes since Fu Wenduo blew up the building in the north. Tang Mo secretly wondered, “…Did Fu Wenduo experience an accident?”

Escaping shouldn’t be a problem with Fu Wenduo’s strength. The likelihood of an incident was very low but Tang Mo couldn’t feel completely relieved. However, the players’ intense attacks forced him to put this matter behind him as he kept running. Tang Mo did everything he could to get near the garbage disposal station where Xiao Jitong and the others were waiting. But the ambushing players had long discovered his intentions.

The road to the garbage disposal station was blocked by various props. Tang Mo placed a hand on the ground and jumped back to avoid a big knife. A tall middle-aged man stared at Tang Mo and aimed the knife at him without any politeness. Beside him, three more people rushed to attack Tang Mo.

Tang Mo quickly stepped sideways and closed the small parasol, the tip of the parasol piercing the chest of the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s eyes widened. It happened so fast that he didn’t seem to understand how he had died as his body fell down. The people around him were startled before someone shouted, “He is so powerful, he must have a lot of badges!”

Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed.

The battle never ceased. This game was no longer an ordinary reality instance, it was more like an endless escape.

As the players were fighting, the last batch of rabbit heads appeared but no one went to catch them. Killing a rabbit head could only get one badge. Killing a player who survived to this moment could get many badges. Anyone would know what decision to make.

As time passed, Tang Mo was surprised to find that he actually gained the upper hand in this melee.

“It’s not that I’m becoming stronger, they are becoming weaker.” Tang Mo’s brain worked quickly as he escaped a fierce fist. He suddenly thought, “Wait, what about those attacking in the distance?”

The next moment, a heavy object landed to answer Tang Mo’s question. He looked up and saw a tall, handsome man standing on the other side of the street. Fu Wenduo looked at Tang Mo. He had just thrown a knife and killed the man sneaking behind Tang Mo.

Tang Mo’s eyes fell on Fu Wenduo’s blood-stained clothes. He checked the position of the other person and had an answer in his mind.

Tang Mo’s lips curved. The next second, without speaking, the two men joined hands to get rid of these ambushing players and officially met up. The average level of these players was much lower than other regions but they were numerous. There were several bloody scratches and charred marks on Tang Mo’s skin while Fu Wenduo was in a slightly better state.

No one knew how long it took but Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo finally got close the garbage disposal station. Tang Mo was ready to rush into the garbage disposal station when Xiao Jitong looked at him and cried out, “Careful!”

Tang Mo hurriedly stepped to the side but was a bit late. A silver knife cut his chin. A tall and thin young man was standing at the entrance to the garbage disposal station, staring coldly at Tang Mo. Due to this blow, two S badges fell out of Tang Mo’s pocket. The man glanced down before sneering.

Fu Wenduo was about to help when a long whip tied around his wrist. He looked around and saw a high school girl standing not far away, staring at him with a cold expression. Fu Wenduo looked back calmly before suddenly rushing over.

Tang Mo waved the small parasol, blocking the young man’s knife. The opponent was very fast, each move stabbing at Tang Mo’s vital points. In a few seconds, the two men had collided dozens of times. As he blocked the sharp and decisive knife, Tang Mo clearly felt that this person was becoming faster and the strength behind each blow more powerful.

The knife once again aimed at his head and Tang Mo raised the small parasol to resist. However, he was shocked by the terrible force and took three steps back. The young man immediately attacked, his knife once again aiming for Tang Mo’s head. Tang Mo raised his left hand with cold eyes. A huge match suddenly appeared in his hand, blocking the powerful knife.

The man didn’t expect the disadvantaged Tang Mo to be prepared and for a giant match to suddenly appear. He sensed something bad and wanted to retreat from the match. Tang Mo was faster as the red match head rubbed against the ground, causing sparks that flew towards the man.


Flames instantly lit up.

The young man hurried to put out the fire with his hands. However, the flames didn’t go out and set his hand on fire instead. He shouted with astonishment while the high school girl fighting Fu Wenduo heard his voice. She quickly looked at him and realized the situation. “Brother!”

The female high school student wanted to rush over but how could Fu Wenduo let her leave? He grabbed the girl’s whip and didn’t hesitate to throw it away. Fu Wenduo moved his right hand and a slender rope wrapped around his wrist. The high school student struggled and found that the rope couldn’t be untied at all. At this point, half the young man’s body had been engulfed by the fire.

The female high school student rushed back angrily, taking a black sphere out of her pocket and throwing it.

“I’ll fight with you!”

The black sphere landed the players around it realized something was wrong and fled. Tang Mo’s eyes widened with surprise. Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo who was looking back. The next second, Fu Wenduo suddenly turned around. As everyone was fleeing, he didn’t hesitate to rush into the garbage disposal station.

Boom! By the time the black sphere exploded, Fu Wenduo had already entered the garbage disposal station.

Prior to this, dozens of people had entered the station and some players who hadn’t collected a full badge set were ruthlessly pushed in. Everyone was surprised when Fu Wenduo entered but didn’t think too much. They just thought he would put eight badges into the light and clear the game.

They saw Fu Wenduo approach the light before didn’t do anything. He just calmly watched the ball of light before whispering something.

Time seemed to stand still as Fu Wenduo looked at the ball of light in silence. Three seconds later, he turned and looked at Tang Mo.

“Plan A!”

Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo with open lips before closing them. All types of complex emotions flashed in his heart but in the end, he couldn’t say anything.

A moment later, Tang Mo moved through the crowd and looked at Xiao Jitong not far away. Xiao Jitong also saw that Fu Wenduo hadn’t put any badges into the light at the garbage disposal station. A vague speculation filled his heart but he deliberately didn’t guess this possibility.

The next moment, he heard a loud voice fill Xinjiekou square, “Without badges, you can enter… and still clear the game!”

In the dark night, all sounds of fierce fighting stopped. Countless people turned towards the young man standing next to the garbage disposal station. A huge clock next to the square clicked and the minute hand turned to the number ‘11.’

It was 5:50 a.m. and a faint light was shining from the east.

At the same time, on the land of China, there were people in various cities crying out, “Don’t kill, you don’t have to kill! You don’t need badges at all. Just saying surprise will allow you to clear the instance. If you say anything to it related to ‘surprise’, the game will be cleared!”

The clock kept ticking.

It was getting brighter and there were 10 minutes left in the last person’s garbage cleaning game.

At 6:00 on March 6th, a clear child’s voice was heard over 10 cities. There was gloating in his tone as he seemed to be ridiculing every player present.

“Ding dong! The large reality instance ‘the last person’s garbage cleaning game’ has ended. During the game time, China District 6 had 4,921 garbage successfully clear the game and obtained a human identity, China District 49 had 4,235 garbage successfully clear the game and obtained a human identity… China District 1,002 had 3,914 garbage successfully clear the game and obtained a human identity.”

“The rest of the garbage will start to load the tower attack game (hard mode).”

“Ding dong! The human players in the 10 districts are reward with ‘Black Tower’s Surprise.’”

“Please try to attack the tower!”