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Tang Mo didn’t expect that the other person could still attack him after he won the truth clock game. He reacted quickly, pulling out the small parasol and blocking with it the moment the short man arrived. Sharp metal collision sounds filled the truth clock as the invisible cages trapping the two of them disappeared. Tang Mo raised his head and the man did the same.

The two of them stared at each other for a moment before attacking.

This person was a short young man approximately 30 years old, with average looks. He was probably agile because he wasn’t very tall. His strength wasn’t sufficient but he was very fast. He looked at Tang Mo with hatred, every move aiming for a vital point. Tang Mo constantly blocked with the small parasol and found an opportunity.

The small parasol resembled a bolt of lightning as it passed under the man’s shoulder. Li Siqi stared at the small parasol and then Tang Mo. He was confused and didn’t understand what Tang Mo wanted to do. The next second, Tang Mo opened the small parasol and pulled the handle forcefully in his direction.

Li Siqi was pulled forward by this powerful force and saw that he was about to hit Tang Mo. Tang Mo raised his foot and kicked him in the chest. Li Siqi’s eyes widened with horror and a pink glow appeared around his mouth.

The next moment, Tang Mo’s kicking motion paused and Li Siqi took this opportunity to escape.

The encounter between the two of them was very short. From the moment Li Siqi rushed forward to when Tang Mo easily subdued him, only one minute had passed. Li Siqi’s cautious nature was revealed at this moment. He was alert and chose to run away after discovering that Tang Mo’s strength was much greater than his. He couldn’t win using force. Thus, he chose to escape. It wasn’t a simple escape because he looked for opportunities while running.

On the huge truth clock, Tang Mo and this short man started a chase.

The overall strength of the opponent was weaker but his speed was relatively fast. Tang Mo might be faster than him but catching him wasn’t easy. Li Siqi didn’t take a break as he ran around looking for opportunities. He was like a dog skin plaster. (TL: medicinal herbal plaster)

Besides, this man’s ability…

Tang Mo’s mouth twitched slightly. He really didn’t want to get this person’s abilities.

In any case, the game was over. The truth clock no longer flashed blue and it was transforming into an ordinary big clock. Tang Mo stood in the centre of the clock with a calm expression. If the short man struck then he would counterattack.

Time passed and a faint sound became clearer. Once a small rabbit emerged from the darkness, Li Siqi looked at the rabbit with a startled expression. Tang Mo seized this opportunity to take out the big match and force the other person to the ground.

There was a bang and Li Siqi fell to the ground.

Mr. Rabbit arrived to this scene and he screamed with fear. Li Siqi’s strength was truly limited. The big match head pressed against his back, making him unable to move. Tang Mo looked up at Mr. Rabbit who timidly stood behind the truth clock and watched Tang Mo carefully.

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes and stared cautiously at the real black tower boss. At this time, a sharp sound filled his ears. Tang Mo quickly moved to the left, dodging this strange black hidden weapon. Li Siqi saw that his sneak attack failed and a variety of emotions filled his face. His face flushed red. There was shame from the failed sneak attack, as well as hatred and pain.

Mr. Rabbit discovered Li Siqi and was surprised. “Hey, how are there two humans on the truth clock?”

Tang Mo was keenly aware that something was wrong and said lightly, “Is only one person allowed on the truth clock?”

There was only one victor allowed on the truth clock. This was a rule given by the black tower and Tang Mo had long known it. But at this moment, he seemed to know nothing as he asked Mr. Rabbit.

Mr. Rabbit nodded. “Of course. Whoever wins is the winner. Who won?” He just finished speaking when a blue glow lit up Tang Mo’s body.” Mr. Rabbit replied naturally, “Ah, it turns out that you won. If you won then he…” The rabbit paused and looked at the short man on the ground. Then he clapped happily, “He will enter the eternal black hole of truth!”

In the dark space, Mr. Rabbit’s face was full of joy and his tone was relaxed. Li Siqi’s expression changed when he heard this. He screamed, “I don’t want to go, I won’t go into the black hole of truth!” Then a small black vortex appeared under his body. Tang Mo immediately jumped away. He watched as the black vortex became larger and larger, finally sucking the man in.

The man’s body vanished along with the black vortex.

Tang Mo looked silently at the empty clock of truth. There was no change on this clock, as if a player hadn’t been sucked into a black hole. Tang Mo quietly observed the place where the man disappeared before turning to look at the rabbit.

Mr. Rabbit found that Tang Mo was watching him and suddenly remembered. “You, you are the bad human who grabbed my tail!”

Tang Mo’s lips slowly curved.

The tower attack game wasn’t the same as ordinary black tower games. Generally, there would be side missions and main missions. Completing the main mission might not necessarily allow a player to leave right away. For example, in the hamster game, Tang Mo caught the golden hamster but he had to wait for Grandmother Wolf to return home to end the game.

If Grandmother Wolf was the black tower boss of the hamster game, there was no doubt that this rabbit was the boss of the truth clock game.

Tang Mo’s eyes were fixed on the rabbit.

The white rabbit in fine clothing squinted at Tang Mo. Suddenly, Tang Mo shot towards it.

“Ah, help! You’re going to eat rabbit!”’

Mr. Rabbit ran away in horror.

Mr. Rabbit was faster than Tang Mo but this dark space was limited. The rabbit didn’t understand how to turn to evade and just ran forward. Tang Mo soon caught him. Tang Mo grabbed the strange rabbit with both hands and raised him into the air. The rabbit’s long ears swayed in the air as he struggled. “Oh! Let me go, let me go. You sinister and cunning human, I will give you treasure. Okay, I will give you treasure!”

Tang Mo’s heart thumped but his expression didn’t change as he asked, “What treasure?”

Mr. Rabbit pulled out a small pocket watch. It was a delicate and beautiful transparent pocket watch. Under the crystal clear shell, three small hands were gently moving. Mr. Rabbit held this pocket watch and rubbed it twice in a hard manner before reluctantly placing it in Tang Mo’s hands. Tang Mo was about to grab it when it was pulled back again.

“You… you have to exchange it with the truth clock!”

Tang Mo calmly asked, “The truth clock?”

Mr. Rabbit nodded. “Yes, you must exchange it with the truth clock. You won the truth clock game and now this clock is yours. Hey, you can’t look at my truth clock with those eyes. This is my truth clock and I will give it to the Queen of Hearts. In this world, only the Queen of Hearts can use the great truth clock. In your hands, it is just a broken clock with no batteries!”

Then a clear child’s voice rang in Tang Mo’s mind.

“Ding dong! Player Tang Mo has completed the main mission ‘Mr. Rabbit’s Truth Clock Game’ and received the reward: truth clock. Friendly reminded: The truth clock can’t be controlled by players and it can be exchanged for Mr. Rabbit’s probability pocket watch.”

Tang Mo didn’t hesitate to take the pocket watch.

Mr. Rabbit was relieved and hadn’t yet sighed with Tang Mo’s voice entered his ears again. “Not enough.”

Mr. Rabbit, “…?!!!”

The small white rabbit looked at the human in front of him with stunned eyes. He saw this young man observing the transparent pocket watch and then pointing to the huge clock on the ground. “This watch is so small and the truth clock is huge. I am receiving a loss if I exchange the truth clock for the pocket watch.” Then Tang Mo added, “A blood loss.”

Mr. Rabbit, “…”

Mr. Rabbit was so angry that he wanted to hit the head of this shameless and greedy human player!

Luckily, he held back.

This was also Tang Mo’s first time bargaining with a black tower boss. He couldn’t be blamed for being too kind before. He had never seen a black tower boss that was so good to bully. Mr. Rabbit had almost zero strength. When he saw Tang Mo, his first reaction had been to escape instead of rushing up to Tang Mo like other black tower monsters.

Such a good rabbit to bully, he would feel sorry for the rabbit if he didn’t bully him a bit.

Tang Mo just spoke casually and didn’t really want to get anything from Mr. Rabbit. Who would’ve expected this rabbit to actually search through his pocket. He touched it for a long time before pulling out a golden candy. He looked sadly at the candy and struggled for a while before putting it onto Tang Mo’s hand.

“I-I will only give you this! You must’ve ask for anything else since I won’t give it to you! Now give me back the truth clock, my truth clock!”

Tang Mo disguised the shock in his eyes at a very fast speed. He took the candy with a blank expression. Between ‘I might be able to blackmail him again for more profit’ and ‘A black tower boss is a boss after all. He can’t retreat again,’ Tang Mo chose the latter thought. He placed the pocket watch and candy in his pocket.

The moment he collected these two items, the truth clock flashed a brilliant blue.

Mr. Rabbit cried out excitedly, “My truth clock!”

A loud voice rang in Tang Mo’s mind.

“Ding dong! China District 1’s official player Tang Mo has successfully cleared the black tower’s third floor (normal mode).

Meanwhile, around the world, the black tower’s voice was heard.

“Ding dong! Russia District 1’s official player Andrei Ivan Pyotr has successfully cleared the black tower’s third floor.”

“Ding dong! Russia District 1’s official player Andrei…”

The voice of the black tower suddenly stopped then it continued broadcasting after a second. It broadcasted this message three times in total. Players all over the world stopped their movements and looked at the nearest black tower with surprise.

The world’s first player to clear a new level of the black tower would have their name broadcasted three times.

Shanghai, the Attack Organization.

Luo Fengcheng and Chen Shanshan were meeting with several people in his office. Once they heard the voice of the black tower, Jack touched his head. “Hey, this time the first player to clear the third floor isn’t Fu Wenduo?”

Chen Shanshan asked, “How can it always be him?”

Luo Fengcheng picked up a pen and quickly wrote down the information.

“Andrei Ivan Pyotr… he wasn’t the first person in Russia to clear the black tower’s first and second floors. Now he is the first to clear the third floor. So…”

“Ding dong! China District 1’s official player Tang Mo has successfully cleared the black tower’s third floor!”

This broadcast was heard only once but all the players wondering ‘Who is Andrei?’ were stunned. A few seconds asked and the surprised people wondered, “Who is Tang Mo? “The names of these two people have never been heard before. Are they new players?” Other people walked into the black tower without speaking, opening their own third floor tower attack game.

Luo Fengcheng’s mouth was still open and he hadn’t finished his words. After hearing the black tower’s new global broadcast, Luo Fengcheng smiled and shook his head. Chen Shanshan was calm on the surface but she couldn’t hide the happiness in her eyes. She was pleased for Tang Mo. Jack spoke in a straightforward manner. “Tang Mo? Tang Mo is too powerful! I just cleared the black tower’s second floor and he actually cleared the black tower’s third floor?”


A tall, baby-faced young man was walking down empty streets with a grin on his face and hands in his pocket. He didn’t seem afraid that someone would attack him at night in this big place. Suddenly, he heard the voice of the black tower and stopped. The smile on his face became more brilliant as Bai Ruoyao pretended to be surprised. “China District 1… ah, is that Beijing?”


Xiao Jitong was slightly surprised after hearing Tang Mo’s name and then he smiled. “There seems to be no problem.”

Beijing, the Tian Xuan organization.

After the painful reality instance, the pale Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao returned to the organization’s base. The two of them hadn’t yet settled down and Qi Heng was proudly saying, “Look, he will die in the tower game. Then you can get your item.” His words had just finished when the black tower’s broadcast was heard.

Qi Heng’s smile froze on his face while Li Miaomiao was also open-mouthed.

Lian Yuzheng who was listening to Qi Heng’s bragging, “…”

Qi Heng cried out, “Hey, why are you hitting me? I didn’t mean to do this. Who would’ve expected this person to actually clear the black tower’s third floor?”

At this moment, Tang Mo was standing on the truth clock and holding onto Mr. Rabbit. There was a bright white light in front of his eyes and when he blinked again, he had returned to Earth. It was late at night and Tang Mo didn’t hesitate to jump into a small house on one side of the road. He stayed by the window and sighed with relief when he determined that he hadn’t been found.

He didn’t know how long it had been in reality after he entered the tower attack game.

Tang Mo breathed out smoothly, took out the turkey egg from his pocket and gently tapped it three times. A low male voice was heard from the other end and Tang Mo’s heart gradually settled down. He made a low ‘um’ sound.

“It’s me. I’m back.”