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The horrifying gravity that increased by five times suddenly pressed on Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s shoulders. They seemed to be overwhelmed by a heavy mountain. Tang Mo was kneeling with his hands on the ground to ensure that he wasn’t crushed by this gravitational pressure. He gritted his teeth and turned to look.

At the entrance of the yard, a pale-skinned teenager was staring at him with cold eyes. His hands were pressed against the ground and no extra movements were made. The dirt under his hands quivered slightly.

Ruan Wangshu.

This name immediately appeared in Tang Mo’s mind.

Qi Heng saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s appearance and laughed. “Let’s see how you run this time!” He finished speaking and pulled out a dagger. He didn’t head towards Tang Mo and the others, instead stabbing Ruan Wangshu’s back with the knife. Blood emerged from the wound and Qi Heng licked the blood on the blade.

In the year, Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Lian Yuzheng were all crushed by the gravity. Only Qi Heng ran like lightning towards Tang Mo, as if he wasn’t affected.

“Last time didn’t count. This time I will kill you!”

Under the pressure of gravity, Tang Mo rolled back and dodged this blow. Qi Heng turned and rushed up again.

Qi Heng wasn’t suppressed by gravity and his speed was extremely fast. HIs moves were fierce and decisive, bombarding Tang Mo like rain. Tang Mo found it difficult to avoid his attacks and was quickly forced into a corner. On the other side, Lian Yuzheng wanted to take the opportunity to run to Ruan Wangshu but Fu Wenduo didn’t let her.

Her fighting skills were astonishingly good. She and Fu Wenduo were both suppressed by the gravity and unexpectedly fought evenly. However, Lian Yuzheng was still poorer. Fu Wenduo swept a leg towards Lian Yuzheng’s lower body and she used her hands to jump away. She subconsciously bent over to avoid Fu Wenduo’s next fist. Who would’ve expected Fu Wenduo to not punch her. Instead, he waved his right hand and a black, sharp weapon immediately appeared in place of his hand.

Lian Yuzheng’s expression sank and she hurriedly leapt back. The black knife scratched her cheek, exposing a hint of white bone. Blood soon dyed her whole face red.

Ruan Wangshu’s eyes narrowed as he stared coldly at the black weapon Fu Wenduo had changed his right hand into. He sneered and pressed harder against the ground. Gravity once again increased. The gravity that had increased by six times caused Fu Wenduo’s whole body to sink down, his shoes embedding one centimeter into the ground.

Qi Heng saw that Tang Mo was bent over from the gravitational pressure. He laughed loudly and approached with his knife. Just as his knife was about to pierce Tang Mo’s arm, he saw Tang Mo suddenly stand up straight and move quickly to the left. Qi Heng’s knife only cut Tang Mo’s sleeves.

The surprised Qi Heng thought it was just an accident and came again. However, he discovered he was wrong a few seconds later. “Leader! He isn’t affected by your ability!”

Ruan Wangshu immediately looked at Tang Mo. He hadn’t seen clearly when he heard Lian Yuzheng also say, “Fu Wenduo is unaffected as well.” Under the pressure of the gravity, she struggled to escape from Fu Wenduo’s attack and fell to the ground.

The pale-faced teenager looked startled. The next second, Ruan Wangshu didn’t hesitate to release his hands from the ground and rush forward.

The oppressive gravity suddenly disappeared.

Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng joined hands to strike at Fu Wenduo from the left and right. Qi Heng alone faced Tang Mo. Five people fought in the yard, the heavy sound of collisions kept ringing out. Fu Wensheng had long found a place to hide and observe everything.

Fu Wenduo gradually gained the upper hand.

Lian Yuzheng’s fighting skills were surprisingly strong but she had no actual combat experience. It was natural that she was lacking compared to Fu Wenduo. Ruan Wangshu also seemed injured and his movements were slow. According to their original plan, Ruan Wangshu would limit Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s movements with his gravity suppression ability, while Lian Yuzheng and Qi Heng joined hands to kill them. How would’ve expected these two people to not be suppressed by the gravity?

Ruan Wangshu glanced coldly at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo while attacking.

Five months ago, Fu Wenduo had no way to resist his ability and it should be impossible now. This Tang Mo’s ability was the rubber rope and had nothing to do with freeing himself from the gravity. The thing that allowed these two players to resist and be unaffected by gravity was…

“A prop! It is the same prop. Find a prop that both of them have.” Ruan Wangshu quickly gave an order.

Qi Heng and Lian Yuzheng started to observe Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Lian Yuzheng quickly found it. “The soles of Fu Wenduo’s shoes are shining.”

Qi Heng looked down. “This kid’s shoes are the same.”

It was their shoes!

Ruan Wangshu immediately understood that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had shoes that must allow them to resist the forces of gravity. The function of this show was going against the sky. As a black tower prop, there must be certain restrictions on its use, such as it could only be used for one hour per day. If they could last the duration of these shoes, Ruan Wangshu’s gravity ability would once again work and they should be able to beat these two people. However, he couldn’t take the risk.

Fu Wenduo was scary enough. Add in the unfathomable Tang Mo who could create a bug in the black tower.

Ruan Wangshu’s brain worked quickly and he made up his mind to retreat in an instant. As soon as he was going to order his teammates to escape, he saw Tang Mo close his parasol, jump and descend towards Qi Heng. Qi Heng moved sideways to avoid it while Tang Mo’s small parasol hadn’t yet fully descended. Something filled Ruan Wangshu’s heart and he quickly pressed his hands against the ground.


The terrifying gravity came again and Tang Mo fell down as he was caught unprepared by this force.

It was all too sudden and Qi Heng couldn’t react. Ruan Wangshu’s eyes slowly brightened. The corners of his mouth curved up as a clear and melodious voice emerged. “It is like this…”

Tang Mo’s feet touched the ground and the terrible pressure of gravity disappeared again.

Tang Mo licked his lips and raised his head, locking eyes with the leader of the Tian Xuan organization for the first time.

Previously, Fu Wenduo had told him that the leader of Tian Xuan was a middle school student who was only 14 years old. This middle school student who was only 1.6 metres tall gave Tang Mo a great deal of psychological pressure at this moment. The cold and mature eyes caused Tang Mo’s heart to tighten. He knew that the other side must’ve found the restrictions of the shoes.

[Prop: Magic Shoes]

[Owner: Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo]


[Function: If you wear these magic shoes, you can ignore gravity and walk freely on any plane, such as the ceiling, the water surface, etc.]

The Iron Shoemaker’s shoes allowed Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo to ignore gravity. They weren’t affected by any gravity but only if they stood on a certain plane. The earth was flat, the surface of water was flat but there was no plane in the air. If Ruan Wangshu used his ability the moment their feet was off the ground, the situation would reverse in an instant.

Tang Mo never placed hope on the enemy’s mistakes. He decided that Ruan Wangshu had discovered this key point. He turned to look at Fu Wenduo and cried out, “Go!”

Drinking Ruan Wangshu’s blood would allow a person to resist the gravitational effect for a certain period of time. Five months ago, Fu Wenduo used this method to tie with Ruan Wangshu and Qi Heng. This time, the other party was prepared and ambushed Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Tang Mo was unwilling to take risks and decided to leave first. Ruan Wangshu wouldn’t let them do what they wanted.

“Knock them into the air!”

The order was released and Qi Heng and Lian Yuzheng changed the way they struck at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. They kept attacking the two men’s legs, forcing them to jump into the air. Ruan Wangshu’s reaction speed was very fast. Even if Tang Mo was only off the ground for half a second, Ruan Wangshu would immediately use his ability.

Tang Mo only again fell to the ground and stared coldly at the teenager.


Tang Mo left Qi Heng and rushed straight to Ruan Wangshu. Ruan Wangshu moved sideways to avoid Tang Mo’s attack. Who would’ve expected a hot flame to aim at his head the next second? Ruan Wangshu’s eyes widened and he struggled to avoid it. A few strands of hair were charred by the flames. He exclaimed, “Your ability isn’t the rubber rope!”

Tang Mo didn’t answer as he came again.

Qi Heng shouted angrily, “Your opponent is me!” Then he also rushed over.

The trio became tangled together in an instant.

Tang Mo disrupted Ruan Wangshu, not allowing him to use his gravity ability as frequently as before.. The situation changed again. Tang Mo’s endless abilities caught Ruan Wangshu and Qi Heng off guard. The two people joined hands but couldn’t block Tang Mo’s assault. His abilities were too ferocious. They had just evaded fire when a strong wind came at them the next second. Combined with Ruan Wangshu’s injuries and slow movements, Tang Mo quickly gained the upper hand.

On the other side, Fu Wenduo was also gradually suppressing Lian Yuzheng. There were countless wounds on Lian Yuzheng’s body while Fu Wenduo only had minor injuries.

In 10 minutes, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo wouldn’t be able to use the Magic Shoes anymore. But it would be very difficult for the three people of the Tian Xuan organization to survive these 10 minutes. The five people made the decision to leave at almost the same time.

Tang Mo looked at each other and had the same idea. They quietly continued to attack the three people of Tian Xuan. Both sides were looking for an opportunity to end this dangerous battle.

One minute passed when Tang Mo kicked Qi Heng’s chest and ran towards the entrance of the yard.

Fu Wenduo slammed into Lian Yuzheng and ran quickly, grabbing the collar of Fu Wensheng hiding inside the house.

Qi Heng angrily wanted to chase again but Ruan Wangshu stopped him.

The five people suddenly became stagnant.

At this time, the sun slowly set, leaving only half of the round sunset on the horizon. The sun shone on the giant black tower in the middle of Beijing, the dark tower reflecting a faint glow. The tower was less than a kilometer away from the five people. Fu Wensheng was the first one to find an abnormality and was stunned. “What is that?”

Tang Mo immediately turned to look at the black tower. Everyone looked at it.

He saw a dot of white light suddenly appear at the top of the black tower. It flashed very fast, reaching thousands of flashes in a few seconds. Despite Tang Mo’s dynamic vision, he couldn’t see how many times it flashed. This familiar scene made Tand Mo feel horrified while the few people present also showed shock.

The first white dot finished flashing and then it was the second one.

This time, the white dot was a lot slower and Tang Mo counted it in his heart. 8,314 flashes.

Next was the third white dot.

10 days ago, the black tower updated with a total of three white dots. The first dot flashed almost 10,000 times while the second white dot had more than 300 flashes. The third white dot only flashes twice and dimmed before it was fully fixed. Now Tang Mo stared at the black tower, waiting for the third white dot to light up. This time, the third white dot completely lit up twice. There was no darkening or blurring, it just flashed twice.

Tang Mo instantly understood. The third white dot represented the black tower’s third floor.

According to Tang Mo’s previous conjecture, each white dot represented a certain floor of the black tower. There were currently two people in the world who had passed the black tower’s third floor. The Russian player was the first to clear it and Tang Mo was the second.

However, the black tower wasn’t going to update. Why were the white dots suddenly flashing?

An unknown feeling entered Tang Mo’s heart as he stared at the black tower without blinking. He saw that after the third dot flashed two times, the black tower didn’t stop! The fourth white dot slowly lit up, gently flashing under the third white dot.

Tang Mo’s eyes widened and he stared at this white dot with horror.

The next moment, loud music was heard and the black tower emitted a colourful light.

“Tick tick tick, Sleeping Beauty kisses you.

Tick tick tick, Grandmother Wolf wants to eat you.

Tick tick tick, Queen of Hearts envies you.

Tick tick tick, the circus needs you.”

The white lights hadn’t attracted the attention of all humans. There were fewer than 100 players in the world who discovered the abnormal white dots of light. However, once the black tower sang, all players in the world turned to look at the black tower.

In every corner of the world, tens of thousands of black towers shone with a colourful light as they joyfully sang in unison.

“Three of the three stowaways died on the road.

Two of the two reserve players were eaten.

One official player doesn’t work hard to attack the tower.

It’s just you, it’s just you.

Tick tick tick, the black tower likes you, the black tower likes you.”

The childlike voice repeated ‘the black tower likes you’ four times before the brilliant light abruptly stopped. Then a loud voice spread all over the globe–

“Ding dong! China District 3’s player Mu Hui…”

The black tower’s voice abruptly stopped.

The air seemed to still and nothing else was heard. The black tower’s broadcast and song came suddenly then ended even more abruptly. It hadn’t even finished a sentence when it stopped speaking. Tang Mo clenched his fingers and waited for the black tower. After a minute, the black tower’s voice appeared again.

“Ding dong! March 27th 2018. The data is wrong. The black tower’s 4.0 update is stopped.”