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A huge wolf’s head and sharp teeth.

A huge werewolf wearing a long black dress slammed the book in her hand towards a short girl. The little girl in red and two ponytails immediately leaned back and pulled a giant match out of the air. As the book descended, Mosaic raised the match.

There were a violent collision and the little girl was thrown back by the book. The werewolf gasped heavily, her body not shaking a bit.

The werewolf angrily shouted, “You dare to fight back!”

The little girl holding the match gulped. Her face was obscured by the thick mosaic but Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao knew that the girl must be shaking. As the werewolf rolled up the book again, Mosaic screamed, “Ah, don’t kill me!” The next second, she threw away the match and ran into the yard.

One ran in front while the other chased from behind with a book.

The huge match rolled along the ground towards Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao’s feet.

Bai Ruoyao’s eyes narrowed. He was smiling but his eyes were incredibly cold. He recognized the match. He glanced meaningfully at Tang Mo and bent down to pick up the mouth. The moment his hand was about to touch it, a weak voice was heard. “Don’t… don’t move!”

Bai Ruoyao raised his head and looked at a corner of the yard.

A man and woman were fearfully curled up in the corner, watching the little girl and werewolf in the yard with horror. Their faces were grey and covered with blood and mud. They looked like they hadn’t slept for a few days and nights.

The man who spoke shivered while explaining to Bai Ruoyao, “You can’t touch it! The werewolf is chasing the little girl and doesn’t seem to notice you. But as long as someone dares to take this match, the werewolf and little girl will immediately settle their differences and come to kill the person first. Don’t take the match!”

Tang Mo placed his hands in his pocket and looked calmly at Mosiac and the werewolf, as if he hadn’t heard the man’s words.

Bai Ruoyao’s waist had been bent halfway and his hand almost touched the big match. The man thought that Bai Ruoyao would stop after hearing what he said. Who would’ve expected the baby-faced youth to say, “Oh, it is like this,” and then reach out to touch the match again.

“Don’t take it! We have been waiting here for six days for there to be enough players to start the instance!”

The man and woman anxiously tried to stop it.

Bai Ruoyao’s hand pressed against the big match, causing the man and woman to be so anxious that their eyes were red. However, they were soon shocked. “Eh? Why isn’t the werewolf and little girl coming to kill you?”

Bai Ruoyao replied, “Hehe, it is because I am cute>”

Tang Mo glanced coldly at him and then at the hand that wasn’t touching the big match.

It wasn’t until Bai Ruoyao straightened that the man and woman found they were cheated by this baby-faced youth. This person hadn’t touched the match at all! From their point of view, Bai Ruoyao really seemed to hold the match. In fact, his hands were a centimetre away from it and he was just teasing them.

The two people’s expressions constantly changed and there was no good feelings in their eyes as they watched Bai Ruoyao.

At this moment, the werewolf finally caught up with the little girl. She carried the lazy girl who didn’t like to read on her shoulder. Mosaic constantly hammered at her shoulders. Every punch made a dull impact sound which seemed very painful. Yet the werewolf didn’t even blink. She carried Mosaic back to the middle of the yard and dropped here.

She pulled over tables and chairs from the side and made Mosaic sit down.

At this moment, a loud child’s voice rang through Peking University’s campus.

“Ding dong! The reality instance ‘All types of inferior products’ has officially opened. asking for the four tutors to enter Mosaic’s school.

A blue door of light suddenly appeared in front of Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao. On the other side, the same door appeared in front of the man and woman. The two of them excitedly got up from the ground and ran straight through the door. Tang Mo learned from their actions and pulled open the transparent door, walking inside. By the way, he closed the door.

“Hey Tang Tang, I haven’t entered yet.”

Bai Ruoyao quickly entered before Tang Mo could completely close the door.

The four people finally walked into the yard and stood together. Once they completely entered, the werewolves suddenly turned her head and looked at them. The green beast pupils swept over the four people as if she had just discovered them. Her nose sniffed when she looked over Bai Ruoyao and a strange smile appeared on her face. Then the werewolf was stunned when she saw Tang Mo and sniffed again.

The next second, she looked at the sky. “Can these things become Mosaic’s tutors?”

“Ding dong! It is detected that the player Tang Mo has ‘Mosaic’s contempt’ and triggered the ‘My least favourite teacher’ effect. Player Tang Mo’s priority is number four.”

“Ding dong! It is detected that player Bai Ruoyao has the ‘smart human’ and triggered the ‘parent’s favourite teacher’ effect. Player Bai Ruoyao has the number one priority.”

The words caused the four people present to be stunned.

The man and woman looked at Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao in a startled manner, their eyes full of fear.

Bai Ruoyao smiled brightly at Tang Mo. Tang Mo’s face had already darkened.

…Mosaic’s contempt!

Half a year passed! This thing still hadn’t disappeared?

Tang Mo’s expression constantly changed but the werewolf showed no patience. The huge and terrifying werewolf smiled strangely and stepped towards the four players. Every step caused the ground to tremble. The young man and woman nervously grabbed their weapons, while Bai Ruoyao and Tang Mo held their butterfly knives and small parasol.

The werewolf walked up to the four people and spoke in a rough voice. “I am a mother.”

All four people stared at her with vigilance.

Behind them, the clever Mosaic shouted, “Mother.”

The werewolf said again, “I am a mother.”

The four people were still staring at her.

After half a minute, the werewolf shouted, “…I said, I’m a mother!”

Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed. He let go of the small parasol and tentative asked, “Mother?”

The young man and woman quickly followed his example. “Mother!”

Bai Ruoyao had a strange smile on his face and he never called her his mother. The young man and woman stared at him angrily, using their eyes to signal to him to hurry up. It wasn’t until the werewolf scoffed coldly that the baby-faced youth spoke in a sticky tone, “Mother~”

The werewolf was satisfied with this.

The werewolf placed her hands on her hips and started calmly, “You just saw it, my damned daughter is lazy all day. She set fire to the Spirit Prairie two days ago. I beat her up and lost a lot of money. Today I brought you here to ensure that she never act lazily again!”

After finishing, the werewolf didn’t want for Tang Mo’s group to speak as she turned her head. “Damn Mosaic, get your ass over here!”

Mosaic said, “Mother, you are the one who made me sit here.”

The werewolf roared, “If I tell you to come over here then come!”

Mosaic didn’t speak as she stared at her mother. No one could see her face but Tang Mo completely imagined that this murderous and arrogant girl would be silently despising her mother at this moment. As if she didn’t know Tang Mo, Mosaic got up from the table and chair and slowly came over. Once she got to the werewolf, the werewolf picked her up.

“Today, look after her well. I’m going to a friend’s funeral. If I find that she has been lazy again when I come back…” The werewolf stomped and cracks formed on the ground, spreading in all directions like a spider web. The werewolf licked her sharp teeth and smiled in a sinister manner. “Then I will eat you!”

With that, the werewolf picked up Mosaic by the corner and threw her back into the chair. Mosaic was about to move when the werewolf shouted, “Do you dare to go?”

Mosaic lay on the table, too afraid to move again.

This was the person who enthusiastically threatened Tang Mo in the library and set fire to the Spirit Prairie, making all black tower monsters run away!

Everyone was thinking about what the werewolf said. Only Tang Mo’s brain worked fast when he saw this scene.

No one but him knew how violent this little girl was. Mosaic’s strength wasn’t weak and should be comparable to the big turkey. However, in front of her mother, she couldn’t say a word and didn’t even dare remove her mosaic to reveal an expression of contempt. If the werewolf really wanted to eat them, they wouldn’t have the power to fight back.

…Was Bai Ruoyao eaten by the werewolf?

Tang Mo quietly turned his head and observed the baby-faced youth beside him.

Bai Ruoyao saw Tang Mo’s gaze and cocked his head with a smile. ‘Did you suddenly find that I am cute?’

Tang Mo looked away.

Yes, before entering the reality instance, Tang Mo used the Mortal’s Death ability and saw… a black ball.

Bai Ruoyao was surrounded by endless death, so that not even his hair was seen. Originally, Tang Mo thought that his dead air was so heavy because he died when picking up the big match at the door. However, Bai Ruoyao didn’t get to that point because he didn’t pick up the big match. After this death checkpoint was passed, Bai Ruoyao’s dead air didn’t decrease. It actually increased even more.

Tang Mo could only use the Mortal’s Death ability three times a day and the target had to be the same person. Today, he looked at Bai Ruoyao twice and there was still one chance left. Bai Ruoyao didn’t yet knew that Tang Mo had Mortal’s Death. According to Tang Mo’s speculation, Bai Ruoyao told him that he wouldn’t die because he used his ability to see that Tang Mo had very little dead air.

Bai Ruoyao had such a strong dead air but Tang Mo didn’t.

Tang Mo suddenly realized. Wait, was this instance…

“Then I’m going. You arrange it quickly. Decided which two will teach Language and which two will teach Mathematics.” The werewolf looked impatiently at the four people. She pointed to Bai Ruoyao and said, “Oh, you will teach Language.” She clearly didn’t give him a choice as she said, “Find someone else to teach Language with you.”

The young man and woman were startled. “Is this the priority?”

Yes, this was the priority given by the black tower.

Bai Ruoyao had the number one priority.

The smile on Bai Ruoyao’s face became more brilliant.

The mouths of the young man and woman twitched. They stood as far back as possible, not wanting this playful lunatic to see them. Still, the two people felt that they wouldn’t be chosen. The werewolf’s statement was clearly to form teams. The psychopath was with the pretty boy and would definitely choose him as a teammate.

The two of them confidently waited for Bai Ruoyao to make a decision, only to hear Bai Ruoyao say, “Oh, how about I choose you?”

The young woman stared with horror.

The werewolf patted her and moved her to Bai Ruoyao’s side. She side impatiently, “Picking a teammate is so troublesome. You humans are wasting my time. Watch this damn Mosaic for me. I am going to the funeral. If I came back and find her slacking off…” Her voice stretched out as the werewolf slowly stared at Tang Mo. “I’ll start eating from you!”

Tang Mo’s eyes moved but his face didn’t change.

Soon, the werewolf ran out of Peking University’s gates.

In the yard, the little mosaic girl banged her head against the table and didn’t speak. A cold wind blew as the four players looked at each other. After a minute, Mosaic’s sullen voice was heard. “What are you still standing there for?”

The young man and woman were vigilant and didn’t dare move. Bai Ruoyao opened his mouth, prepared to say something. He didn’t expect that the always cautious Tang Mo would speak to Mosaic first. Then he soon understood. Tang Mo had the giant match and must know this little girl.

However, Tang Mo asked, “How do we start the game?”

His words were straight to the point.

Mosaic, “…”

The little girl cried out, “Why aren’t you comforting me? I want to set fires. I want to play! I don’t want to be here!”

Tang Mo was indifferent. “We have divided into teams. What is the main game?”

Mosaic, “…”

So many black tower bosses were given a shadow this year!

Tang Mo might’ve given face to Mother Wolf (after all, he couldn’t beat her) but he didn’t give Mosaic face at all. Since Tang Mo didn’t want to follow her act, Mosaic no longer spoke nonsense. She got up and stood on the ground. There was a rumbling sound and blue light rose. They saw that on the spacious courtyard, a grid map abruptly appeared.

This was a 5×5 grid map with a total of 25 grids. The 25 grids divided the space into 25 blocks and Mosaic stood in the centre. Words floating on the four corners of the grid. The words on the left were ‘Language’ and ‘Language’ while the words on the right were ‘mathematics’ and ‘mathematics.

Mosaic said listlessly, “Stand inside.”

All four players present had passed at least the black tower’s first floor. They didn’t need an explanation from Mosaic and stood in the right grid. Tang Mo chose the Mathematics grid in the upper right corner while Bai Ruoyao chose the Language grid in the upper left corner. The two people stood opposite each other. Bai Ruoyao smiled while Tang Mo looked at Mosaic again. “Then?”

Mosaic was in a terrible mood.

How come these four players didn’t have a friendly attitude towards a child? They just wanted to start the game quickly and then exploit here!

Her heart was very angry but Mosaic could only lie down on the table, not wanting to talk.

The young man and woman were very anxious as they wanted Mosaic to clearly explain the rules of the game. Before they could open their mouths, Mosaic buried her face into her arms. The moment she did this, the black tower’s loud voice was heard.

“Ding dong! The main mission ‘All types of inferior products, superior Mosaic’ has been triggered.

“The rules of the game—”

“First, Mosaic must sit in the central grid and not move.”

“Second, before the start of every game round, the player must stand in the grid that fits their teacher’s identity.”

“Third, every 10 minutes, 20 items will appear on the grid map. These items are Mosaic’s treasures and there will be one in each grid, apart from the grids Mosaic and the players are standing in.”

“Fourth, Mosaic is wrapped in a light film and the items are wrapped in a blue light film.” Once an item appears, whether the light film (including Mosaic) is turned on or off is completely random. The light film has two states. The first one is turned on and the second one is turned off.”

“Fifth, once a player enters a grid with a light film, all the grids in the same vertical column and horizontal column row as the light film will change their states. The light films that were originally turned on will be turned off and the light films originally turned off will be turned on.”

“Sixth, players will move in order of priority. A player with the number 1 priority will move first and the player with the number 4 priority will move last. Players can only walk one square at a time and players can chose to the grids to the front, rear, left or right.”

“Seventh, before the start of each round, the number of steps the players can take will be announced.”

“Eighth, once all the steps are finished, if the light film of the item in the grid that the player is standing in is on, the item can be submitted to Mosaic. If Mosaic’s light film is turned off, the item can’t be delivered to Mosaic.”

“Ninth, before the start of each round, players of the same subject have five minutes to freely discuss the teaching content. The conversation can’t be heard by others.”

“Tenth, every round of the game has a book in at least one square.”

The rules of the game finished. On the spacious blue grid map, spacious films of light slowly emerged and floated in the air. The largest light film was in the middle of the map and wrapped around the little girl in red who wasn’t talking. The other 20 light films were empty of objects. The game hadn’t started yet so the contents hadn’t appeared.

Due to Tang Mo simplifying things, the rules of this reality instance were introduced quickly. Tang Mo slowly pondered on the rules of the game. On the side, the young man and woman thought for a long time before finally figuring out the contents of the game. Tang Mo looked up and found Bai Ruoyao smiling at him, eyes full of malice.

Unlike before, this time the black tower uttered one last sentence.

“…Survival or loli?”

“This is the problem.”

“The first round of ‘All types of inferior products, superior Mosiac’ has officially started!”