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“Grecia, you…” What did he mean by this? Li Miaomiao didn’t say the second half of the sentence and quickly closed her mouth. Any question would be considered by the truth clock as a question. She glanced at the blue clock suspended in the air and gritted her teeth. “The question you asked is of no use.”

Grecia took off his hat with one hand and said seriously, “My lady, this is a question that has plagued me for many years.” His eyes were suddenly sincere. “I asked a question from the bottom of my heart.”

Li Miaomiao, “…”

I’ll go to your damn heart!

If Li Miaomiao could move right now, she would undoubtedly smash this bastard who wasted an opportunity!

They had only five chances. The first question was a waste. The second question was blocked by the black tower and was tantamount to not asking. The third question, the truth clock answered very subtly. It explained what the fallacy compass was but didn’t reveal a lot of information about the invisible people.

There were only two questions left and Grecia actually asked the truth clock how to make money?

Why didn’t he just ask the truth clock how to get rich overnight?”

It wasn’t just Li Miaomiao. The other players were staring at Grecia coldly. The gentleman in the red clothing felt he was innocent and smiled helplessly. Everyone thought he would give an explanation. Now one expected him to actually turn around and bow to the truth clock. “Thank you for answering my question, great truth clock.”

Everyone, “…”

Truth clock, “…”

A moment passed before the truth clock said, “…You’re welcome.”

Tang Mo’s eyes moved between Grecia and the truth clock. He slowly raised his eyebrows. In his heart, he was replaying the words that the truth clock just said. Tang Mo’s reaction wasn’t as big as Li Miaomiao because he guessed the type of problems Li Miaomiao and Zhao Xiaofei wanted to ask.

Li Miaomiao whispered, “This opportunity was wasted and now there is only one question left.” Li Miaomiao still didn’t completely trust Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. After all, she was a member of Tian Xuan. She unconditionally trusted Ruan Wangshu but she couldn’t trust Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo, despite them having more experience with attacking the black tower. The current situation made her very worried but she tried not to show it as much as possible.

Li Miaomiao whispered a complaint but Grecia heard her.

“My lady, did you want me to ask a question that doesn’t have a right answer?”

Grecia suddenly asked a question, causing the players in the room to stiffen. Their thoughts immediately disappeared and Tang Mo cautiously glanced at the truth clock. However, the truth clock didn’t react. It seemed to be speechless by Grecia’s flattering words and didn’t use this against the players.

The group sighed with relief and Li Miaomiao spat out, “Yes.” She didn’t dare talk as casually as Grecia did.

Grecia smiled and said, “For example, what do you like about me? What colour do you prefer? If the black tower game ends and we leave Schrodinger’s forest, what would you choose to eat?”

Li Miaomiao was a bit surprised and couldn’t open her mouth.

Grecia guessed it right.

Li Miaomiao had wanted to ask two types of questions. The first was to directly ask the truth clock how to clear the game. The second was to ask subjective questions. They were questions without a right answer because they were related to emotion. The current Li Miaomiao liked blue flowers but she might like red flowers in one year. If she was asked by Qi Heng about what she wanted to eat, she would reply casually. It was because things would become too complicated if she didn’t want to eat anything.

The questions couldn’t be answered by Li Miaomiao herself and she believed the truth clock couldn’t say the correct answer. If it gave an answer, Li Miaomiao could find some shortcomings with it and reject the answer.

Grecia told her, “You think too simply of the great truth clock. Such a question is just meaningless in the endless truth.”

Zhao Xiaofei couldn’t help shouting, “Then you shouldn’t have asked that type of question and wasted a chance!”

Grecia looked stunned. “Are you angry?”

Zhao Xiaofei couldn’t respond for a moment. “Ah?”

“My biggest mistake is making a lady angry. However, these might be questions that humans can’t solve but I don’t believe the truth clock will get them wrong. My dear lady, do any humans know what the black tower really is?” He didn’t wait for the other person to answer. “No humans know. You can ask difficult questions that humans can’t currently solve but this truth clock must know all about it. It knows much more than you think. It is the great truth clock! To waste a chance on these unnecessary questions, I thought it was better to ask… how can I make a lot of money? Don’t you think so, great truth clock?”

The truth clock seemed to blush at the praise. It had nothing to say to this wonderful person.

Zhao Xiaofei blushed. It was because all her thoughts were guessed by Grecia.

Li Miaomiao thought about asking subjective questions while Zhao Xiaofei wanted to ask famous unsolved problems or paradoxes.

For example, she could ask the truth clock about Goldbach’s conjecture and if it was real. However, Zhao Xiaofei ignored the fact that humans couldn’t explain the black tower. Why did she think that the truth clock’s understanding of the universe would be within the realm of a human’s understanding? The existence of the black tower had long exceeded the limits of human civilization and the truth clock was the same. The questions she felt were impossible to answer were probably child’s play to the truth clock.

Tang Mo saw Zhao Xiaofei’s depressed expression. His thoughts were the same as Grecia. The truth clock might be able to answer the problems that humans couldn’t solve. However, the answer was likely to be blocked by the black tower.

In any case, they only had one chance left.

Li Miaomiao anxiously looked at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo but the two people ignored her.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Fu Wenduo. The tall and handsome man stood straight and stared at the huge clock in front of him. His eyes were firm and his expression was calm. The two female players racked their brains to think about a question to ask that would make the truth clock not answer or make a mistake. Grecia held the short cane and watched someone.

It was Tang Mo, who didn’t show the slightest bit of panic in his expression.

In the quiet room, they heard a low male voice, “My question is, why do you want to become the truth clock?”


On the huge blue clock, the long second hand suddenly stopped walking.

The two female players instantly froze and stared at Fu Wenduo with dismay.

Tang Mo’s lips slowly curved.

Fu Wenduo stared calmly at the big clock in front of him.

The steady female voice suddenly roared angrily, “Black tower intruder, I don’t know what you are saying. I am the great truth clock! Your question is meaningless. You are deceiving me!”

Fu Wenduo wondered, “Is that your answer?”

The truth clock was tongue-tied. “You…!”

“Ding dong! The black tower has tested it and the answer is wrong.”

The black tower didn’t go against the players for the first time and refuted the truth clock’s words. Everyone showed a look of joy when they heard the truth clock’s words. Players were more willing to believe the black tower than the so-called truth clock. This was the black tower’s world. Even Schrodinger was forced by the black tower to play the game against the players. So…

Li Miaomiao decisively cried out, “You aren’t the truth clock at all!”

The female voice urgently said, “I am the great truth clock. In Year 138, the great Schrodinger accepted the commission of the Queen of Hearts and created me, the great truth clock, as a present for the Queen of Heart’s 100th birthday. I am the truth clock, the only truth co=lock in the black tower world. I represent all truths in the world…”

“If you are supposed to be a gift to the Queen of Hearts, why are you here?”

The truth clock stopped speaking and ‘looked’ at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo stood behind Fu Wenduo and spoke, “If you are a present for the Queen of Hearts, you should be in the queen’s Gem Castle, not Schrodinger’s Steel Forest. Schrodinger’s 108 rooms are filled with his inventions. You should know that there are successful inventions and failed inventions.” Tang Mo stopped and looked up at the truth clock that was no longer ticking. “You are a truth clock but you are the failed truth clock. When I first saw you, I didn’t notice anything wrong because you are too similar to the truth clock I have seen.”

Apart from Fu Wenduo, no one else knew that Tang Mo had seen the real truth clock.

Tang Mo continued, “The clock looks exactly the same as you. The numbers and pointers aren’t different at all. The tone of speech and the attitude towards truth are all the same. I always felt that you seemed different but I couldn’t find out why for a while. Both of you are really too alike.”

The truth clock roared uncontrollably, “I am the truth clock!”

Fu Wenduo stated, “The truth refers to something that is objectively right. This is what you said.”

The truth clock exclaimed, “Yes, this is what I said. Every word I said is the truth!”

Fu Wenduo gave a low laugh. “But the first sentence you said when you saw us wasn’t the truth.”

The hands of the truth clock shook violently as it recalled what it had said. On the other side, Li Miaomiao was also thinking about it. Suddenly, Zhao Xiaofei exclaimed, “Welcome to the world of the truth clock. I am the great truth clock that accurately tells the time for Lord Schrodinger? This sentence, this sentence…”

Zhao Xiaofei was startled, “Ah! This sentence isn’t the truth at all!”

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Tang Tang: I have unconditional trust in Old Fu and don’t need to look at him!

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