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Blood trickled down from the short cane and Grecia’s eyes were fierce as his blond hair was blown by the wind. He moved his feet and once again stabbed his cane at Tang Mo. The angle was very tricky. Schrodinger’s steel fortress was small and Tang Mo’s back was inevitably close to the steel wall. He could only barely twist his head and the cane passed his head to stab into the wall.

Grecia didn’t give Tang Mo an opportunity to breath as he smiled coldly and pulled out the short cane from the wall.

The black short cane waved in the air. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo moved to the left and right, joining forces to resist. However, the power of this short cane was shocking.

The two men were defeated by Grecia’s attacks and the wounds on their bodies were increasing. Grecia waved the cane and stabbed at Fu Wenduo’s head. Fu Wenduo crossed his arms in front of him and turned them into metal to block the blow. This was unexpectedly a fake action. Grecia smiled and said, “It isn’t bad to kill one person first.” The next second, he moved towards Tang Mo.

Tang Mo was startled and immediately opened the small parasol. He didn’t expect the short cane to directly penetrate the small parasol and enter Tang Mo’s belly.

Grecia held the short cane and smiled elegantly at Tang Mo. He seemed like he was going to move the small cane around in Tang Mo’s body when an angry roar was heard. Grecia’s face turned cold and he moved sideways to avoid this fist.

“Grecia, you shameless thief!”

The red figure slammed into the wall. The Queen of Hearts raised her fist again and slammed it towards this blond man. Grecia didn’t dare act careless and directly pulled out the short cane. Tang Mo spat out a mouthful of blood as a lot of blood also gushed from his abdomen. The Queen of Hearts was tangled up with Grecia and Li Miaomiao took the opportunity to run over.

Fu Wenduo’s injuries were very serious but he was much better than Tang Mo.

Li Miaomiao examined Tang Mo and stated, “There is a problem with his short cane. The bleeding isn’t stopping.”

A player’s physical fitness had greatly improved after the earth went online. In particular, advance players like Tang Mo wouldn’t die from being stabbed in the abdomen. However, the wound caused by the circus leader’s cane was unable to heal. Blood continued to flow from Tang Mo’s mouth. Tang Mo held back the pain and spoke calmly, “This is a very powerful prop.”

Mosaic’s big match couldn’t ignite it and it was unrestricted in the room of the truth clock.

Tang Mo had long known that the strength of the circus leader was definitely at the level of Grandmother Wolf and his weapon could never be simple.

Fu Wensheng’s mineral water couldn’t heal this wound. Li Miaomiao gritted her teeth and her eyes changed. No one knew what she was thinking. Five seconds later, she pressed her hand on Tang Mo’s bloody wound and her eyes glowed white. Tang Mo soon found that his pain was becoming lighter. He looked up and saw Li Miaomiao’s face turn white.

The wound on Tang Mo’s abdomen healed and Li Miaomiao spat out blood. As a doctor, she knew exactly what this was once she received the wound. “The place that the cane touched was corroded. It is probably a strong acid, which is why the injury couldn’t heal.”

Li Miaomiao’s face became paler at the blood loss. Fu Wenduo took out all five bottles of mineral water from the chicken nest and handed it to her. Li Miaomiao understood that this was a type of prop and poured the mineral water on her injury. It was only after the fourth bottle of mineral water was completely poured that Li Miaomiao took a breath. “It is stabilized. My strength might be weak but I have a better self-healing capacity than you. Last time, Leader had both hands and a leg were bitten off by a big mole. I transferred the wounds and regrew them.”

Despite saying this, Li Miaomiao’s condition was still terrible. Zhao Xiaofei held support her. Tang Mo determined that Li Miaomiao was fine when he suddenly remembered something. He immediately turned to look at Fu Wenduo. “You have also been pierced by the cane.”

“I’m fine. Probably not everything stabbed by the short cane will be corroded.” Fu Wenduo’s hole in his arm hadn’t healed but it had stopped bleeding.

Tang Mo calmed down.

On the other side, the Queen of Hearts and Grecia were turning the steel fortress into a steel ruin.

“Ahhhhhh, you bastard, villain, greedy ghost! Return my gem moon flower!”

The red figure slammed a hard kick into Schrodinger’s steel wall. The black cat hurriedly yelled but the two people fighting didn’t show him any face. Grecia used his cane to resist the queen’s fist. The red-haired loli was extremely violent and her attack speed was getting faster.

The two of them fought each other. The queen’s fist cracked the wall and Grecia’s cane split the wall apart.

The steel fortress made a strange creaking sound and Schrodinger suddenly stopped shouting. The next second—

“My fortress is going to collapse. Escape quickly!”

Tang Mo’s reaction was extremely fast. He held the seriously injured Li Miaomiao and ran away. Fu Wenduo didn’t hesitate to grab the other female player who hadn’t responded onto his shoulder as he ran out of the fortress. The four people and one cat (middle-aged housekeeper) ran out of the gate. There was a loud bang and the steel fortress completely collapsed.

The Queen of Hearts and Grecia were both buried in the heavy ruins.

Zhao Xiaofei, “…Did they die?”

The little black cat was distressed as he moved around the steel ruins and cried. Once he heard Zhao Xiaofei’s words, he glared at her. “If those two abnormal people can die so easily then once one of my steel fortresses collapse, I will give them another one for free!”

As if agreeing with Schrodinger’s words, a large stone was kicked from the middle of the ruins. Dust rose into the sky and everyone was stunned when they saw the situation in the centre of the ruins. They saw a small, violent loli riding directly on Grecia’s body. Her two short legs were wrapped around his waist as she raised her fist and smashed it into the pale and handsome face.

“You shameless thief, I’ll kill you!”

“You’re a stupid child who isn’t a lady at all!”

It was like children fighting without any rules. It was just a rough melee. Setting aside the terrible power, they looked like children pecking at each other.

The two people were equal in strength and weren’t hurt at all despite the steel fortress falling on them. In this completely unskilled scuffle, the Queen of Heart’s fist finally hit Grecia in the eye, giving him a black eye. Grecia’s cane also flew towards the little girl.

The Queen of Hearts fell to the ground and was about to start again when Grecia raised his hand in a ‘pause’ gesture. “Stinky child, wait a minute. I have already sold your precious moon flower to the Banana Pub to be used in their wine. Let me kill these people first and then I’ll allow you to eat their flesh.”

The Queen of Hearts stopped moving before she turned to look at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Everyone was shocked. Tang Mo gripped the small parasol and stared vigilantly at the red-haired loli.

Grecia saw hope for a truce and continued, “This is Fu Wenduo, the most popular stowaway in the Underground Kingdom. He is always ranked first in the ‘Human Players I Most Want to Eat’ list. There is also a powerful human over there. Eating them will improve both our strengths.”

The Queen of Hearts licked her small tiger’s teeth. “Your words make a bit of sense.”

Li Miaomiao whispered nervously, “I-Isn’t this a problem…?” She thought Tang Mo had been delaying time to wait for the Queen of Hearts’ help.

In fact, Tang Mo didn’t know the Queen of Hearts at all. He hadn’t known what the solution to the problem was.

After discovering that Li Miaomiao’s mission was no different from his, Tang Mo used the infinite non-probability watch to detect the probability of him clearing this tower attack game. The answer was infinitely close to zero. It was one of the reasons why Tang Mo doubted Grecia’s identity.

From that moment on, Tang Mo had been trying to use the infinite non-probability pocket watch, hoping to find a method to clear the instance through this quirky and disobedient pocket watch. Fortunately, this time his luck wasn’t too bad. Thanks to the blessing of the Draw a circle to curse you ability, the infinite non-probability pocket watch was triggered and the Queen of Hearts suddenly appeared to fight Grecia.

Now the Queen of Hearts seemed to join up with Grecia.

Tang Mo’s brain worked quickly. All sorts of thoughts ran through his heard but he was calm on the surface.

This couldn’t be right. The event that triggered the infinite non-probability pocket watch was ‘Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo can successfully pass this instance. The event had been triggered and there shouldn’t be any incidents. Was there going to be another black tower monster showing up?

Tang Mo couldn’t think of any black tower monsters who would come to help him.

The next second, the Queen of Hearts gave him the answer. The red-haired loli fixed her messy hair and snorted. “I can really get stronger when I eat them but… Trash Grecia, why should I listen to you?”

Grecia squinted. “You don’t want to eat them? It doesn’t affect the feud between you and me.”

The Queen of Hearts suddenly reached out and pointed to Tang Mo. “He has three scents on his body.”

These words shocked everyone in the place, including Schrodinger who thought he knew everything about the black tower world. The black cat’s nose moved. “What scents? Why can’t I smell them?”

The Queen of Hearts stated, “First, he has Mosaic’s smell on him. My good friend Mosaic, every year during the beautiful season of the Spirit Prairie, I will go on the autumn outing with Mosaic. She sets fires and I eat barbecue. We are best friends. He smells of Mosaic’s kiss. He is the friend of Mosaic, my friend.”

Tang Mo never realized that Mosaic’s kill would actually work at this time.

Then the Queen of Hearts’ eyes became vicious and she stared at Tang Mo. “However! He also has the smell of my moon flower on his body! You are also a damned thief who stole my moon flower. Mosaic might be my friend but don’t think that I will help you. You are a shameless thief, not my friend.”

Li Miaomiao and Zhao Xiaofei were nervous but Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo still remained calm. They knew that the Queen of Hearts hadn’t finished yet.

Tang Mo asked, “What is the third scent?”

The red-haired loli clasped her hands to her chest, a suspicious blush appearing on her face. She coughed and spoke in a thick voice, “I am the noble Queen of Hearts, the owner of the Gem Castle. I kicked Grecia, punched Grandmother Wolf and even Santa Claus sees me as the noble Queen of Hearts…”

Schrodinger whispered, “Truly shameless.”

The Queen of Hearts’ blush deepened. “I’m not a child. I definitely don’t like to eat sugar! I hate eating sugar the most. I don’t like it at all. It’s impossible to eat sugar, it is impossible for the rest of my life.”

Everyone present was confused by the words.

For the first time, Schrodinger doubted his intelligence network. Why didn’t he know that the Queen of Hearts liked to eat sugar? Grecia’s expression also slightly changed as he noticed something was wrong. On the other side, Tang Mo understood the Queen of Hearts’ meaning. He carefully recalled what there was on his body that would allow the Queen of Hearts to say this.

The next moment, his eyes widened and he pulled a common golden candy out of his pocket.

The Queen of Hearts saw this candy and her expression changed. “I-I don’t like to eat sugar!”

Tang Mo, “…”

Fu Wenduo, “…”

Grecia, “…”

Schrodinger, “…”

Two female players, “…”

[Prop: Very Ordinary Golden Candy]

[Owner: Tang Mo]

[Quality: Rubbish]

[Level: 1]

[Function: A candy that has been treasured by Mr. Rabbit for 36 years. Perhaps someone would love to eat it? Of course, it is likely to be moldy.]

[Restrictions: None. A’Tang, you can’t kill with it.]

[Note: Tang Mo thought he had gained something. He never thought the rabbit father is still a rabbit father.]

It was thanks to the rabbit father!

Mr. Rabbit, “…”

The author has something to say:

Queen of Hearts: The Queen of Hearts is starving to death. Even if I turned into a playing card, I absolutely won’t eat sugar! It is too sweet!

Mr. Rabbit: …Why is this bad man looking at the most noble Queen of Hearts? QAQ!