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Tang Mo stepped forward and handed the golden candy to the red-haired loli.

The Queen of Hearts nervously turned her head to the side, taking physical action to show that she absolutely didn’t like sugar. Tang Mo thought for a moment before placing the candy directly in front of the Queen of Hearts. The violent loli gulped and spoke with a thick voice, “What are you doing?”

Tang Mo sincerely said, “Dear Queen of Hearts, I don’t know how to deal with this candy. I got it from Mr. Rabbit, who seems to know you. Can you help me with it?”

The Queen of Hearts was stunned. “Rabbit?” She thought for a moment. “Is it the rabbit who is always wandering around my Gem Castle?”

Tang Mo nodded.

The Queen of Hearts was inwardly happy but showed impatience on the surface. “Well, since you have sincerely asked for my help, I will grudgingly help you.” The Queen of Hearts took the golden candy from Tang Mo’s palm. She moved quickly and Tang Mo’s dynamic vision couldn’t capture her movements.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo glanced at each other, not daring to look down on this seemingly short and thin girl.

Grecia stood on the sidelines and saw Tang Mo accept the golden candy, his lips slowly curving. He smiled and glanced at the scene of the player and black tower boss being in harming as he tapped the black cane against the ground. It made a loud sound and everyone turned to look at him.

Grecia asked, “Stinky child, you took his candy so you’re going to help him?”

The Queen of Hearts justified herself. “Who is going to help him and who wants that sugar? I just hate you. Stinky thief, you dared to sell my moon flower to the Banana Pub. If I don’t kill you today then I can’t call myself the Queen of Hearts! The Queen of Hearts licked her small tiger’s teeth and rushed forward again.

Schrodinger hurriedly exclaimed, “You aren’t allowed to fight on my territory. Get out of here, get out!”

Grecia’s deep eyes rested on the Queen of Hearts for a moment. Then he turned to look at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. The two of them calmly stared back. Grecia smiled and said ,”I’m not afraid of her. If she could kill me then I wouldn’t have stolen the moon flower.”

The Queen of Hearts waved her fist, gesturing for Grecia to speak carefully.

Grecia watched this scene for a long time before laughing. The next second, he turned and walked away. No one expected the circus leader to run away so decisively. Even the Queen of Hearts didn’t anticipate it. Once she reacted, the loli flushed with anger and roared, “Stinky thief, Grecia, stop for me!” She placed the golden candy in her pocket and angrily chased after him.

The two figures jumped off the platform and ran among the black steel trees. They disappeared into the red moonlight and left the view of the group.

Schrodinger was still whining about his destroyed steel fortress, constantly cursing the two abnormal people.

On the other hand, once the Queen of Hearts and Grecia completely disappeared, the two female players collapsed to the ground and gasped with relief. Tang Mo closed his eyes and pressed his fingers together. No one had discovered that Grecia’s fingers were shaking slightly, even Grecia.

Tang Mo didn’t dare gamble.

The Black Tower’s Infinite Non-Probability Pocket Watch could ignore the probability of any event that was almost impossible to happen and turn the probability into 50%. For example, the probability that Tang Mo was a woman was infinitely close to 0% but as long as the pocket watch worked, the probability became 50%.

There was nothing that was 100% in the world and there was no 0 probability event.

Thus, the role of this pocket watch was quite horrible. It was difficult to trigger, had autonomy and wasn’t completely controlled by Tang Mo. Once it was triggered, it wasn’t 100% effective. There was only a 50% chance. It might be that Tang Mo hadn’t triggered the event and the arrival of the Queen of Hearts had nothing to do with the non-probability pocket watch. Then she wouldn’t help the players get rid of Grecia. That’s why Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo needed to do their best to leave this tower game.

Fortunately, the infinite non-probability watch worked this time.

Grecia didn’t play much with the humans but his absolutely powerful strength turned the humans into defenseless babies in front of him. Their injuries were extremely heavy.

Li Miaomiao lay on the ground, gasping heavily. The wound on her abdomen was terrible. Tang Mo took the mineral water and poured it on Fu Wenduo’s arm. The terrible hole healed extremely slowly. Tang Mo patiently cleaned the wound and looked up, meeting eyes with Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo was slightly surprised.

“…Does it hurt?”

Fu Wenduo smiled slightly and shook his head. “How are your injuries?”

Tang Mo replied, “Li Miaomiao transferred the serious injury to herself. The other ones aren’t a big deal.”

Fu Wenduo took a moment before speaking. “There is no pain.”

However, Tang Mo saw the white flesh around the wound and his lips thinned while his actions became lighter. “If it hurts then just say so.”


This type of pain wasn’t easy for Fu Wenduo. He had suffered many injuries before and his pain tolerance was certainly higher than Tang Mo’s. However, the circus leader’s attacks were more terrible than normal injuries. Tang Mo’s actions because lighter as the pain climbed up his nerves to his brain, making Fu Wenduo’s hairs stand up.

Still, he didn’t want Tang Mo to worry too much.

Fu Wenduo asked, “How is the injury to your chest?”

Grecia’s short cane had pierced Fu Wenduo’s arm and stabbed Tang Mo in the chest. Tang Mo told him, “It is just skin trauma.”

In the red moonlight, one man had his head bowed to clean the terrible wound with a wrinkled brow. The other man looked down at the young man helping him and his eyes were deep and calm. Zhao Xiaofei was helping Li Miaomiao deal with her wound and accidentally looked up to see this scene. She was stunned for a moment and muttered in her heart, ‘No wonder why these two advanced players will team up. They have this type of relationship.”

The wounds were dealt with and Tang Mo found Schrodinger.

The black cat squatted on the head of the middle-aged housekeeper and sobbed, “My steel fortress was broken.” Then he noticed the proximity of the human and the black cat stared at Tang Mo with green eyes. The black cat determined there was no danger and continued to speak in a wronged voice, “My steel fortress…”

Tang Mo asked, “We cleared the instance. What is the reward?”

The black cat’s body froze. It cried out in a startled tone, “You actually came to demand a reward, not to comfort me?”

Tang Mo raised his eyebrows. “Comfort you?”

What should he comfort Schrodinger?

Schrodinger, “…”

Didn’t the underground magazine say that humans like cats the most? Why didn’t this human show a bit of compassion?

Once again, Schrodinger doubted his intelligence network?

Schrodinger reluctantly had to obey the rules of the black tower’s game. It sat upright. “You found me and cleared the game of hide-and-seek. According to the rules of the black tower, each of you can ask something of me. If it is within my abilities then I can’t refuse.”

The eyes of the players brightened.

Tang Mo thought about it before declaring. “I want that false truth clock.”

Schrodinger was shocked. The two female player couldn’t understand what he wanted to do, with only Fu Wenduo smiling.

However, Schrodinger muttered, “No. Hey, greedy, shameless and stinky human. Don’t look at me like that. I am the great Schrodinger and can make 100 or 1,000 of these bad clocks. I just can’t give them to you. Ask yourself if the black tower will allow you to have this type of thing.”

The black tower’s childlike voice was heard at this time. “Friendly tip, please choose an appropriate reward that matches the level of your tower attack floor.”

The implication was that it was too unrealistic if Tang Mo wanted the truth clock on the fourth floor.

Tang Mo felt some regret. He thought again and looked down at the ragged pink parasol before handing it to Schrodinger. “If I remember correctly, you are a famous inventor in the black tower world. This is Grandmother Wolf’s pink parasol. You should know it.”

Schrodinger nodded. “Yes, Grandmother Wolf has hundreds of these useless umbrellas.”

Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed. Sure enough, this excellent quality prop was nothing in Schrodinger’s eyes. Tang Mo calmly requested, “I would like you to mend this and improve it. Do your best to repair it into a better weapon that is within the limits allowed by the black tower.”

Schrodinger slowly opened his mouth.

Behind Tang Mo, Zhao Xiaofei made a surprised expression. “Can it be like this?”

The answer was certainly yes.

Schrodinger roared, “How can you humans be so shameful?”

Schrodinger took the small parasol while cursing Tang Mo. Zhao Xiaofei came over at this time and cautiously glanced at Tang Mo. Tang Mo quietly walked back to Fu Wenduo’s side, not interested in hearing her reward request. Zhao Xiaofei leaned towards the ears of the black cat and whispered something. The black cat was very angry but his expression was better than when Tang Mo made the request. It was obvious that Zhao Xiaofei’s request was simpler than Tang Mo’s.

Then it was Li Miaomiao’s turn. Li Miaomiao thought about it and asked directly, “Are you the greatest inventor in the black tower world?”

Schrodinger raised his chin. “I am greatest, not part of them. I am the respected Lord Schrodinger.”

Li Miaomiao continued, “Can you resurrect a person?”

Schrodinger instantly froze and the black cat opened his mouth. “Ah?”

Li Miaomiao spoke with a blank expression, “I want to resurrect a person. You can do it with your ability.”

Schrodinger wondered, “Is there a problem with you that you would actually ask this useless question? Why would I study how to resurrect you humans? In addition, ask the black tower. Even if I can do it, the black tower won’t allow me with your clearance level of three. You should also know that only humans who died in the black tower game can be resurrected.”

Li Miaomiao knew that killing the first place on the time leaderboard could resurrect a player but only if that player died in a black tower game.

Li Miaomiao gritted her teeth and chose another reward.

It was finally Fu Wenduo’s turn.

Fu Wenduo had a calm expression. “I want to ask the truth clock a question.”

Schrodinger was surprised. “You are the strangest humans I have ever seen. Then the cat slapped the head of the middle-aged housekeeper. The middle-aged housekeeper walked into the steel ruins. He searched for a long time before finding the bruised blue clock in a heap of rubble and dragged it to the group.

Schrodinger didn’t have a good atmosphere. “Ask the question quickly. It will certainly answer it truthfully but the Great Schrodinger will remind you that the black tower will block answers it doesn’t allow.”

Fu Wenduo stared at the ragged blue clock.

The steady female voice seemed a bit tired this time. “Human, since this is Lord Schrodinger’s request, I will answer any question correctly.”

The truth clock expected Fu Wenduo to think for a moment. It didn’t think this human would look at it and ask without hesitation, “My question is… what exactly is my ability?”

The truth clock was silent for a moment.

“Black tower intruder, if you want to ask me a question then why didn’t you ask it when entering my room a second time, instead of wasting this reward opportunity.”

Fu Wenduo replied, “If I ask a question in your room, you will give me an answer but you can also be vague. When the circus leader asked you how he could make a lot of money, you answered him. This answer was confirmed by the black tower and it wasn’t wrong. Yet from beginning to end, you didn’t expose his identity. You hide his identity for him.”

The truth clock said, “He is the leader of the great Strange Circus. If I dared reveal his identity then he would tear me apart on the spot.”

Fu Wenduo told it, “In that room, the correct answer might not have value. You can hide it.”

The truth clock couldn’t deny it.

Tang Mo’s voice was heard at this time. “This time, our question will specifically ask you and there won’t be any mistakes. For example…” Tang Mo stopped speaking and went to Fu Wenduo’s side, raising his head with a smile, “What does the note of his ability really mean?”

In the dark steel forest, Zhao Xiaofei and Li Miaomiao were dazed and didn’t understand what Tang Mo meant.

However, Schrodinger and the truth clock instantly became numb. The black cat looked up at the sky and gulped. The blue body of the truth clock and its voice trembled. “Black tower intruder, I can’t answer this question. If you want, I can tell you the name of your ability, how it can be used, what restrictions it has and even how you can strengthen it.”

Tang Mo asked, “You can’t tell me about the note?”

The truth clock’s silence was the answer.

Tang Mo sighed.

Sure enough, they couldn’t hide from the black tower even if they used this roundabout way. He didn’t know what the note ‘last player with this ability’ meant. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were long aware that Fu Wenduo’s ability was special. The note that came with his ability might contain a hint to the truth of the black tower world.

If they directly asked the truth clock about the identity of the black tower then the truth clock wouldn’t answer.

Thus, they decided to ask about Fu Wenduo’s ability to find out the truth of the black tower. However, they still failed. It wasn’t feasible to let the truth clock directly tell them about the note.

Tang Mo wanted to tell Fu Wenduo to change the reward. He could choose to strengthen a prop or have Schrodinger give him a very good prop. Unexpectedly, Fu Wenduo suddenly said, “Then I will change my question. How can he get my ability?”

The stunned Tang Mo stared at Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo smiled at him and Tang Mo quickly responded.

Yes! As long as he got Fu Wenduo’s ability then he would know for certain what the note was. At the same time, Tang Mo could use the same method to get the abilities of almost all other players. There should be few people in this world who were harder than Fu Wenduo.

This was a great question!

Tang Mo looked expectantly at the truth clock.

The blue clock didn’t tremble again this time. It was a question that it could answer. The black tower restricted it from directly revealed Fu Wenduo’s power but it didn’t limit the clock from telling Tang Mo how to get Fu Wenduo’s method. Yet the truth clock was silent for a long time. Fu Wenduo was about to ask again when the truth clock asked quietly, “Black tower intruders, do you really want to know?”

Fu Wenduo, “…?”

Tang Mo, “…?”

The two female players, “…???”

Something seemed to be wrong.

Fu Wenduo raised an eyebrow. “Please tell me the answer to this question.”

The truth clock sighed. “Then I will tell you. This involved the secrets of your abilities. If you like, I can speak the answer directly into your minds so that no other players know.”

The truth clock was rarely so generous. Tang Mo nodded but a strange feeling entered his heart.

…Was there a problem?

The cold and unemotional voice of the truth clock spoke in the brains of Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

“The first way is that he can kill you to get your ability. The second way is to eat and not give money. Due to the high level and excellent quality of Black Tower Intruder Fu Wenduo, his ability is one of those recognized by the black tower. If you want to thoroughly eat and don’t give money, you have take away everything from the other person. After the earth went online, humans generally don’t have too much assets and resources. If you take away all of Fu Wenduo’s props and never let Fu Wenduo use them again then you can get his ability. There is another way…”

The truth clock paused for a moment. “Mating will also give you the other person’s ability.”

Tang Mo, “!!!”

Fu Wenduo, “…”

Damn your mating!