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The wind passed through the tall buildings and rustled the leaves of the trees on both sides of the open space. Tang Mo’s body froze and he turned slowly to look at the man standing still. Fu Wenduo smiled at him, his eyes calm and his lips slightly curved.

The two people looked at each other from a distance and no one spoke.

Suddenly, “Mo Tang.”

The low voice made Tang Mo’s heart trembled. He raised his eyes and stared at the tall man. The next second, he realized something and his eyes slightly widened. Something exploded inside his heart. Countless scenes flashed in front of their eyes. Their first meeting in the underground parking lot in Shanghai, the first time they entered an instance together, the tower attack game, teaming up…

Wait, was it earlier?

Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo with shock.

Was it during Grandmother Wolf’s hamster game or the first time they spoke through the turkey egg Momo? Or was it…

When was it?

Fu Wenduo stared at Tang Mo, watching the young man’s startled and thoughtful look. The corners of his lips raised. He wanted to move forward but without taking this step, he stopped. He was unable to move.

Tang Mo closed his eyes, his brow twisting. Then after a long time, he smiled softly. Once he opened his eyes to look at Fu Wenduo again, his eyes were calm. He heard himself laughing and asked, “What is it if it isn’t selling ourselves?”

In order to get Fu Wenduo’s ability and the full note, they had to sleep together.

But if it wasn’t to get the ability… what was it for?

Tang Mo stared closely at Fu Wenduo.

The question made Fu Wenduo quiet and he couldn’t answer for a while. The moonlight gently surrounded Tang Mo’s body. The young man wearing a white t-shirt was looking at Fu Wenduo with a smile. The eyes seemed to be saying something and seemed like they were seeing through Fu Wenduo. As long as Fu Wenduo spoke, Tang Mo could get a clue from it and discover something.

…What was Tang Mo looking for?

A sentence flashed through Fu Wenduo’s mind.

The powerful tactic understanding of this person allowed Fu Wenduo to think about it from Tang Mo’s viewpoint. He thought about what Tang Mo would currently be thinking. It was like their minds touched, the tremors in their soul were familiar and the intention in every breath was understood. Then Fu Wenduo suddenly became stunned.

The dark eyes slowly widened and in the cold night, Fu Wenduo laughed.

He asked, “Yes, if it isn’t selling ourselves… what is it?”

The next morning, Chen Shanshan brought Jack to Tang Mo and calmly opened her mouth. “Brother Tang, we will go to Tian Xuan later and then Jack will part with us there. You should first try to take away his ability. It is the body reinforcement type and your strength, speed and reflexes will greatly improve.”

Jack didn’t think too much. He had learnt about Tang Mo’s ability yesterday and he and Tang Mo were friends. Tang Mo copying his ability didn’t have much influence on him so he didn’t care. “Yes Tang, you can try it. My ability might not be as strong as Fu or Shanshan but it is decent among our Attack members.”

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had practiced outside the small building and didn’t come back all night.

The two of them were currently standing together and Tang Mo said, “Okay Jack, can you take out your props to show us? If there is an important prop that needs to be kept secret then you don’t need to take it out.” For example, the turkey egg Momo was a rare prop that could be critical in important times. It was natural for Jack to have reservations. “You ability is powerful. Just thinking an item from you probably isn’t sufficient. I think I need to take one of your props.”

Jack nodded and dumped out everything from his backpack.

The tall and strong foreign man looked at the things on the ground and scratched his head. “This time I came to Beijing in a hurry and didn’t bring anything. I only brought a few important weapons. By the way Tang, I usually fight with my fists and rarely rely on props. Thus, I don’t have many props.”

Tang Mo, “…”

Fu Wenduo, “…”

Chen Shanshan, “…”

That was an underestimation. There were only two good props!

Jack had a very small number of props compared to ordinary players, let only Tang Mo. Who would’ve thought that a senior player who passed the black tower’s second floor and was about to challenge the third floor would only have two props on his body?

Tang Mo picked up a small, golden axe from the ground. It was a gold axe that looked very expensive but Tang Mo soon discovered that it wasn’t made of gold. He measured the weight and touched the texture. Then he looked at Jack with amazement. “Is it made of glass?”

Jack nodded.

Tang Mo knocked twice on the axe handle and small lines of words appeared on the axe.

[Prop: I’m Not a Gold Axe or Glass Axe]

[Owner: Jack]

[Quality: Rubbish]

[Level: 2]

[Attack: Very weak/strong]

[Function: A gold-plated glass axe that looks valuable but is actually very shabby. It looks like it can cut everything but it can be cut by anything. However, in the face of something that seems impossible to cut, it might play an unexpected role. The law of causality means it can cut things that can theoretically be cut but it can also cut things that theoretically can’t be cut.]

[Restrictions: It is extremely unstable. Sometimes in the face of something that theoretically can’t be cut, it might cut or not cut it. After 10 consecutive times where nothing is cut, the axe will break on its own.]

[Note: Hahaha, how unexpected! The River God shows a wicked smile.]

Jack’s other prop seemed more ordinary than this strange axe. There were five sharp, feather darts. The white feathers were diagonally inserted into the sharp dart. Chen Shanshan looked at the description of the five darts.

[Prop: Pheidippides’ Dart]

[Owner: Jack]

[Quality: Excellent]

[Level: 3]

[Attack: Strong]

[Function: The target shot by the dart will have to start running. They must run 40.2 kilometers before they can stop.]

[Restrictions: The target’s running route doesn’t matter as long as they are in a running state.]

[Note: Produced by the great Schrodinger, it has the same effect as the red shoes that Little Red Riding Hood wants to buy.]

The group looked at the properties of the two props and were lost in thought.

Tang Mo looked at Jack strangely and Jack didn’t understand.

Jack’s props were really pitiful. Apart from the fact that he didn’t have any props, there was another reason why he didn’t like to rely on props. Jack believed in his fists and always fought in melee combat. The unimportant props would be handed over to Luo Fengcheng and kept by the organization.

Tang Mo asked, “Luo Fengcheng refused to accept these two props and wanted you to use them?”

Jack was surprised. “Tang, how do you know this? Did Dr. Luo tell you?”

Luo Fengcheng definitely didn’t tell Tang Mo about it. He just guessed.

Chen Shanshan mused, “The two props seem strange but if used well, they will produce unexpected effects. In particular, the first prop. Every prop affected by the law of causality can’t be controlled by anything. Even the black tower can’t reverse the law of causality.”

Jack stated, “No, you are thinking too much. This is a terrible axe. I used it four times and it constantly cut everything.”

Tang Mo showed a dull expression. “You said you used it four times?”

Jack nodded. “Yes, my black tower second floor game was in a forest with a lot of trees. I couldn’t walk anywhere and wanted to cut the tree with the axe… ah, why are you looking at me like that? What’s wrong?”

Everyone, “…”

Luo Fengcheng shouldn’t have given this prop to you!!

Tang Mo stated seriously, “Jack, I have to tell you that I am going to take away your prop. I will take away this rubbish quality axe. I judge that I can probably get your ability if I take it away.” Tang Mo glanced at Chen Shanshan and Chen Shanshan nodded at him with approval.

Jack agreed. “Yes, take it. I’ll give it to you.”

Tang Mo was about to tell Jack that this axe was actually a very powerful prop. When used appropriately, the quality was no less than rare. He didn’t expected Jack to suddenly agree. Tang Mo sighed and looked down at the axe. The golden words on the axe slowly changed.

[Prop: I’m Not a Gold Axe or Glass Axe]

[Owner: Tang Mo]

Tang Mo, “…”

After a moment, he said, “Jack, this is a very important axe.”

Jack didn’t think much. “It is no use in my hands.”

Tang Mo was tongue-tied for a moment. He can’t refute it.

Jack saw Tang Mo’s expression and asked Chen Shanshan if he said something wrong. The little girl didn’t know how to answer.

Tang Mo smiled and shook his head. He prepared to find an excellent quality prop to give to Jack. He hadn’t started when a hand moved in front of him. Tang Mo looked down at the slender hand. It was Fu Wenduo who handed a large kitchen knife to Jack. Jack looked at him with surprise and Fu Wenduo said lightly, “It is Bluebeard’s kitchen knife and the quality is excellent. The usage is very simple. You just need to cut people with it. The function is that it is incomparably sharp.”

Jack was shocked. “This knife is tailor-made for me. Thank you Fu!”

Fu Wenduo glanced at Tang Mo. “Did you get his ability?”

Tang Mo stared at Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo’s lips curved. “Tang Mo?”

Tang Mo took out his abilities book and opened it. He laughed and answered, “Yes, I got it.”

The most important matter was taken care of. The Tang Mo quarter headed towards Tian Xuan’s base. Along the way, Jack excitedly slashed with the large kitchen knife, trying to get the feel. He was very happy. This prop is the best for me. It is the first time I’ve seen such a good weapon.”

The kitchen knife seemed to really match Jack.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo took the lead while Chen Shanshan and Jack walked behind. Jack was fascinated by his new ‘best’ prop and didn’t feel that anything was strange. The short-haired girl stared at the two men walking in front and her eyes slowly narrowed.

Tang Mo also had many excellent quality props. Perhaps his weapons weren’t as suitable for Jack as the kitchen knife but they could definitely be used by Jack.

However, Tang Mo took Jack’s props and Fu Wenduo gave one back.

This wasn’t a bad thing. They were teammates and didn’t need to think too much. The problem was that the two men had done it too naturally.

Chen Shanshan touched her ears.

…Was she being too sensitive?

Well, she should be thinking too much.

At noon, the four people arrived at the school. Lian Yuzheng was leaning against the school gates and looking down at the ground. The beautiful, long-haired woman saw them coming and glanced lightly at them. “Let’s go, we have been waiting for you.”

Tang Mo immediately sensed something. “Is there a situation?”

Lian Yuzheng’s footsteps paused. “Yes. I caught an invisible person who wanted to attack Fu… Fu Wensheng this morning. We caught him. Perhaps it is because the black tower is about to update but the invisible person hasn’t disappeared. He was tied up and Leader extracted a lot of new information from him.”

Fu Wenduo’s eyes narrowed. “How is Fu Wensheng?”

Lian Yuzheng didn’t sound very good. “He didn’t die. He is alive.”

Fu Wenduo detected a slight abnormality in Lian Yuzheng’s tone and raised his eyebrows. “How is Fu Wensheng?”

Lian Yuzheng replied, “You will know when we get there. The invisible man said a few useful pieces of information but you came too slowly.”

Tang Mo had wasted a bit of time getting Jack’s ability.

The five people continued to move forward. Suddenly, Fu Wenduo stopped and looked behind him. At the same time, Tang Mo suddenly put his hand in Jack’s pocket. Jack was shocked and couldn’t respond. Tang Mo had already taken out the darts Jack and put in his pocket and threw one towards a sycamore tree.

The sharp dart pierced the trunk and made a sound like flesh was penetrated.

The group immediately recovered as the man behind the tree paused for half a second before he started to run in place. There was the sound of teeth grinding behind the tree. Then a baby-faced youth in a white jacket emerged while flushed with anger. He hadn’t expected to appear in this position. He ran around the tree and the disgusting smile on his face had disappeared for the first time.

Bai Ruoyao stared at Tnag Mo. The next second, he rushed straight towards Tang Mo.

“Tang Mo, I’ll kill you!”

The next time we meet, I will definitely kill you.