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Chen Shanshan stepped forward and looked up at Wang Xiaotian.

Cinderella, who wore a beautiful dress, looked at her with a shocked expression before asking, “Are you sure you want to clear it now? I have to tell you that I am very busy and don’t have time to listen to you talk slowly about the food chain. Each of you have only one chance to clear the game. You can only tell me the food chain once. If you tell me and don’t clear the instance, you will no longer have the initiative. You can only pray that you are lucky and the other players say a food chain with your name in it. Have you thought about this?”

Chen Shanshan nodded. “Yes, I thought about it.”

Wang Xiaotian’s expression changed. “You can change the balls again and get new clues. You won’t look?”

“I won’t.”

Wang Xiaotian, “…”

Cinderella jumped from the carriage. “Then tell me quickly.”

Chen Shanshan went on tiptoe and whispered into Wang Xiaotian’s ears. Wang Xiaotian said that the food chain could be told in secret and it wouldn’t be heard by others. Tang Mo listened carefully and didn’t hear Chen Shanshan’s words. It seemed a special means was used to isolate the sound.

Once Chen Shanshan finished speaking, Wang Xiaotian’s mouth twitched before she waved her hands.

The small balls in Fu Wenduo, Fu Wensheng and Chen Shanshan’s hands flew up and collided together. Chen Shanshan said something else and the ball in Tang Mo’s hand also flew up. Seven small balls hovered in the air.

Tang Mo vaguely felt that something tied to him had disappeared. It was the shackle that had been tied around the players since they entered the game. It wasn’t completely over yet but Tang Mo’s group of four had cleared the instance. They only needed to wait patiently until the end of the last night to leave the instance.

Wang Xiaotian was in a bad mood and her mouth was greatly pursed. She grimaced at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. “Next time I must eat you bad guys!”

The pumpkin carriage rumbled out of the room. The seven balls hovered in the air for a moment before three of them fell into the hands of the returnees. The other four balls stayed in midair, not flying back to Tang Mo’s group. This symbolized that they had finished the game.

The expressions of the three returnees was wonderful. They stared at the backs of Tang Mo’s group with complicated eyes. The middle-aged man gritted his teeth and tightly gripped the ball in his hand.

The young man’s body trembled as he cried out with disbelief, “How can you clear the instance so quickly? Not yet, not yet…”

They didn’t bring any of the three returnees with them. Only the four Earth survivors cleared the game!

Rule six: find your complete food chain to win. At the same time, all players in the food chain can win.

Du De had a strange feeling in his heart when Tang Mo declared that he intended to clear the game. As long as someone spoke the right food chain, all players in the food chain would pass. If Chen Shanshan spoke Du De’s name in the food chain then he would pass, even if he didn’t know anything.

However, this wasn’t the case.

Only the four Earth survivors cleared the instance and none of the three returnees passed.

Du De and Liao Feng’s expressions were ugly as jealousy filled their eyes.

“You used me?”

A sharp female voice was heard. The group turned to look at Xing Siqi.

The young woman in the shirt seemed to suddenly understand something. She was wide-eyed as she screamed at Fu Wensheng. The child gulped and reflexively walked behind Tang Mo. Xiao Fu asked, “W-When did I use you?”

Xing Siqi’s eyes were wide open, as if she could clearly see this little boy’s bones. She turned to look at Chen Shanshan, Tang Mo and then Fu Wenduo. Her eyes stopped on Fu Wenduo’s body for three seconds. The next moment, Xing Siqi’s eyes brightened. She quickly closed her eyes, her chest moving up and down as she muttered something.

After half a minute, she slowly opened her eyes and smiled.

She looked at the ball in her hand and then the four balls in the air. “This is the first time I’m thankful that my reaction speed isn’t fast enough. I’m still the first level and my ball is the same as the last round. Did you do it on purpose?”

Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed. “Do what on purpose?”

Xing Siqi pointed to the four balls in the air and then the other two returnees. “It is coincidental that the three returnees got the same ball as the last round.”

Tang Mo replied, “It’s just a coincidence.”

Xing Siqi nodded. “It really is a coincidence. After all, even if you know the points at the same, there are two balls in the same level. You can’t determine which one will fall into your hands. The truth is that the overall balls of us three returnees haven’t changed and the four balls belonging to you haven’t changed. It is just that the owners of the ball in the group has changed.”

Chen Shanshan asked, “What are you trying to say?”

The young woman walked to the centre of the room and sat down in a chair. She didn’t enter the room to look at her clue and just smiled. “I want to say thank you. You might’ve used me but I should also pass the game.”

The expressions of Tang Mo’s group didn’t changed at these words. They had long guessed this would happen. The other two returnees weren’t happy. The young man went up to Xing Siqi and asked, “What do you mean? You know how to clear the game?”

Xing Siqi pointed to Chen Shanshan. “It is thanks to that little girl. She told me the food chain that belongs to me.”

Du De looked nervous. “Then what about me? What about me?”

Xing Siqi scoffed. “How should I know?”


The alliance between returnees wasn’t strong. After knowing her food chain, Xing Siqi had no plans to cooperate with the other two returnees. The middle-aged man asked the young woman to say her food chain but he was rejected. The two male returnees sullenly returned to their rooms and opened the balls to see the clues.

In the middle of the room, Tang Mo slowly walked to a chair and sat down. The other three people also sat.

Four Earth survivors and one returnee.

The five people watched each other silently and no one spoke.

After half an hour, a door was forcefully pushed open. The young man ran out with red eyes and headed straight to Chen Shanshan, trying to grab the little girl’s wrist. There was a flash of metal. Fu Wenduo didn’t even raise his head as a dagger was placed at the young man’s neck, preventing him from taking another step forward.

The young man’s cheeks turned redder. He gasped heavily before giving up the idea of catching Chen Shanshan. He went to his seat and sat down. After a while, the middle-aged man also came out of the room. His expression was terrible but he wasn’t as impulsive as the young man. He stared at Tang Mo’s group, the young man and finally sat down.

The middle-aged man sighed and opened his mouth. “Tell me what your conditions are.”

The young man looked at him in astonishment.

Tang Mo seemed to be ready. He leaned forward, his hands on his knees as he stared aggressively at the man. His lips curved and he sounded mild and calm, but no one would think he was good. It was because he smiled and requested, “I want your arms.”

The middle-aged man jerked. “What?”

Tang Mo repeated. “I want your arms.” Fu Wenduo handed his dagger to Tang Mo and Tang Mo took it. He moved his dagger from the middle-aged man’s shoulder to his wrist. The middle-aged man trembled and a chill came from where his arms were connected to his shoulders.

Fu Wenduo spoke for Tang Mo. “A pair of arms for clearing the instance is very suitable. You are a returnee and must’ve at least cleared the black tower’s second floor. It might take some time to regrow the arm but it won’t be long.”

The middle-aged man suppressed his anger. “However, I can’t regrow my arms before the seven day Eve’s Game ends.”

Fu Wenduo stated, “That’s your business.”

The middle-aged man, “…”

After a moment, he cried out, “Okay!”

The middle-aged man finished his negotiation and it was the young man’s turn. Du De lowered his head, his expression covered by his hair.

In the two rounds of the Darwin’s Test, the players changed balls twice. At the beginning, Du De was level four because he was lucky enough to draw the highest ranking ball. However, he underperformed in the two Darwin’s test and got the second level ball that Fu Wenduo started with.

He wasn’t still. He knew what the middle-aged man was swapping his arms for.

A pair of arms for their food chain. This was worth it.

Du De took a deep breath and released it before looking up with firm eyes. “What do you want?”

Tang Mo replied, “A pair of arms and a prop.”

Du Du De exclaimed, “Why do I have to give one more prop?”

“It is because he has no props on him. His props have long been taken by us.”

The young man was speechless.

Tang Mo wasn’t lying. The middle-aged man might’ve escaped from them using a special ability but before that, all his props were scrapped clean by Fu Wenduo.

Exchanging both arms for the food chain was something that Chen Shanshan and Tang Mo had decided. A pair of arms wasn’t important for the returnees. With their strength, they could grow them back in 10 days. It was just that their chances in Eve’s Game would plummet and they wouldn’t pose too much of a threat to the Earth survivors.

This was in a range that the returnees could accept.

At the same time, it was in a range where Tang Mo could get their abilities.

Tang Mo burned Bai Ruoyao’s arm and gained his ability. He should be able to gain the abilities of these two men by cutting off their arms.

The two returnees wanted to get their food chain from the young woman and tried to negotiate with her. Xing Siqi’s eyes were dark as she promised. However, the middle-aged man saw through her lies immediately. “You have no idea about our food chains.”

Xing Siqi shrugged.

She really didn’t know the food chain of these two men. She guessed her own food chain from the behavior of Tang Mo’s group.

The middle-aged man turned to face Tang Mo and Tng Mo held Fu Wenduo’s dagger. The knife fell and everything happened incredibly quickly. The sharp dagger cut off both arms as if it was cutting tofu and blood splashed. The middle-aged man screamed with pain, his face twitching. After three minutes, the bleeding stopped and Tang Mo whispered something in his ears.

Next was the young man.

Tang Mo cut off both arms and took one prop.

The four arms fell in a pool of blood. Tang Mo flicked his ring finger and flames instantly burned the four bloody arms.

The young woman blinked and muttered, “An ability…”

Tang Mo smiled. “Or is it a prop?”

The young woman shut her mouth and stopped talking.

The middle-aged man looked up. “You took my arms to vent your anger?”

His arms were cut off and burnt. Tang Mo didn’t need the arms at all!

Tang Mo told him, “You guessed right.”

30 minutes later, Wang Xiaotian drove the pumpkin carriage back into the room. She got off and hurriedly covered her mouth. She acted panicked in an exaggerated manner. “Ah, what is this? Why is there so much blood? It is terrible. I’m so scared.” She screamed for a long time and no one responded. Wang Xiaotian looked up and found that no one planned to comfort her.

“You don’t know how to cherish jade.” Wang Xiaotian smiled and stepped into the blood. She left bloody footprint as she walked to the seven people.

Wang Xiaotian leaned against the pumpkin carriage and said lazily, “This is your last chance. I’m going to be a princess and don’t have time to play this childish game with you. Do you have something to say to me? No? Then I’m leaving. All of you get out of here.”

The young woman declared, “I know my food chain.”

Wang Xiaotian glanced at her suspiciously.

The young woman calmly said, “My food chain is Xing Siqi → Fu Wensheng → Tang Mo.”

Wang Xiaotian grunted. “Yes, you’re right. How did you find out your food chain? Did you listen to these bad guys?”

“The little girl told you two food chains previously. One is her → Fu Wensheng → Tang Mo. The other one is her → Fu Wensheng → Fu Wenduo.” Wang Xiaotian didn’t deny it. The young woman pointed at Chen Shanshan and continued, “It is because she said it twice. The four of them are spread out across four levels. If the four of them are in the same food chain then they only need to speak once to directly clear the instance. This proves that they are split into two food chains. I was stupid. If I hadn’t revealed my clue when answering Darwin’s Test then they wouldn’t have known the answer so easily.”

Fu Wensheng shrank back as the young woman glared at him again.

Yes, in the second round of Darwin’s Game, Fu Wensheng suddenly said that even if he lost, he wouldn’t eat Chen Shanshan but would eat the young woman. The young woman never took Fu Wensheng seriously because the performance of this little boy was terrible. He seemed like a player who survived so far because of his brother.

Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng.

Everyone knew they were related as soon as they heard this.

Fu Wenduo was very famous even among the returnees. Fu Wensheng was just a worm following him. He absolutely wouldn’t have survived until now without his brother. Xing Siqi guessed this so she never thought that the weak boy would set her up. “I told them that this little girl was also in the boy’s food chain.”

Chen Shanshan → Fu Wensheng→ Fu Wenduo.

Chen Shanshan → Fu Wensheng→ Tang Mo.

These were the two food chains that Chen Shanshan had told Wang Xiaotian.

In the first round of the game, the young man was in the fourth level and Chen Shanshan easily guessed his clue. His food was a woman.

At this time, he had two goals. Chen Shanshan at the third level and the young woman at the second level.

In the second round of the game, Tang Mo got Chen Shanshan’s ball and determined that he was at the highest level. No one could eat him. (TL: Reminder. Clue stated that Tang Mo finally reached the top of the food chain) Answer answer was instantly ruled out. The young man should eat the young woman’s ball. Thanks to the switching around in the second round, Fu Wenduo got the ball that should eat Fu Wensheng.

In addition, the woman stated in the first round that Fu Wensheng must be her food and she almost ate Fu Wensheng. Thanks to this, a complete food chain emerged.

Xing Siqi → Fu Wensheng→ Fu Wenduo.

There was no shortage of intelligent people among the returnees. Tang Mo didn’t dare look down on any returnees. The young woman was smart and her guess was right.

The young woman was puzzled. “There is something I still don’t understand. How did you know that Tang Mo can eat this little boy?”

In the second round, Tang Mo was on the third level but he was also the top level in his food chain. Then why did he eat Fu Wensheng’s ball, not the young man? How could Chen Shanshan be so sure of the answer?

Chen Shanshan replied, “We exchanged clues in the first round. Tang Mo said that his clue was meaningless and you didn’t believe him. But… do you remember what I said back then?”

Tang Mo was named by the black tower’s rules. He was an advance player that gave rewards when killed. Chen Shanshan was just an ordinary little girl. She spoke and none of the three returnees thought about her clue. The young woman tried to remember before suddenly becoming stunned. “You said that your clue has no meaning…”

Chen Shanshan was calm. “Yes, I said that my clue has no meaning and you all believed it. You didn’t believe Brother Tang Mo when he said this sentence. In your eyes, I am just a passerby and you only want to eliminate Brother Tang. There is no need to pay attention to me. Thus, I lied and none of you noticed.”

The young woman suddenly understood. “Wait, then from that time…”

“Yes, I knew from the beginning that your ball was my food. That’s why in the next few rounds, Xiao Fu became Brother Tang’s food.” She just didn’t say it.

The young woman was silent for a long time before laughing. “Then the only thing you were unsure about is whether your ball is his food.” She pointed to Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng. “You didn’t get a clue from this little boy, perhaps because his clue didn’t make sense or because he couldn’t tell you his clue. Thus, you tricked me because the ball used to be mine…”

In the intense Darwin’s test, the players’ nerves were extremely tight.

The young woman once stated that she knew Fu Wensheng was lying, meaning Chen Shanshan didn’t dare be careless. It wasn’t until the 11th question that she let Fu Wensheng cooperate with her acting. She made the young woman show a disdainful attitude to Fu Wensheng’s sentence, “I will eat you.”

The young woman reacted like this because she knew that Fu Wensheng’s ball could eat both people on the first level.

The two people on the first level were all her food.

The complete truth was revealed. The young woman sneered and pointed to the two male returnees. “Do you really know their food chain?”

Chen Shanshan hesitated and didn’t open her mouth.

Fu Wenduo interjected in a low voice, “Did we say that we know their food chain?”

The two returnees turned and stared at him with disbelief.

“What did you say?”

The young man roared and rushed over. If he had a hand then he would’ve smashed Fu Wenduo to the ground. The thing that stopped him was a pink parasol that stopped right at the three golden digits on his neck. Tang Mo cocked his head and smiled. “You should that you wanted to negotiate terms with us. We never said that we know your food chain.”

“Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo!!!”

Chen Shanshan was the one who had the idea but Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were the ones who attracted the hatred. After all, they were famous. Fu Wenduo raised his eyebrows and didn’t say anything.

Chen Shanshan stated, “Your food chain is just my guess. There are too few clues and I can only speculate so much. There is a 80% chance your food chain is right.”

The young woman angrily wanted to tear apart this little girl with the calm face but the middle-aged man was more mature. He hated her and his eyes were bloodshot but he tried to remain calm. He looked at the laughing Wang Xiaotian and gritted his teeth. “My food chain is Xing Siqi → Du De → Liao Feng → Fu Wenduo.”

Wang Xiaotian’s smile stiffened before she waved her hand. “Really boring. All of your cleared the instance, it is so boring. Here, this is your reward. The pumpkin that my stepmother planted is delicious. I’m giving it to you. Don’t thank me.” Wang Xiaotian pulled out seven pumpkins and threw them at the players.

The two male returnees had no hands and the pumpkins hit them on the cheek.

Tang Mo caught the pumpkin and a bad feeling flashed in his head. He wiped the pumpkin three times and small lines of words soon appeared.

[Prop: Cinderella’s Small Pumpkin]

[Owner: Tang Mo]

[Quality: Rubbish]

[Level: 1]

[Attack: None. Smashing it at someone might cause a bit of pain.]

[Function: It is delicious. Dwarves like to eat it.]

[Restrictions: It doesn’t do anything. This is probably the biggest restriction.]

[Note: I worked hard to play the game and gained freedom. I want to open it a bit. At least it is tasty.]

Tang Mo, “…”

The young woman was also dumbfounded. “This is the only reward for clearing the game?”

Wang Xiaotian asked impatiently, “What, what do you want? This isn’t enough? Greedy humans!”

Fu Wenduo asked coldly, “If we didn’t find our food chain and failed to clear the game, what would happen?”

The group was startled.

Wang Xiaotian stared at Fu Wenduo. She slowly opened her mouth, revealing a sinister grin. “Ah… I don’t know. If you don’t pass the game then you won’t get my pumpkin. IF you don’t get my pumpkin then you can’t eat such a delicious thing. Wow, you guys are really bad. Clearing the instance is great.”

Everyone, “…”

The men who lost their arms gritted their teeth angrily.

Pass the game and gain Cinderella’s small pumpkin.

Don’t pass and you wouldn’t be punished. You just wouldn’t get her small pumpkin.

From beginning to finish, this was a safe game. It prohibited violence and the black tower could directly kill the perpetrators. The only way to be eliminated was to be eaten. Then the person chosen would be thrown into the black tower and be a slave of the black tower.

Other than that, this game was extremely safe.

Tang Mo muttered, “Eve’s Game No. 315 instance…” It was just an instance.

Wang Xiaotian smiled and told them, “Then I am going to be a princess. I won’t talk to you stinky humans anymore.”

The huge pumpkin carriage roared and left the room. The seven players stayed in place when a low female voice was heard. “Clearing the game only gives the pumpkin. Eliminating Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo will open Eve’s Reward…”


A steel needle flew through the air and scratched the young woman’s cheek, leaving a bloody mark.

The steel needle flew past the young woman’s cheek and disappeared into the air. Tang Mo retracted his hand and stared at her. “Do you want to try it? Do you think this is an ability or a prop?”

There was a fiery tingling sensation from the young woman’s cheek. She stared at Tang Mo in a stunned manner before finally shutting her mouth.

She cared more about her life than Eve’s Reward.

“Ding dong! Players Xing Siqi, Du De, Liao Feng, Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Fu Wensheng and Chen Shanshan have successfully passed Eve’s Game No. 315 instance.”

A white light filled the surroundings. The moment the white light appeared, the four Earth players and three returnees kept staring coldly at each other. As long as someone dared to move then the other side would immediately strike.

A cold wind blew against Tang Mo. He opened his eyes and found that he had returned to Earth. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo didn’t hesitate to rush at the young woman but they were still a step slow. The young woman stood a distance away from them and just had to run to escape. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo found her position and chased her.

After a while, the two of them gave up.

The other male returnees had used this chance to escape.

In the face of weak Earth survivors, the returnees would mercilessly kill. In front of the strong, they would escape without hesitation.

Tang Mo helplessly said, “No matter how strong they are, all returnees seem to run very fast.”

It was a joke but Chen Shanshan seriously analyzed it., “There is the time leaderboard and every returnee is an enemy. They faced a lot more dangers than we have and can only survive if they run quickly. This is survival of the fittest.”

Chen Shanshan’s words were reasonable.

Fu Wensheng muttered, “This game is a loss. There is no reward for clearing the game and no punishment for not clearing it. If I had known then I wouldn’t have been so scared. Fortunately, we didn’t experience the most losses. The biggest losers are the two men. Their abilities were copied by Brother Tang and their arms are gone. They can’t participate in Eve’s Game for the next seven days.

Taking the two men’s arms allowed Tang Mo to copy their abilities since he ate without giving money. On the other hand, it weakened their strength. Eve’s Game lasted seven days and these seven nights would be the most intense moments of conflict between the Earth survivors and returnees. Chen Shanshan wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to weaken the other side’s strength.

There was one thing Fu Wensheng couldn’t figure out. “In fact, as long as one of them knows the food chain, the other person can pass the instance. The food chain that Shanshan guessed contains both their names. The middle-aged man could help the other man clear the game. There was no need to cut off the arms of both of them.”

“Would you do that?”

Fu Wensheng was stunned and looked up at his brother.

Fu Wenduo placed the dagger back into his sleeve. Tang Mo looked down at the child and explained. “The middle-aged man knew his food chain and didn’t intend to tell the other person. It is because he wouldn’t be happy f he lost his arm while the other person didn’t. If it was Fu Wenduo and I…” Tang Mo paused before continuing, “If it was the four of us, I certainly wouldn’t let my teammate lost their arms. I can lose my arms alone. However, they are different. They aren’t always allies and can betray each other at any time.”

Chen Shanshan told them, “That woman… Xing Siqi, she is very clever. We should pay attention to her.”

Tang Mo nodded lightly.

The four people organized matters and set off to the Tian Xuan base.

The sky was slightly bright and a ray of sunlight shone from the horizon, awakened the earth. Tang Mo looked at the blood red number on the black tower and whispered, “3, 2, 1…”

“Ding dong! The time for Eve’s Game is temporarily over. Please continue to try and attack the tower!”

The child’s voice seemed to break the tense air that filled Beijing at night. The blood countdown on the black tower suddenly disappeared. The tens of thousands of black towers were calm and hung over the earth, just like they did before the version 4.0 was updated.

Tang Mo’s group glanced at each other before quietly moving through the alley.

Tang Mo remembered something as he walked.

He took the time to look at the two men’s abilities. The middle-aged man’s ability turned out to be an escape ability. To be precise, he could speed up one aspect of his body at a time. For example, he could enhance his vision and penetrate through a house to see the enemy and shoot them. He could enhance his speed and run very fast, but then his eyesight would plummet.

It wasn’t just vision and speed. He could greatly enhance his body’s hearing, smell or touch. However, everything else would suddenly weakened.

His ability fully maximized one aspect while weakening the others.

This ability looked very powerful but it was actually a spicy chicken. In a fact with enemies, it was okay to weaken all aspects to enhance one aspect if it was a weaker enemy. But if he was facing someone like Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo’s weakness could be grasped the moment he used the ability and he would be killed.

“That woman’s ability seems better…’

It was the ability to discover that Fu Wensheng was lying. Tang Mo had never seen this before. It might be easier for him to attack the tower later if he had this ability.

“Do you want that woman’s ability?”

Tang Mo turned to look at Fu Wenduo with surpise. He nodded. “Yes, sometimes it is important to know if a person is lying.” This was a very powerful ability in critical moments. Of course, Tang Mo was just guessing the woman’s ability. He didn’t know it.

Fu Wenduo spoke calmly, “My ability seems better than hers.”

Tang Mo suddenly stopped walking and the looked at this man with amazement. The morning sun rose and reflected off Fu Wenduo’s face. His eyes were deep and profound. His face wasn’t completely illuminated by the sun but his expression was calm. He stared at Tang Mo and Tang Mo watched him back.

After a moment, Tang Mo smiled. “If I gain her ability then I would first use it on you.”

“?” Fu Wenduo didn’t understand the meaning. How did Tang Mo suddenly change topics?

Tang Mo glanced at him. “I would like to know what you are actually thinking every time you say such words with a blank expression.”

Fu Wenduo, “…”

Fu Wenduo shifted his gaze and walked forward.