Wuxiaworld > The Earth is Online > Chapter 186
Once the prop rope was automatically retracted, Bai Ruoyao jumped backwards and kept a safe distance from Tang Mo and Mu Huixue. He covered his heart and looked at Tang Mo with an expression of heartbreak. Then after a few seconds, he smiled brightly at the crowd, making people want to kick him or kill them.

Tang Mo suddenly wanted to laugh. He put his hands in his pocket and glanced a Bai Ruoyao.

Some people, if they were ignored then they would stick to you like candy. However, if you paid attention to them then they would immediately run away. Bai Ruoyao was this type of person. After the earth went online, everyone thought about how to pass the black tower game and live. Meanwhile, he thought about how to have fun every day, as if life had this meaning.

Still, he was afraid of death.

In other words, he used a smile to cover this up. Tang Mo could detect that this baby-faced youth didn’t want to die. He wanted to live.

Santa Claus walked down from the sleight and through the crowd towards the huge door.

This was a castle-style candy house. There was an ancient Greek style dome door and snowflake-covered hollow walls. Santa Claus placed his hand in his butt pocket and searched through it but didn’t seem to find anything. He patted his head, “Ah, I misplaced it again.” Then everyone saw him reach into his pants, touching his crotch twice before bringing out a golden key.

A subtle smell filled the air.

The five senses of advanced players had been greatly improved but this smell was extremely light and most people didn’t care. Tang Mo shouldn’t care but Fu Wenduo’s expression suddenly changed and he covered his mouth and nose. Tang Mo was slightly stunned. Then the next second, Schrodinger’s roar filled his mind.

“I’m going to make you into Santa’s stinky toilet!!”

Tang Mo, “…”

Tang Mo silently reached out a hand but felt it wasn’t enough insurance. Then he grabbed Fu Wenduo’s hand as another layer of insurance. He noticed that Fu Wenduo stiffened for a moment. Then Fu Wenduo’s low voice was heard in his ears, “According to common sense, you should now be covering my nose.”

Tang Mo’s lips curved and he didn’t answer.

Santa Claus opened the door with the golden key. It creaked as if it hadn’t been opened for many years and a dazzling light shone from the door. The next second, the cheerful ‘Christmas song’ filled the store. Santa Claus laughed and shouted, “Merry Christmas! Welcome to Santa’s Quirky Candy House.” Then the store was finally revealed.

The first time that caught the eye was a huge red gem of sugar. The diamond-shaped ruby sugar was suspended high in the air. It gently rotated and danced along with the melody of the song, reflecting a dazzling light. Directly below the gemstone was a chocolate fountain the size of a swimming pool. The rich cocoa smell pierced the nose, making Tang Mo frown uncomfortably.

Santa happily bypassed the chocolate fountain and took the players on a tour.

“This is Santa’s Quirky Candy House. Every year, countless children want to visit but I only like honest children. There are too many bad children in the Underground Kingdom.” Santa picked up a cone from the fountain, put the cone in the chocolate fountain and turned it twice. He looked at the player standing behind him and asked, “Honest boy, do you like chocolate?”

The player was nervous and replied warily, “I don’t like it.”

Players who could live to the present and enter this instance weren’t simple. Most of them knew that Santa Claus was a black tower monster and knew his power. In the case that he said he liked it and Santa handed the chocolate to him, should he eat it or not? No one knew what would happen when it was eaten.

A dark light flashed in Santa’s eyes and he touched his white beard with regret. “It is a pity that you don’t like to eat chocolate but I won’t force you. Children, do you want to eat chocolate? If you eat it then your strength can improve.”

The black tower’s voice was heard at this time.

“Ding dong! Santa’s first gift for the children, reverse chocolate.”

[Prop: Reverse Chocolate]

[Owner: Santa Claus]

[Quality: Excellent]

[Level: 1]

[Attack: None]

[Function: A magic chocolate. Once eaten, it can enhance the strength of the body.]

[Restrictions: It will only have an effect the first time you eat it.]

[Note: It is said the eating chocolate will make you fat. But who will think that this is a reverse chocolate?]

The player who said he didn’t like chocolate, “…”

The players wouldn’t necessarily eat the chocolate based on Santa’s words. However, the black tower said it so everyone confidently picked up a cone and took a bit of chocolate from the chocolate fountain to eat.

The player’s face turned white as he saw everyone eating chocolate. Finally, he couldn’t help reaching out to get the chocolate. His hand only reached halfway when it was forcibly stopped. He raised his head and saw the white-bearded Santa smiling at him. “Santa Claus never forces children.”

“I… I like to eat chocolate.”

Santa’s expression suddenly changed. “Then you were lying just now? Are you a dishonest child?”

The Christmas song filling the room came to an abrupt end. Everyone hadn’t paid attention when the music was playing. Once it stopped, a cold wind came through the cracks in the door and the air was stagnant. A horrible aura pushed down on their head. The player wasn’t stupid and immediately changed his words. “I don’t like chocolate, I don’t like it at all!”

Santa’s expression changed again. “You really are a good boy.”

His life was more important than eating a prop and enhancing his physical strength.

Santa Claus moved on while the player didn’t dare stand behind him again.

There was no similar situation. Santa Claus entered the next room and continued to bring the players around, no longer inviting them to eat. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were standing at the end. Bai Ruoyao seemed afraid that they would grab him again and stood in the middle of the crowd, glancing at them from time to time.

“His name is Bai Ruoyao, nicknamed Fox.”

A female voice was heard and Mu Huixue stood behind then, looking at the distant Bai Ruoyao with raised eyebrows. Bai Ruoyao was originally looking at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Once he saw Mu Huixue’s glance, he returned it.

Fox (Eng), Fox.

In a way, Bai Ruoyao really was like a fox.

Mu Huixue added, “However, many people didn’t like his nickname and changed it to Fly.”

Tang Mo asked, “Fly?”

Mu Huixue explained, “He is a fly. He buzzes around your head all day and it takes a lot of effort to hit him.”

Tang Mo nodded and thought deeply.

There was only a wrong name and no wrong nickname. This nickname was simply tailored for Bai Ruoyao.

Fu Wenduo suddenly asked, “…He is Fox?”

The man’s voice was very calm but Tang Mo caught a hint of incredulity in it. If Fu Wenduo knew Bai Ruoyao then it could be said that Bai Ruoyao’s identity was what Tang Mo guessed previously… Fu Wenduo and Luo Fengcheng couldn’t find out information on him but the state seemed to have investigated him. Fu Wenduo said he didn’t know Bai Ruoyao but Bai Ruoyao came back from abroad and his skills were obviously beyond ordinary.

Mu Huixue smiled. “Major Fu has heard of him? Fly is very famous in the circle. In some ways, he is much more famous than me. After all, he is very annoying.”

By this time, Santa had finished the tour of the second room and headed for the third room.

Fu Wenduo stopped and looked earnestly at Mu Huixue. He was silent for a moment before asking, “Deer?”

Mu Huixue smiled and nodded. “The country’s sixth safety group, codenamed Deer. This is the first time we’ve met. Major Fu, you are outstanding beyond my expectations.” She turned to look at Tang Mo. “However, today I’m more surprised by you. The most powerful stowaway in China is Fu Wenduo but the most powerful official player in China should be you. Wait, is Fly an official player?”

Bai Ruoyao was an official player. Tang Mo nodded, “He is.”

Mu Huixue frowned. “Then I might have to take back this sentence. Before the earth went online, I couldn’t completely beat Fly. Now without the use of props and abilities there is a 5:5 chance. As far as physical fitness is concerned, Major Fu is probably the only one with a chance to beat him.”

Tang Mo was startled. He hadn’t expected Bai Ruoyao to have such a high evaluation but then he understood.

Mortal’s Death was Bai Ruoyao’s ability.

This was an almost negligible ability that seemed like trash, but it allowed Bai Ruoyao to see the dead air of a person. It didn’t have any attack power or surprise effect. Bai Ruoyao survived up to this time not because of his ability or his brain (his brain only caused trouble), but because of his strong personal strength.

Still, Bai Ruoyao could beat Mu Huixue?

“He is that strong?”

Mu Huixue replied in a solemn tone, “Yes, Fly is very strong. If he wasn’t strong then he would’ve died abroad a long time ago. There are too many people in the circle who want to kill him. We are nominally affiliated with the country but we don’t really belong to the country. We are loosely disciplined and only know each other’s nicknames. If we don’t want to show up then people won’t know where we are. There are no rules or punishment. As long as we complete the mission, it doesn’t matter even if we kill a teammate.”

“You came to Beijing to find him?”

Mu Huixue turned at Fu Wenduo’s question.

In fact, Tang Mo also wanted to ask this.

Bai Ruoyao was strong and his personality perverse, but he wasn’t ‘famous’. His name had never been noticed by the black tower and the black tower never made a global announcement about him. This was one of the reasons why Tang Mo sensed that Bai Ruoyao was afraid of death. Then how did Mu Huixue know that Bai Ruoyao was in Beijing?

Bai Ruoyao was a Chongqing native. How could Mu Huixue come to Beijing to find him?

Everyone seemed to be getting along well at the moment but Mu Huixue was a returnee and first on the time leaderboard. She killed countless people so Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo never let down their guard. The two people stared at her and as long as she moved, both of them would fight back.

Mu Huixue touched his chin and smiled. “I came looking for him?” She scoffed. “Why would I be looking for Fly? I came to find Fu Wenduo.”

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were startled.

Fu Wenduo didn’t know Mu Huixue at all. Both of them had heard of each other’s nicknames but this was the first time they met. Tang Mo was thinking about something else. The most powerful returnee and most powerful survivor. Then the reason Mu Huixue came to find Fu Wenduo…

“I came to find you so you can kill me.”

Under the dazzling light of the gem, the woman with a ponytail grinned, revealing white teeth. She wasn’t beautiful but she was pleasing to the eye. Her powerful strength was hidden in her tall and slim body. Nobody would expect her to be the most powerful human on Earth.

Tang Mo’s eyes slowly widened as he stared at Mu Huixue in a wrong manner.

Fu Wenduo’s eyes narrowed and he whispered, “You want to die?”

Mu Huixue didn’t answer as she followed the group into the third room. Suddenly, she turned to look at Santa Claus. She raised her hand to stop the conversation and spoke very quickly, “These two doors aren’t quite right. We visited a total of three rooms from the entrance. The three rooms were connected in a line and blocked by a door. Now there are two doors in this third room and each one corresponds to two rooms. There is a line in the middle of the walls, separating the two rooms… so distinct.”

Mu Huixue had been chatting with Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo but she unexpectedly didn’t miss Santa’s introduction.

Tang Mo glanced around the room and then looked at the two doors.

Mu Huixue speculated, “Do we choose one of the rooms to enter?”

Tang Mo looked at Chen Shanshan in the distance, not approaching to avoid suspicion. The two of them said at the same time, “The game hasn’t started yet so this is a visit without danger. My intuition tells me that these two doors might be the key to the game and now Santa will show them to us.”

He just finished speaking when a loud laugh was heard. Santa stood between the two doors while laughing. “It is time to choose. Which of the two rooms would the children like to visit first? Santa Claus will listen to the children. Now everyone, raise your hands to vote!”