Wuxiaworld > The Earth is Online > Chapter 190
“Sister Shanshan!”

Fu Wensheng shouted nervously. Chen Shanshan turned and sent him a reassuring look. Then she walked towards the sixth grid.

The short-haired girl walked step by step into the grid. Her expression was calm and this wasn’t in line with her age. She looked at the other person calmly. Mu Huixue waved at her, revealing a bright smile.

No one understood why Mu Huixue chose Chen Shanshan as an opponent. She had 5 points while Chen Shanshan had 2 points. Everyone knew that the little girl was weak but she only had 2 points. The probability of losing might be only one in 10,000 but once Mu Huixue lost, her lucky die would become a 2. If Mu Huixue chose a player with the same number of points, neither of them would suffer, regardless of who won or lost.

“Is she so confident in her strength?”

This was what the group thought.

Chen Shanshan looked calm but countless thoughts were flashing through her brain.

Mu Huixue choosing her was a certain win. The other players weren’t clear about this but Chen Shanshan was. However, it was impossible for Mu Huixue to lose to any player in this group. The gap in strength was too big. Since her choices were the same, why did Mu Huixue choose Chen Shanshan?

Chen Shanshan couldn’t figure it out despite her super intelligent thinking.

There was no logic to this matter.

She could only adapt to it.

Chen Shanshan was thinking about Mu Huixue’s intentions when a laughing female voice was heard. “Your physical strength doesn’t seem to grow much?”

Chen Shanshan was startled and looked up at the other player.

Mu Huixue suppressed her voice so that only the two of them could hear it. “All players’ physical strengths improved to a certain degree after eating the chocolate cone. I roughly divided each person’s physical fitness in the order of magnitude. If the physical fitness starts at one, some people increased it by one or two levels. Only you have no improvement in physical strength.

Chen Shanshan received a big shock. She hadn’t done anything in Santa’s instance and during the previous challenge, she directly surrendered. How did Mu Huixue see it?

“Breathing, walking… every minute, your muscle strength and five senses aren’t resting.” Mu Huixue paused and her smile widened. “Looking at a person’s physical fitness doesn’t require looking at them fight. I can see it just by the way they walk. Hey kid, how old are you this year? It looks like you’re a bit older than that little boy.”

Chen Shanshan was silent.

She couldn’t be blamed for not thinking this when she didn’t know very much about physical strength.”

“I’m 15.”

Mu Huixue muttered, “Very young.”

Chen Shanshan asked, “Do you want to start a duel?” She took her die out of her pocket and headed for the Christmas sock. The little girl put her die in the sock and deliberately went to a corner of the grid that was far from the pair of socks.

Mu Huixue needed to put her die in the sock before the duel could start. Mu Huixue was strong enough to put the die in the sock and then kill Chen Shanshan in the blink of an eye, not giving her a chance to surrender. Chen Shanshan was as fully prepared as possible.

Mu Huixue went to the sock. A light flashed in her eyes as she threw the die in.

“I admit…”

“I admit defeat.”

A female voice interrupted Chen Shanshan. The little girl stared at the other person with astonishment.

The tall woman in black tights put her hand into a sock and pulled out the die that Chen Shanshan had just put in. She lazily went to the middle of the sixth grid, ready to continue her game. Mu Huixue looked up and found that Chen Shanshan hadn’t left the grid. She raised her eyebrows, “Aren’t you going? I have to keep playing.”

Chen Shanshan stared for a few seconds before walking back to the starting point.

Fu Wensheng whispered, “Sister Shanshan, what does she want to do…”

Chen Shanshan placed her index finger in front of her lips and made a silence gesture. She watched as the woman in black skipped through six grids and returned to the beginning. On the way, she encountered two punishments. Her luck became 2 and the bad luck poured over her. Still, she was unmoved as she jumped lightly. She didn’t let down her guard and continued to do her best.

Chen Shanshan saw Mu Huixue jumping to the seventh grid and whispered to Fu Wensheng “She wants to see if I can hold this die. Perhaps she is very curious about why my physical fitness can’t be improved and how I can live to the present. She wants to know if my ability can help me go through the grids.”

On the other side, Tang Mo saw Mu Huixue give her die to Chen Shanshan and understood her intentions.

Before the game started, Mu Huixue said she came to find Fu Wenduo because she hoped Fu Wenduo could kill her.

This sentence wasn’t a lie. She was serious. She really wanted to die.

Giving up the die to Chen Shanshan might bring her more danger but Mu Huixue wasn’t afraid.

Under Bai Ruoyao’s actions that courted death was a heart extremely afraid to die. Under Mu Huixue’s careful appearance was a determination to die.

People not afraid of death were actually the most terrifying.

Tang Mo retracted his gaze and went to the grid. His die was a 1. If he rushed to start the game then he would surely encounter a more terrible punishment than Mu Huixue who had a 2. Tang Mo wasn’t going to take any chances. He threw the die and it directly landed in the sixth grid.

Santa let out a sound of surprise and glanced at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo asked casually, “Can I go directly to the sixth grid?”

Santa had an expression of chagrin. “Can you do this? Well… I didn’t say that you can’t do this. Child, you are so clever to catch the loophole in Santa’s game. It seems that I’ll have to add this to the rules next time.”

There was no doubt that Tang Mo would choose the young woman.

The latter looked ugly as she stared at Tang Mo with red eyes, wishing to tear him apart. However, this woman’s strength was average among the 19 players. She was placed in this group and was far from being the opponent of the other three. She struggled to face Tang Mo and quickly gave up just as the small parasol was about to reach her neck.

Tang Mo took his die and returned to the starting position.

On the other side, Chen Shanshan held her die and went to the starting point. Fu Wensheng glanced nervously at her as the young girl walked forward with a straight posture. She looked at the die, threw it into the first grid and then easily walked in and out.

Then the second grid came.

Chen Shanshan’s physical fitness couldn’t be improved compared with other players. She was definitely stronger than before the earth went online but this was a level that normal human training could achieve. With her strength, jumping into the grid and not leaving a second footprint was already the limit. Once in danger, she would find it hard to escape and would certainly fail the game.

Fu Wensheng wanted to persuade her to give up and not risk her life to clear the game.

Unexpected, Chen Shanshan jumped three grids in a row and didn’t encounter any danger.

Fu Wensheng touched his head. “Is the number 5 die actually so useful?”

Mu Huixue stood with folded arms, her dark eyes thoughtfully staring at Chen Shanshan.

Chen Shanshan threw the die into the fourth grid. She struggled to jump four grids and then jump back. Everyone thought she was preparing to go to the fifth grid when she suddenly put away the die and said to Santa, “I give up. Change to someone else.”

The group looked at her with surprise.

Mu Huixue was also astonished as she watched the little girl walk back to Fu Wensheng’s side.

Fu Wensheng asked, “Sister Shanshan, why didn’t you continue?”

Chen Shanshan told him, “The next time I should trigger a punishment.”

“How do you know?”

Chen Shanshan watched as the player after her started to roll the die. She watched for a while before turning her head and explaining, “Xiao Sheng, do you think the punishment mechanism of this game is completely random? There are a total of nine grids. No one has reached the last two grids and the difficulty of the punishment in each grid is the same?”

Fu Wensheng thought about it. “I don’t know about the punishments being random but the difficulties aren’t the same. There was a male player who went through the punishments of the glass candy balls and chocolate beans in a row. The glass sugar ball is the second grid’s punishment and is like plant vs. zombies. It constantly spits out sugar balls to smash people. The chocolate beans are even scarier and the whole grid will be filled with chocolate beans. If you don’t leave the grid in two seconds then you will be covered by the ocean of chocolate beans and never escape.”

Chen Shanshan said, “So the difficulty of the punishment isn’t the same. According to each person’s dice points, the probability of encountering danger is also different. Before me, a total of 16 players have played the game.”

“16?” Fu Wensheng hadn’t expected Chen Shanshan to even pay attention to the games of the other two groups.

Chen Shanshan nodded. “Yes. I counted the number of times they were punished, which rounds they were punished in and what the point on their lucky die was. My lucky point is 5. Normally I should run into two punishments before I get to the fifth grid. Mu Huixue played the game before me and she triggered many punishments.” The little girl looked at Santa sitting in the ninth grid. “It is him who is manipulating the game.”

“He wants to kill all the players present but can’t do it under the watch of the black tower. He even has to control the number and frequency of the punishments to ensure a fair game. Mu Huixue is very strong so even if her die has the number 5, she encounters too many punishments. I am weak and it doesn’t matter if he gives me a little sweetness. He just needs to activate the punishment in the fifth grid and I will be wiped out.”

Fu Wensheng exclaimed, “Santa Claus is in control?”

Chen Shanshan told him, “This is just my guess. Despite holding the same number on their die, the powerful players will encounter more punishments and the weaker players will encounter less. I only observed 16 people and the sample size is too small. I don’t know if this speculation is accurate. However, it proves that one fact is 100% correct…”

Fu Wensheng asked, “What is the fact?”

Chen Shanshan seriously stared at the child. “Xiao Sheng, it isn’t possible for us to clear the game.”

Fu Wensheng, “…”

This wasn’t good at all!

On the other side, Tang Mo wasn’t thinking about Chen Shanshan. It was now Ning Zheng’s turn to play in their group.

Ning Zheng had 1 point. He stood at the starting point and didn’t hesitate to learn from Tang Mo, throwing the die directly into the sixth grid. The handsome and thin young man stood in the sixth grid and his gaze swept over the other three players in the group. The young woman was the least worried because she had 1 point. Ning Zheng had directly thrown his die into the sixth grid because he wanted to open the fighting stage and change his die. No one would choose her.

Tang Mo watched Ning Zheng coldly. Then he saw Ning Zheng gaze at Bai Ruoyao and declare, “I choose him.”

Bai Ruoyao spread open his hands and smiled happily.

They each put their die into the sock and prepared for the duel. At this moment, Tang Mo smiled and attracted their attention.

Tang Mo gazed at Bai Ruoyao. “Are you ready to give him the die?”

Bai Ruoyao stared at Tang Mo and his lips slowly curved. “Tang Tang, why can’t I understand what you are saying?”

Tang Mo explained, “I’m saying that you intend to deliberately throw the game in this round and give your die to Ning Zheng.”

“Tang Tang, you wronged me. Why should I give up my die?’ The baby-faced youth pretended to be heartbroken as he said sadly, “I am so selfless in your heart. I was going to give you the die too. What does this have to do with you?”

Tang Mo replied, “I don’t know your relationship with me. However, the relationship between the two of you clearly isn’t simple.” Tang Mo turned to Ning Zheng and asked him, “…You aren’t coming out yet?”

Ning Zheng’s face darkened.

Tang Mo smiled. “When did you hook up together? Was it when visiting the candy house or… earlier?”

Bai Ruoyao’s eyes narrowed before he laughed.

“Hehe, do you want to guess? If you guess correctly then I will give you the 6 point die.”