Wuxiaworld > The Earth is Online > Chapter 215
In the dark cabin, three gongs were heard before lights suddenly turned on.

They were standing in a long and narrow wooden corridor while faint light shone from old, yellow wood decorations. Tang Mo stood at the end of the group. He reached out to the door behind him and said, “It won’t open.”

Fu Wenduo and the others didn’t object to his words. Bai Ruoyao also smiled and watched. Several players from other districts looked coldly at Tang Mo and pulled the door handle one by one.

The door wouldn’t open.

None of the players thought about using a prop to violently open the door. The black tower obviously wanted to keep them here. Everyone watched the players around them warily and walked along the corridor. Silence filled the entire corridor. Bai Ruoyao felt this wasn’t interesting and suddenly laughed.

Everyone instantly turned to look at him.

The baby-faced youth blinked. “Noah’s dinner on the ark… what is this dinner? The flood was obviously Noah’s bath water and Noah should be very tall.” He swished his hands. “Is he a giant? Then he won’t eat people. My meat can’t be eaten. Tang Tang, do you want your meat to be eaten.”

Several players frowned and a blond, middle-aged man coldly demanded, “Shut up.”

Bai Ruoyao wasn’t the type to shut up because of words.

He hummed a small song, making the strong man very dissatisfied. However, this person didn’t dare act rashly.

The people who could enter here were the top players in the world. They didn’t know who Bai Ruoyao was but this person was absolutely strong. Everyone knew this.

Tang Mo’s gaze swept through the 16 people. Apart from Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue and the others who he knew, there were two young men with oriental faces, a strong black woman and nine white people. Apart from Andrei, the nine white people were divided into five men and three women.

Tang Mo’s gaze moved slowly and stopped on one of the white men. The other person’s gaze swept towards him and Tang Mo immediately looked away. He looked at Fu Wenduo and Fu Wenduo shook his head.

Fu Wenduo: I have never seen this person before the earth went online.

Tang Mo was silent for a moment.

This person was an old man.

After the earth went online, two groups were almost completely eliminated by the black tower. One group were children and the other were the elderly. Fu Wensheng and Chen Shanshan were no longer children. Fu Wenduo was 12 years ago and could protect himself. Children under the age of seven or eight were the hardest hit. Perhaps they all died in the first black tower game.

This was followed by the elderly.

Old people were physically inferior and their mental strength, speed and brain power were far less than young people. Moreover, elderly people were experienced but they were out of touch with modern culture In terms of playing games, they generally weren’t as good as young people.

Tang Mo had played many black tower games and only saw an old person at the beginning in the monopoly game. In addition, he had never seen anyone who was over 60 years old.

However, this white male with white hair and wrinkles was at least 70 years old.

“He might be very strong, stronger than others.” Tang Mo lowered his voice and spoke to Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo gently hummed in agreement.

This person’s innate qualities were worse than others but he could live to the present and become a top player. This old man was bound to be extremely strong.

The group silently walked, each having their own thoughts. Everyone was quietly observing other players, wanting to know more information. After five minutes, the black woman standing in the front stopped and spoke in English, “There is a door.”

The group didn’t say anything.

The black woman told them, “I will open the door.”

No one disagreed. She grasped the door handle and gently opened the door.

The moment the door opened, the black woman jumped back and raised her weapon in defense. The door slammed open but there were no enemies. Instead, there was a strange smell.

Mu Huixue sniffed and raised an eyebrow. “Bread?”

Bai Ruoyao sucked the most amount of air into his nose. Then he glanced into the door and saw the things inside. Bai Ruoyao turned his head and spoke loudly, “Wow, there is the smell of egg tarts, cheese and cream. Hey, what is this scent… my favourite red wine? The Château Haut-Brion wine?”

Everyone spoke in English and didn’t reveal their native language.

They carefully entered the room and Tang Mo looked around with narrowed eyes.

This was a two-storey castle.

Based on the outside of Noah’s ark, it was impossible to hide such an old castle in this big ship/ There were gothic coloured shards of glass and slender candles in black iron candlesticks. Dozens of candles illuminated the lobby and the middle of the lobby contained a long time with gold-rimmed white porcelain cutlery as well as a variety of delicious food.

The castle shouldn’t appear inside the ship at all but everyone knew the length they just walked for five minutes far exceeded the length of Noah’s ark.

“There a 12 chairs.” A blond foreign man said. “There are 17 individuals.”

The black woman looked for a moment before stopping on the middle of the table. “There are 17 small dolls.”

Everyone followed her gaze.

The expressions of many people changed once they saw these 17 wooden dolls, apparently remembering a famous story. At this time, thunder was suddenly heard outside the castle. There wasn’t the light of lightning, only the sound of thunder. Andrei went to the window and looked out. “It is dark outside. There is nothing.”

He just finished when the thunder was heard again.

At this time, the black tower told a story in its childlike voice.

“When Noah lived to the age of 600, the black tower looked at Earth and found that humans were full of sin, all their thoughts endless evil. Greedy humans like to eat the pure black tower monsters, peeling them and swallowing them. Deceitful humans always trick innocent people and make them go bankrupt.”

“Thus, the black tower said to Noah, “Build a ship and take away those who are truly good. That is real hope.” Noah bowed respectfully to the black tower and prayed—”

“Omnipotent black tower, please allow me to take a shower, finish and meal and then select the kindest humans to lead them out of this sinful world.”

The black tower told this story very seriously but all the players listening to it had different expressions.

Bai Ruoyao whispered, “Even I don’t dare to speak such nonsense.”

The black tower continued, “Players, please help Noah by preparing a rich dinner for Noah. A friendly reminded, a sinful black tower monster has disguised as a human and entered the interior of the ark. Grab the monster and turn its flesh and blood in to delicious barbeque. This is what Noah likes most.”

Once they heard about the ‘black tower monster disguised as a human’, everyone looked skeptically at the players standing near them.

The story was over and the black tower announced in an unemotional voice.

“Ding dong! Successfully triggered the main mission: Noah’s dinner on the ark.”

“The rules of the game—”

“First, there are 16 players who have successfully entered the game and one black tower monster disguised as a human.”

“Second, there are 12 rooms on Noah’s ark.”

“Third, in Noah’s arc, every two hours is one day and one night. All players must leave their room during the door and all players must enter their room at night. The door of the room will be locked.”

“Fourth, every day in the evening, three players who received the black tower’s approval can leave the room. The identity of the three players is hidden. Even players in the same room won’t know the identity of the three players.”

“Fifth, the task of the black tower monster is to stop Noah from saving humanity. The human players’ mission is to grab the monster, grill it and give it to Noah.”

“Sixth, after the seventh day and night, Noah will appear. If he can’t eat the grilled monster then he will eat all humans.”

“Seven, in the last minute of each day, players have the right to vote. Each room as one vote to select the target they think is a monster. The target voted by most players will be restricted and all abilities and props won’t be available.”

“Eighth, in this game, players’ abilities are restricted to varying degrees. The specific restrictions are determined by the black tower. All props are unavailable.”

“Noah thinks that barbequed monster is delicious and that humans are delicious. In any case, he can eat all of them so he will eat.”


Thunder appeared once again, shaking the whole castle.

Tang Mo’s vision turned towards the dark window. His fingers tightened as he uttered, “Snowstorm villa.”

Meanwhile, Beijing, China.

After Tang Mo’s group entered the game, the Tian Xuan organization controlled the area around the Forbidden City’s black tower. Chen Shanshan, Li Miaomiao and the others temporarily stayed in a small building nearby. The first one to appear was Ning Zheng, who was badly injured. Chen Shanshan was stunned when she saw the other person and her gaze stayed on the other’s long hair for a few seconds.

Fu Wensheng directly looked at Ning Zheng’s chest and the child didn’t hold back. “What a surprise!”

Ning Zheng’s left leg was bitten by something and bleeding badly, while his right hand was broken. He struggled to get up and leave, the situation obviously being very bad for him. Chen Shanshan didn’t stop him. After all, Ning Zheng was one of the most powerful returnees in China. No one knew if Ning Zheng had any trump cards and they didn’t have a grudge with him.

Fu Wensheng probably thought that Ning Zheng’s situation was too bad and embarrassing. He hesitated before pulling out a bottle of mineral water and handing it to Ning Zheng.

Ning Zheng looked at him and took the water.

After a while, Ning Zheng left the black tower.

One hour passed and Ruan Wangshu appeared under the black tower. He was luckier and could move on his own. Leaving the game with the king’s gold coin exhausted all his strength but Li Miaomiao was fortunately there. Li Miaomiao rushed up and pressed her hands to Ruan Wangshu’s wounds, transferring them to her.

Fu Wensheng muttered, “What game is so difficult? Ning Zheng… is it Ning Zheng? Ruan Wangshu has also become like this. Is it a powerful black tower monster on the level of the circus leader?

The guess was good but the amount was wrong.

It was six monsters on the level of the circus leader.

Shanghai, China.

Luo Fengcheng sat in a black car and looked at the black tower in the distance. When Tang Mo heard the black tower announce the rules of they game, he didn’t know that on Earth, the black tower also issued a notice.

“Ding dong! Europe District 9 official player David Conrad has failed to clear the instance.”

“On June 18th, 2018, 16 players from six regions have successfully entered the sixth floor’s main mission.”

“There is one person from East Asia, one person from Southeast Asia, one person from Russia, two people from Europe, four people from the United States and seven people from China.”

Jack was puzzled. “So many people entered the main mission together. Doctor, this is the first time I’m seeing this type of game. What game is it? A big fight? A melee? The main mission hasn’t started yet and so many people have been eliminated.” The black tower’s sixth floor was terrible…

Luo Fengcheng’s lips slightly curved. “16 people… in fact, there is a game quite suitable for this.”

Jack asked curiously, “What game?”

Luo Fengcheng laughed. “Snowstorm villa.” (TL: a common model found in mystery novels and TV shows. Refers to when a number of people gather in a relatively closed space. They can’t get in touch with the outside world or leave the environment. Then several people are killed and the murderer is among them)