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In the quiet and spacious castle, Lena Jophos and her companion Don Savik breathed their last breath. At this point, there were only Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue, Andrei, Lian Yuzheng, Yamamoto Takao, Li Xia and the two American players Bell Fauske and John Brooks in the sixth floor tower attack game, Noah’s dinner on the ark.

A total of nine people.

No, it was actually 10 people.

Mu Huixue slowly turned her head to look at the old man who had fallen to the ground due to excessive use of his ability. Her eyes narrowed and she was about to open her mouth when a flying insect flew towards the old man and quickly pierced his skull. The old man’s eyes widened as a bloody hole appeared on his forehead.

Yamamoto Takao took back the insect indifferently.

Li Xia glanced at him with astonishment. “You?”

Everyone knew there was a 90% chance this old man wasn’t the monster. He was like the two European players. He just wanted to kill other players to win the grab the sixth mode.

Yamamoto Takao didn’t try to defend his actions. He looked at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo and said, “Now the only thing to do is find the three bodies they have hidden. There might be the real monster among the three bodies.” He added, “You already know where the three bodies are, don’t you?”

He looked at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo quietly asked, “Why should I know?”

Yamamoto Takao pointed to Lena and Don. “You just said that the reason why the three bodies are hidden by a team is that normal players wouldn’t think of this method of hiding their bodies. We have searched the castle many times. Everywhere has been searched apart from our rooms. They weren’t found.”

The American player John followed up, “Yes, it is also impossible to hide the three bodies in their room. It is because they can’t bring in anything that doesn’t belong to the room.”

“In fact, your reasoning was a bit far-fetched. We are all fifth floor players. If they can guess that method then other people might be able to guess it. However, you are pretty sure that they hid it.” Yamamoto Takao stared at Tang Mo. “Where is it?”

Tang Mo looked at him before smiling. “Indeed, I searched for a really long time last night and found the three bodies. Come with me.”

The bodies were always going to be handed over to Noah on the seventh day. Tang Mo had found them and wouldn’t keep it to himself.

The group first moved the bodies of Lena, Don and the old man to the attic, putting them together with Bai Ruoyao’s body. Then they headed down the stairs together.

Tang Mo went to the long table and stopped at the chair belonging to Lena and Don. “It is here.”

Li Xia raised her eyebrows. “Where?” She bent down and checked below the table. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a common scene in a horror movie and there were no corpses under the table. Li Xia searched for a long time and didn’t see anything.

Tang Mo knocked on the chair next to him. “Here.”

Fu Wenduo hadn’t known where the three bodies were hiding because Tang Mo didn’t have time to tell him. His eyes were fixed on the chair and after a moment, his eyes widened and he showed a rare look of disgust.

After a while, Mu Huixue, Lian Yuzheng… all players understood exactly where the three bodies were hidden.

Lian Yuzheng took out a dagger and went to the chair to open the back of the chair. The sharp knife pierced through the wood and wood chips scattered in the air. At the same time, roasted pieces of meat fell from the chair.

From the top of the chair to the bottom, countless pieces of meat were stuffed into the chair.

Once these pieces of meet fell to the ground, Li Xia and the American player Bell showed disgusted expressions and looked away.

Who would’ve thought this under the darkness of the lamps?

As they sat on the long table and talked, the chair under Lena’s butt was filled with pieces of meat. However, they accepted it when they thought that Lena and Don wanted to kill every player in order to grab the sixth floor. They were capable of this type of abnormal behaviour.

Lian Yuzheng bent over and picked out all the meat stuck in the chair.

Andrei looked at the amount of meat on the ground and raised his head. “There isn’t enough. It is only around two-thirds of the people.”

No one knew how he measured the pieces of meat on the ground as two-thirds of the bodies. Fu Wenduo said, “There doesn’t need to be all of the three people here. Noah wants to eat the roasted monster, not the whole monster. As long as he eats a piece, we will pass. As for the meat that they couldn’t hide in the chair, they might’ve disposed of it privately.”

Li Xia, “…”

How could they dispose of it privately? Did they eat it?

The mostly normal female player thought of this possibility and felt terrible.

Andrei and Lian Yuzheng finished collecting the pieces of meat and by this time, there were 10 minutes left in the day. Everyone sat down at the table while Mu Huixue kicked the chair where Lena had been sitting, smashing it into the fireplace.

The smell of the meat still filled the air. This time, Tang Mo took the chair before Fu Wenduo could speak.

Fu Wenduo raised his eyebrows.

Tang Mo told him: It should be over.

Fu Wenduo’s lips curved and he didn’t say anything.

Lian Yuzheng opened her mouth. “It is now obvious that the real cause of death isn’t the song given by the black tower. According to the song, Abdullah should’ve died of blood loss last night. However, he was killed by being stabbed through the heart. Then the three people who died previously had their deaths disguised as the song.” She added, “Those killers should be Lena and Don.”

Yamamoto Takao’s low voice was heard. “There is one thing I don’t agree with.”

The group looked at him.

“According to your words, Lena and Don are the murderers who killed three players. In fact, David and Anatoli, who died on the second night, their strength isn’t simple. The Chinese player on the third night might’ve indeed been killed by Lena and Don but what about David and Anatoli? I don’t think one of them has the strength to kill both players.”

Tang Mo questioned, “Who said they were killed by one person?”

Yamamoto Takao frowned and looked at Tang Mo with a puzzled expression. “What do you mean?”

Tang Mo explained. “Why do you think it is only Lena, Don and George who thought about killing all players to achieve victory? Out of David and Anatoli, maybe one or both of them had the same idea.”

Everyone thought about it and understood the truth of the matter.

The person who killed the black woman Lena on the first night was unknown. It was probably the European Lena or her companion Don. The next day, either Lena or Don must’ve been chosen to go out because they stole the black Lena’s body.

The second night, let’s assume it was Lena who went outside. Then the three people were Lena, David and Anatoli.

It wasn’t that Lena could kill two powerful players on their own. It was that they all fought. The two male players, maybe one of them wanted to kill the other or perhaps all three players who came out that night had the same idea. In the end, Lena was victorious and she was the last survivor.

On the third night, Bai Ruoyao, Lena and Don went outside.

On the fourth night, it was Tang Mo, Abdullah and George.

Mu Huixue said, “Apart from the first night, we know who has gone outside the other nights. I would like to ask again. Is there any player willing to admit they went out on the first night?”

Silence filled the table.

Mu Huixue helplessly spread open her hands.

At this moment, the black tower’s voice was heard.

“Ding dong! It is the fifth day of voting. Asking players to write the name of the player they want to vote for on the white ticket.”

The group started to vote.

The fifth night passed smoothly. No one died or perhaps the three players chosen didn’t go outside.

On the sixth day, the group voted for Tang Mo’s ability to be sealed. Apart from him, Mu Huixue and Lian Yuzheng, the rest of the players voted for him. Before the day ended, Yamamoto Takao was responsible for roasting the bodies of Lena Jophos and the others.

Yamamoto Takao spoke lightly, “Now we have six bodies.”

Night fell and Fu Wenduo gained the chance to go outside. He became invisible but he didn’t choose to go out. Instead, he went to Tang Mo’s bed and sat down. He saw that Tang Mo was still talking to ‘himself’ and that ‘he’ showed no abnormalities.

After three minutes, Tang Mo’s voice stopped and he asked, “Victor, is it you?”

Fu Wenduo’s voice was low. “Hmm?”

Tang Mo smiled. “I was thinking that on the night I went outside, didn’t you discover it wasn’t me who stayed in the room?”

Fu Wenduo raised his eyebrows from where he was sitting on the bed.

On the other side, ‘Fu Wenduo’ suddenly closed his mouth and stopped talking.

Tang Mo said, “The black tower can simulate the player’s habits and even what they will say next. However, it can’t imitate the soul. Fu Wenduo and I didn’t understand Bai Ruoyao and didn’t intend to communicate with him at all. Thus, both of us didn’t discover it when the black tower imitated him. But you are different. I know this isn’t you.”

After being revealed, ‘Fu Wenduo’ turned over and no longer cared about Tang Mo.

Tang Mo helplessly looked at the ceiling. He didn’t know that at this time, Fu Wenduo was sitting next to him.

Tang Mo opened his mouth, “At this time, I might not know if you secretly kiss me.”

Fu Wenduo, who has been leaning over for a kiss, suddenly froze. Two seconds later, he continued to lean over and dropped a gentle kiss on Tang Mo’s lips.

People who truly understood each other couldn’t be imitated.

It was just like how Fu Wenduo discovered something wrong the night Tang Mo went outside. Now the same thing happened.

The night passed and the real Fu Wenduo returned.

The sixth night passed. In the morning, Tang Mo got up and asked directly, “Did you steal a kiss from me last night?”

Fu Wenduo asked, “What?”

Tang Mo looked at him suspiciously.

Major Fu just opened the door and went out first.

The seventh day and night also passed smoothly.

The sun shone through the window and spilled into the castle. At the end of the seventh night, the sky brightened and heavy footsteps were suddenly heard from outside the castle. The nine players instantly woke up, got out of bed and walked to the window.

They looked up.

In the distant horizon, a huge naked right foot slowly rose in the air and slammed into the ground, causing a deep footprint. It was a huge giant, about 100 meters high. He walked towards the castle step by step. Once he was 100 metres away from the castle, he bent down and reached for the castle with his hands.

The group shouted, “Not good!”

At this moment, the black tower’s voice was heard.

“Ding dong! All players, please leave the castle immediately.”

Everyone, “…”


It was late. The black tower told the players to leave when Noah was just about to grab the castle.

Fortunately, none of the nine players were ordinary people. Fu Wenduo broke the glass and pulled Tang Mo out of the castle. On both sides, the other players also jumped out of the rooms.

Everyone landed stably on the ground. They looked up and saw the tall giant blocking the sun. He pulled the castle from the ground, like he was grabbing a small toy. Then he swung the castle upside down and shook it hard.

In an instant, the chairs, tables and beds in the castle all fell to the ground.

The players dispersed while Noah slowly raised his head and stared at the nine ant-sized humans.

The nine humans looked back at him.

Before they saw Noah, none of them imagined that he would have such an honest face.

Noah wore plain linen clothes and looked down on the humans. He was so big that his breaths became a whirlwind, blowing at the players’ clothing. He looked at the things on the ground and then the nine people. “My roast meat, where is it? I want to eat it!”

Everyone had been in a hurry and the meat couldn’t be brought into the room. Li Xia and the others had dark expressions as they tried to find the meat in the ruins.

At this time, Mu Huixue untied a black bag from her waist and threw it. Her lips curved. “Before going out, I went downstairs and grabbed it.

Yamamoto Takao stared at Mu Huixue in an alert manner.

This woman’s strength was terrible. She had time to go downstairs and grab it?

Noah picked up the black bag, the annoyed expression still on his face.

Everyone watched Noah nervously.

Li Xia, Yamamoto Takao and the two American players held their weapons. If the six bodies didn’t contain the monster then they wouldn’t hesitate to attack the other players who were still alive.

Noah picked up a piece of meat and put it into his mouth. He spat it out. “Damn, not the monster!”

Fu Wenduo said, “There is more.”

Noah grunted up another piece of meat.

He ate four pieces in a row and once he got to the fifth piece, his eyes brightened. The giant laughed and poured all the meat in the bag into his mouth.

Li Xia’s group of four saw this and sighed with relief.

On the other hand, Tang Mo’s group of five were very calm.

Three days ago.

When the group found Bai Ruoyao’s body and Fu Wenduo took him to the attic, Tang Mo quietly walked to Mu Huixue and Lian Yuzheng and whispered, “Lena Jokel.”

Mu Huixue and Lian Yuzheng looked at him.

Mu Huixue was a bit surprised before she smiled and nodded.

Lian Yuzheng asked in a puzzled voice, “How can it be her?”

Yes, the black woman who died on the first day, Lena Jokel.

Before Bai Ruoyao died, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had been thinking about who the real monster was and at the same time… how could the monster pass the game?

The black tower’s fifth rule stated that the monster’s task was to stop Noah from saving humanity.

Before the game started, the black tower gave the background for this game. The black tower saw humans as full of sin and decided to punish them with a flood. However, before that, the black tower ordered Noah to make Noah’s ark and choose good humans to enter the ark, saving them.

Then how could the monster stop Noah?

In fact, the black tower had told players a long time ago how the monster should complete the mission.

“Omnipotent black tower, please allow me to take a shower, finish a meal and then select the kindest humans to lead them out of this sinful world.”

Noah gave this answer to the black tower.

After seven days and nights, Noah would take a shower and then eat.

He wanted to eat the roasted monster.

Before Bai Ruoyao died, Tang Mo didn’t think with abnormal brain circuits so he didn’t realize what the monster’s idea was. It wasn’t until he saw Bai Ruoyao’s death and knew that he was killed by two players, not the monster, that Tang Mo suddenly understood the truth of the game.

This was a simple and straightforward game. If he didn’t bathe, Noah wouldn’t eat. If Noah didn’t eat, he wouldn’t choose the good humans to save them.

Tang Mo told Lian Yuzheng, “The black tower said that if we can’t find the monster and give it to Noah, Noah will eat monsters and humans. He will eat monsters and humans. So from the beginning… the monster had only one dead road after entering the castle.”

Tang Mo smiled. “Since it is already dead, why not choose to kill itself from the beginning. This will clear itself as a suspect for being the monster and also confuse the humans, making them kill each other.”