Wuxiaworld > The Earth is Online > Chapter 228
“Dang dang dang dang, the game has started!”

The cheerful music was heard and Wang Xiaotian pulled out a microphone, showing a sweet smile. One hand was holding a microphone while the other hand was holding a selfie stick. No one could imagine that the black tower boss would take a fashionable selfie before starting her live broadcast.

“Let me introduce you. We have a few famous guests in our program today. Everyone should’ve heard their names before. I will give a grand introduction.”

Wang Xiaotian stood in the yellow grid where her name was written and turned her camera towards Fu Wenduo and the others.

When the average players participated in the game, Wang Xiaotian couldn’t raise her spirit and sat at the table eating snacks and drinking tea with Grecia. She completely ignored those players. Now that Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo had come, she happily rose and started to broadcast her show, as if she saw the ratings skyrocketing.

Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, Mu Huixue and Andrei.

Of the six new players, with the exception of the two children, each of these four players were well known in the Underground Kingdom. Wang Xiaotian talked while watching her ratings rise on the live interface. She smiled happily and exclaimed, “Wow, it looks like everyone is welcoming our new guests. It isn’t too late and I’m going to start with a voting game. Please pick up your remote control and vote. If you want me to ask Fu Wenduo a question first, please 1. If you want me to ask Mu Huixue, press 2… if you want me to ask Tang Mo, press 4. The voting has begun!”

Wang Xiaotian didn’t take the players seriously. She waited 10 seconds and was surprised after seeing the result of the game. “Oh, you want me to ask her first.”

Cinderella turned towards Mu Huixue with a smile. “Then the game has begun. Mu Huixue who is ranked first on the time leaderboard, please listen to the question!”

“The first question, wow, this is a fill in the blank question. There are no options to choose from. What is the name of the world’s first player to clear the fifth floor? Please answer within 5 seconds.”

Mu Huixue blurted out, “Lena Jophos.”

She had killed this woman on the sixth floor only a day ago. Mu Huixue clearly remembered the name of the other person. This question was too simple. Wang Xiaotian seemed to use it as an appetizer. She smiled and said, “The answer is correct.” Then she went to ask Tang Mo, who was second in the poll.

Cinderella curiously touched her chin. “Do you like this type of human? Oh, it is because his tender meat looks delicious. Hey, don’t talk about the wilderness survival show here. Don’t let me see it. I hate it!”

After speaking a lot, Wang Xiaotian looked at Tang Mo and smiled sweetly. “It is your turn. Please listen to the question!”

“The first problem, your luck is really bad. How is it a calculation question? If a returnee has 100 minutes of break time and he kills three returnees who have no breaks, one returnee who has 210 minutes break and one person with 1,300 minutes of break… wait, a 100 minutes person can kill a 1,300 minutes person? Wang Xiaotian interrupted before continuing, “He killed a returnee with 1,300 minutes. I’m asking you! How much rest time does he have in the end? Please answer in 10 seconds!”

A second later, Tang Mo replied, 905 minutes.”

“The answer is correct.”

It was more like a live broadcast then a game.

Wang Xiaotian concentrated on interacting with the audience and asking questions to the players. In this game, the player answered the questions in turn. After Tang Mo’s group of six answered their first question, Wang Xiaotian came to a player who had already been in the game. She flipped through her booklet.

When Tang Mo looked at the booklet, he only saw some names on it and didn’t see any questions at all. Now Wang Xiaotian opened the booklet and read a question according to it.

She looked at the player’s name and exclaimed. “You are actually up to the fifth question. Congratulations, you are finally halfway through. You are the first player to reach this point so I will give you a small reward. This question is a multiple choice question. Please listen to the question!”

“Question five, who is the richest person in the Underground Kingdom?”

“A. Iron Shoemaker., B. Circus leader., C. Santa Claus., D. Peter Pan.”

“Please answer in five seconds!”

The player stood in a blood flower, his already frightened face turning paler. Wang Xiaotian suddenly asked him a question and he only managed to listen to the question and options. He didn’t have time to think as Wang Xiaotian urged him impatiently, “Hurry up and answer. There are three seconds left. 3, 2, 1…”

“I choose B! I choose B!” His eyes happened to see the circus leader sitting behind Wang Xiaotian and he subconsciously shouted.

Grecia was drinking black tea and he smiled when he suddenly heard this.

Wang Xiaotian also smiled. “Good, you listened to the question and weren’t scared to death.”

The player sighed and looked at Wang Xiaotian with hope. The beautiful Cinderella smiled sweetly at him and said in a pleasant voice, “Congratulations, the answer is wrong. Go to hell.”

The next moment, this player’s eyes widened and he stared at Wang Xiaotian with disbelief. He couldn’t say anything as the huge exclamation mark suspended above his head slammed down, turning him into meat sauce.

Grecia spoke in a hurt manner, “I have to declare that I really am bankrupt, I’m bankrupt. Don’t wrong me. I don’t have a penny.”

Wang Xiaotian told him, “It is so you don’t have to refund the money.”

Grecia blinked. “I don’t have a penny to refund.”

The two black tower bosses chatted for a bit before Wang Xiaotian went to the next player.

Many of these players were up to the fifth question and a few answered the fourth question. If the first questions asked to Tang Mo’s group were reasonable or could be calculated, the fourth and fifth questions were in categories that humans couldn’t analyze. Answering these questions depended on luck to get it right.”

Tang Mo guessed, “It looks like the more questions we answer, the harder it will become. The beginning is just a warm up.”

Chen Shanshan said, “Then this game is really about the questions to ask Wang Xiaotian.”

At this time, Wang Xiaotian had asked all the players and three more players were smashed. Under the black tower, only Tang Mo’s group of six and a thin young man remained.

Wang Xiaotian told them, “Now it is your turn to ask me a question. Who will ask me? I will say in advance that I can only answer one question. You are welcome to ask.”

The young man was terrified and pale. He didn’t dare to speak at all.

Everyone looked at Chen Shanshan and the little girl stepped forward. “I will ask.”

“Hah? It is a strange little girl. Tell me, what question do you have?”

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had experienced two many black tower games. Even if the black tower didn’t specify the rules, they wouldn’t waste a question on asking about how to clear the game. The black tower obviously wouldn’t allow the boss to answer this question. In the same way, it was impossible to get an answer to ‘What is the black tower?’ or ‘How do we attack the seventh floor?’

Chen Shanshan thought for a while before asking, “I want to ask, what exactly is the big formula proposed by Einstein?”

There was a sudden silence under the black tower.

Tang Mo hadn’t expected Chen Shanshan to raise such a question but he understood.

There were two reasons for asking this question. First, this question was extremely difficult. The physics community was skeptical about the existence of this formula, let alone what it was. If Wang Xiaotian couldn’t answer it then they would directly win the game. Secondly, if Wang Xiaotian could answer it then this matter was a bit scary.

The things that Wang Xiaotian knew then the black tower must know them as well. This would go beyond the scope of humanity.

What did it know about this formula?

Wang Xiaotian stared at the little girl for a long time before smiling. “I can answer it but due to the knowledge sealing principle, this knowledge isn’t something that you can know. It is beyond your civilization. The moment I say the answer, all those who hear the answer will instantly die. Little girl, do you still want to hear it?”

A laughing voice was heard behind Wang Xiaotian. “You actually know this thing?”

Wang Xiaotian stiffened and she turned her head. “Lord Grecia?”

Grecia told her, “I don’t know it.”

Wang Xiaotian blinked. “I will tell you privately.”

Grecia continued to drink tea and stopped talking. He saw that Tang Mo was looking at him and raised his cup to Tang Mo, telling him: Defeat her to challenge me.

Tang Mo looked away.

Chen Shanshan thought for a moment before changing the question. She asked a very deep physics question. Tang Mo hadn’t heard of it before and the little girl must’ve learnt it from Luo Fengcheng. However, Wang Xiaotian answered like a flowing stream, not showing any traces of fear.

Once Wang Xiaotian answered the question, it was their turn.

The questions she asked this time were a lot more difficult.

Andrei had the most difficult question. The brawny Russian thought for a long time before giving the answer in the last two seconds. Wang Xiaotian snorted with regret but she soon looked up and found, “Wow, the ratings have broken through 2. Sure enough, you like to see these bad humans lose and be eaten by me!”

Wang Xiaotian was suddenly injected with chicken blood and asked the questions in a happier manner.

The strange young player reached the fifth question and couldn’t endure any longer. He died under the giant exclamation mark.

It was their turn to ask Wang Xiaotian and Chen Shanshan stepped forward.

“My second question, what is the location of the other four treasure black towers?”

Wang Xiaotian’s eyes widened and she stared at Chen Shanshan with astonishment.

Third, questions about the instance clearance method and other similar questions aren’t allowed.

Chen Shanshan completely asked this question and the black tower didn’t ban her from asking it or give her any warnings. It seemed to admit that she could ask it.

Wang Xiaotian silently watched the little girl in front of her with strange eyes. She muttered, “Children these days are terrible.” She flipped through her booklet before suddenly smiling.

“This question is very simple and I have no problem answering it. However, the black tower will mask my answer. Do you still want to hear it?”

Chen Shanshan was very calm. “It won’t mask it. It allowed me to ask and recognized that I didn’t disobey the rules of the game. It is clear that this question can be asked and you must answer it.” She paused and repeated, “Wang Xiaotian, my second question, what is the location of the other four treasure black towers?”

The smile on Wang Xiaotian’s face froze and she grunted.

“Then don’t regret it. The four towers are located in Guangzhou, China, New Delhi, India, Berlin, Germany and beep—”

The group was delighted when they heard the first three locations. Then a beeping covered the last location that Wang Xiaotian told them. Tang Mo was stunned for a moment and stared at Wang Xiaotian.

The lovely girl smiled slyly. “I told you that the black tower will mask my answer. You didn’t believe me. That place, no one can say it.”