Wuxiaworld > The Earth is Online > Chapter 239
Night fell and the sixth day of the tower attack game was over.

Like a fire that was just ignited, it suddenly went out. The world fell into dead silence at this moment. Tang Mo looked at the huge black tower behind him, lips slightly moving as a word flashed through his mind. Then in Snow White’s forest, six voices were heard at the same time.

“The treasure?”


The six people looked at each other. Chen Shanshan calmly thought for a moment before shaking her head. “No, this is impossible. The black tower told us to attack five black towers and collect the treasures to pass the game. However, we searched after defeating Grecia and he didn’t drop any treasures.”

Yes, five days ago when Tang Mo’s group captured the first black tower, they carried out a search of the black tower in Changping.

The circus leader left very quickly, leaving no extra words or treasures.

At that time, Chen Shanshan analyzed, “There is a good chance this treasure isn’t a physical thing.” The little girl carefully thought about the game rules. “Beat the tower guard and we can attack the tower. Attack the tower and gain the treasure. Yet we didn’t receive anything and Grecia didn’t give anything to us. Then is the treasure something spiritual?”

Tang Mo asked, “For example?”

Chen Shanshan replied, “For example… the circus leader admitting defeat.”

This answer was somewhat incomprehensible but they all believed in the fairness of the black tower.

Tang Mo’s group carefully searched for a long time and couldn’t find any treasures. It could only be explained by one thing. The treasure really didn’t exist. Since the black tower said they successfully attacked the first black tower, there was no problem. There shouldn’t be a situation where they didn’t receive the treasure.

Five days later, the disappearance of the 2,118 black towers stabbed every player in the heart.

Fu Wenduo pondered on it for a long time. “Five days ago, the reason why the treasure couldn’t be confirmed was because the circus leader left straight away and didn’t give any clues. This time, Snow White didn’t disappear.”

The group turned and looked at Snow White who had fallen to the ground.

Her long white dress spread out on the ground. After eating the poisonous apple, Snow White stopped breathing and lay quietly on the ground ‘sleeping.’ She didn’t disappear because she wasn’t capable of leaving. This didn’t mean that players could communicate with her.

Fu Wensheng regretted it, “If I knew the game wouldn’t be completed, I would’ve asked her what treasures we can get by passing the game and capturing her black tower. After being caught by us, she spoke a lot and was much better than the circus leader. Perhaps she would’ve told us…”

Tang Mo’s eyes shifted and he suddenly said, “It doesn’t mean there is no way.”

Fu Wensheng was startled. “Is Fu Wensheng still alive?”

Bai Ruoyao smiled. “Hehe, little child, Snow White definitely isn’t alive but there are other black tower monsters alive.”

“Eh?” Fu Wensheng was surprised before he remembered something and looked towards Snow White.

In the quiet forest, the seven dwarves were venting their anger towards Snow White’s body. They wanted to step on Snow White but every time they moved their feet, they would muttered to themselves, “It is a pity to step on such a beautiful face.” Then they gave up. Suddenly, the seven dwarves felt a chill behind them and slowly turned around.


Seven voices shouted in unison, “Run!”

The people in Tang Mo’s group grabbed the seven dwarves and tied them up again.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo caught the dwarves and wanted to take out Sleeping Beauty’s Music Box to threaten them again. Unfortunately, the prop was a one-time item and disappeared once it was used. The dwarves had seen the loss of the prop and weren’t afraid.

“We are great dwarves. Even if you kill us, we won’t tell you any news about the black towers!”

“Yes, we won’t disgrace ourselves even if we are killed!”

“Long live the dwarves!”

The seven dwarves united as one. They really had the attitude that they would die before talking.

This didn’t mean Tang Mo couldn’t deal with them. These guys were obviously easy to bully. If they were tough then they wouldn’t be stuck as Snow White’s slave for so long. At this time, Fu Wenduo took a small pumpkin from his backpack.

Bai Ruoyao and Andrei had never seen this pumpkin and they stared at it.

Fu Wensheng remembered what it was and exclaimed with surprise, “Oh, this is Cinderella’s small pumpkin.”

[Prop: Cinderella’s Small Pumpkin]

[Owner: Tang Mo]

[Quality: Rubbish]

[Level: 1]

[Attack: None. Smashing it at someone might cause a bit of pain.]

[Function: It is delicious. Dwarves like to eat it.]

[Restrictions: It doesn’t do anything. This is probably the biggest restriction.]

[Note: I worked hard to play the game and gained freedom. I want to open it a bit. At least it is tasty.]

Yes, this was the prop Tang Mo’s group of four got from clearing Eve’s instance. The boss of that game was Cinderella Wang Xiaotian. After the game, the got a strange little pumpkin. At the time, Tang Mo thought it wouldn’t be used at all and was completely a waste. Now Fu Wenduo took it out and its role was clear.

The seven dwarves’ mocking stopped the moment the small pumpkin emerged.

This thing obviously had no smell yet the dwarves seemed to think of it as the most beautiful things. Their eyes shone as they obsessively watched the small pumpkin in Fu Wenduo’s hand, drool falling from their mouths.

The moment it appeared, Shy Ghost was no longer shy. He shouted, “Give it to me. As long as you give it to me, I will tell you what Snow White’s treasure is!”

Sneeze was next. “No, give it to me. As long as you give me some, I will tell you anything.”

“Bastard, all of you die! It is mine!”

“It is obvious that I saw it first. It is mine, you stupid fat donkey!”

The dwarves fell into madness when they saw the pumpkin. They kept cursing their companions and couldn’t wait to kill their companions to eat this small pumpkin. Despite knowing this was food that dwarves liked to eat, the power was still unexpected for the players.

Fu Wenduo moved the pumpkin and asked lightly, “How about the answer?”

The dwarves suddenly froze. “The answer?”

“The person who tells me what Snow White’s treasure is first will receive the pumpkin…”

“It’s Snow White’s resentment! Snow White’s resentment!”

The seven voices suddenly rose as each dwarve shouted, their voices echoing in the forest.

Chen Shanshan stepped forward. “What do you mean? The treasure isn’t something that exists?”

The dwarf hurriedly said, “I didn’t say that. It actually exists. That woman’s poisonous apple, didn’t you previously own it? It was Snow White’s treasure. After you used it, the apple became Snow White’s resentment and the treasure hidden in this tower.”

The group was surprised. “It is like this?”

According to this logic, Chen Shanshan quickly sorted out her thoughts. “In this case, the treasure of the circus leader should be his walking stick? We actually got it and then it was taken by him again.”

Bai Ruoyao raised an eyebrow. “Not necessarily. Maybe for him, his biggest treasure is money… oh, then wouldn’t his big baby be taken away by Tang Tang and Major Fu a long time ago? I know that the Strange Circus was closed a long time ago.”

He deliberately stressed the ‘big baby’ but Tang Mo ignored the baby-faced youth.

Tang Mo returned back to the topic. “In that case, we don’t need to go back to Beijing to find the treasure belonging to the circus leader. Snow White’s treasure has also been obtained by us. Then what are we lacking? Unless…” His voice stopped as Tang Mo thought of one of the worse possibilities.

This possibility was very obvious and Fu Wensheng’s expression also changed. The little boy thought of the possibility and was blank. “It can’t be that players of other districts failed to get the black tower’s treasure. Even if they attacked the tower, we can’t clear the instance. No, it’s impossible. It can’t be like this.

Chen Shanshan’s face didn’t look very good. “If this is the case, the black tower monster are gone and it is impossible to get anything from them…”

At this time, Fu Wenduo covered Chen Shanshan’s mouth.

The little girl raised her head and stared at Fu Wenduo. The tall man frowned slightly as he looked around in a grim manner. Like him, Tang Mo, Bai Ruoyao and Andrei’s expressions suddenly changed as they observed the area. In the forest, only the screams of the dwarves and the breeze blowing through the leaves were heard.

However, the four advanced players didn’t say anything and listened carefully.

Suddenly, Fu Wenduo turned in one direction and rushed there. 200 metres away, the black weapon cut at a tree and the person behind it stepped back in a frightened manner, stablizing her body with one hand.

The rest of the players followed and Tang Mo showed surprise when he saw the person.

The blond foreign woman didn’t look surprised. She seemed to know they were here for a long time. It was just that she was attacked by Fu Wenduo and showed some fright. She got up and stared at Tang Mo. Her eyes widened when she saw Bai Ruoyao and she exclaimed, “It’s you! How can you be alive?”

Bai Ruoyao recognized this woman and spoke in a wronged manner. “This woman is so evil. You are hoping I am dead.”

Li Xia, “…”

A dead person suddenly resurrected. There was a good reason for her to think this!

This psychopath wasn’t easy to get along with and Li Xia didn’t focus on this issue. She didn’t notice that the baby-faced youth had used this to change the topic and didn’t ask her any more questions.

Li Xia watched Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, hesitating for a moment before saying, “I am a player in China District 7, which is also Chongqing. I have been in this city for half a year and know that China District 312 is Chongqing Fengjie. I know this matter. Once I heard the black tower tell you about the instance clearance, I immediately knew you were here. I didn’t expect the black tower to be in Fengjie. She explained why she came here and continued, “I’m here… because I want to share with you the clue that I received.”

Tang Mo was aware of a slight abnormality and spoke in a certain tone. “Your clue is very important.”

Li Xia nodded before shaking her head. “The black tower will never give a useless clue. Before that, I want to know what your black tower clue is.”

The tower attacks were over and there was nothing to hide. Tang Mo told her, “Of the five black towers, one is in Beijing and the other in Guangzhou.”

Li Xia replied, “Sure enough, our clues are completely different.”

Fu Wenduo asked, “What is yours?”

Li Xia was silent for a moment before saying several words. “…The little girl who sells matches.”