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The Emperor“s Pampered Wife


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Hou Wei Yan had recently returned from States and the first thing she ever did was to work hard on the new hospital she was assigned. When she finally got a day off to return to her household, much to her horror, she was sold off by her own father to a wealthy man comparable to that of an emperor. In an instant, she was dragged by his men to sign their marriage contract. She had long accepted tha...
1 The Lady is a Doctor
2 Your Perfect Match
3 Doctor Hou, the Diligen
4 Weakness and Tolerance
5 A Silly Love Sickness
6 An Ancient Favor
7 An Eager Groom
8 A Stubborn Patien
9 What Kind of Romance
10 Coaxed the Rock
11 Came to Take the Bride
12 Great Master Hou's Assaul
13 Wan
14 On Her Wedding Day
15 Pleasing the Youngsters
16 Silence Doesn't Always Imply Tolerance
17 A Light that still Shines
18 Unexplainable Happiness from Mystery
19 The Emperor's Arrangements
20 Bride's Cry
21 Baby Don't Cry
22 Quality of a Wife
23 Crash Chaos
24 His Wife But Ultimately a Doctor
25 She's No Easy Boss
26 Shameless Bribery
27 Laying a Finger on a Dragon's Treasure
28 A Punch for a Slap
29 Wandering Guess
30 As a Husband
31 For Wife, From Husband
32 Blocked Approaches
33 Exhausted Agent Fang
34 Unrevealed Marriage
35 A Careless Mistake
36 Beating With One Finger
37 For the Meantime
38 It Doesn't Matter With Him
39 The Lost Ring
40 Pure Devil Ye
41 Connect, Music, Yours and Mine
42 Making Her Feel Royal
43 Belonging To Doctor Hou
44 Respect and Gratitude
45 Coughing Husband
46 Notorious Pets
47 Return of a Witch
48 Loving Everything
49 Bring in Naughty Cheng
50 Small Fires
51 She's Impaired But Beautiful
52 No One Comparable To Wei Wei
53 Tolerable Nuisance
54 Pursue of Lus
55 No More Games
56 Negligence
57 Shame On You
58 A Plan of Capture
59 Dear Han Household
60 My Precious Wife
61 Meeting The Master Surgeon
62 The Daredevil
63 Master's Lunch Box
64 Proving By Showing
65 Ferocious Lady Tong
66 The Mother In Her
67 Who's The Husband
68 White Wings
69 The Hospital Is Not A Playground
70 Lending A Hand For Someone Deserving
71 Call Me Brother Han
72 Medication Is A Mus
73 Fruit Of A Decision
74 The Dog She Asked For
75 Fang's Confusion
76 Unreasonable Reques
77 Wild Wolf
78 Cupid's Mistake
79 Thou Shall Take Action
80 Great Invite
81 On The Carpet She's A Goddess
82 Envious Gues
83 Surprise Attack
84 Shameless Little Nurse
85 Emerald Princess Xing
86 Down Thorny Memory Lane
87 Friendly Brawl
88 Xiaolian's Secre
89 What Happened in the Past, Remains in the Pas
90 5 Days Torture
91 Medical Team To Remember
92 The Fierce First Princess
93 Little Bad Wolf
94 Danger Is His Life
95 Ridiculous Rumors
96 Zee and Wendy Sitting On A Tree
97 Diminishing Silliness
98 A Brother's Advice
99 I Vow
100 Special Chapter _ Haunted Envisage
《The Emperor“s Pampered Wife》 A BAD BEGINNING MAKES A BAD ENDING
101 Taking in a Slap
102 I am your Best Friend
103 Inhuman
104 Punching A Douche
105 A Rival's Arrival
106 She's Lucky
107 Doctor Zhou Enters Yi Lan
108 For The Protection of Everyone
109 Making A Mess
110 Let There Be Ligh
111 Distraugh