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Updates:Chapter 168: Stumbling Upon an Ingenious Idea

Mo Suqing woke up one morning to find a stranger on the bed beside her and decided to accept the handsome guy’s offer of marriage on the spot. What seemed to be a rash decision to get over with her ex turned out to be the love of her life. However, dark secrets began to come to light one by one as she learned more about the man. Will they be able to get through all the obstacles presented in thei...
《Their Love Stories》 Text
Chapter 1: May All the Assholes and Bitches Go to Hell
Chapter 2: An Impetuous One-night Stand
Chapter 3: I will Take Responsibility for You
Chapter 4: Okay! Let’s Get Married!
Chapter 5: Securing the Household Register
Chapter 6: And the Lies Began
Chapter 7: Talk about Speed-marriage!
Chapter 8: How Can I Get the Upper Hand with You Two Ganging up?
Chapter 9: I Couldn’t Bring Myself to Spoil Your Sleep
Chapter 10: I’ll Sleep in the Guestroom Tonigh
Chapter 11: What does Your Man Look Like?
Chapter 12: An Unfortunate Meeting with Bai Tingnan
Chapter 13: Have You Forgotten Your Manners?
Chapter 14: Bitches are at the Risk of God’s Wrath
Chapter 15: Gu Jiannan the Scumbag Paid a Visi
Chapter 16: He is the Light She Can Never Touch
Chapter 17: Women Go Nuts When They Go Shopping
Chapter 18: You are Entitled to Swipe my Card
Chapter 19: President Ye Drove a Volkswagen to Work
Chapter 20: It Seems that She Got Married
Chapter 21: Abbess Miejue Gave Leng Xiyao a Hard Time
Chapter 22: Enter Guan Zixuan
Chapter 23: Menstrual Cramps Hurt Like Hell
Chapter 24: The Tender Side of Ye Zhongjue
Chapter 25: Do Not Reject Me Again
Chapter 26: A Good Man Who Cooks
Chapter 27: What a Dictatorial Boss
Chapter 28: Mo Suqing Got out of a Predicamen
Chapter 29: Guan Zixuan Got out of a Crisis
Chapter 30: Gu Jiannan Appeared in Mighty Empire
Chapter 31: Underwear, Nightdress and Sanitary Pads
Chapter 32: Dinner Turned Matchmaking Occasion
Chapter 33: A Collision of Two Souls
Chapter 34: I Won’t Mind Even If You’ve Been Married Before
Chapter 35: Out of Luck
Chapter 36: I am Fine with Being Poisoned by You
Chapter 37: The True Identity of Leng Xiyao
Chapter 38: Man, Isn’t He Handsome
Chapter 39: She Will Probably Do Better Being Hurt by Another Man
Chapter 40: A Proud One
Chapter 41: Superstar in Love with Gossip Journalis
Chapter 42: Come Bite Me if You Can
Chapter 43: Got Kicked by a Donkey on the Head
Chapter 44: Guan Zixuan Almost Got Blacklisted
Chapter 45: Ye Zhongjue was Jealous
Chapter 46: Which was Truer
Chapter 47: Silence Means Tacit Agreemen
Chapter 48: A Fool Who Has Too Much Money
Chapter 49: I am Mo Suqing’s Husband
Chapter 50: The Validation of Our Marriage
Chapter 51: Invincibly Thick-skinned
Chapter 52: I’ll Never Ask Anyone a Favor in Exchange for My Body
Chapter 53: The Truth Came to Ligh
Chapter 54: Cursing All the Lovers in the World
Chapter 55: A Wickedly Beautiful Man
Chapter 56: You can’t just Drag Me into This
Chapter 57: A Close Call
Chapter 58: The Force is with Me
Chapter 59: PDA Early in the Morning
Chapter 60: I Love Her like I Love My Own Life
Chapter 61: A Really Gorgeous Person with a Pig
Chapter 62: Acute Gastroenteritis
Chapter 63: WeChat Catches up with President Ye
Chapter 64: The Heartless Cruelty and the Heartfelt Tenderness
Chapter 65: The Sin Eliminators and The Dark Nigh
Chapter 66: The Lipstick Smudge on His Shir
Chapter 67: Suqing and Xiyao vs. Ruffians
Chapter 68: Hero Comes to the Rescue
Chapter 69: Is This Revenge?
Chapter 70: Disastrous Possessiveness
Chapter 71: That’s My Wife
Chapter 72: Casting His Friend Aside for a Woman
Chapter 73: You Don’t Flirt with Your Friend’s Wife
Chapter 74 Some Slut is just Pretentious
Chapter 75: Some Slut with Horribly Heavy Makeup
Chapter 76: What They Called a Hacker
Chapter 77: An Endless Curse
Chapter 78: Ye Zhongjue’s First Love
Chapter 79: Ye Zhongjue’s Little Sister
Chapter 80: The Latest Armani Sui
Chapter 81: An Huilin’s Secre
Chapter 82: Here Comes the Boss
Chapter 83: The Unforeseen Truth
Chapter 84: Games for the Wealthy
Chapter 85: First Getting Married, Then Falling in Love
Chapter 86: Saucy Headlines
Chapter 87: I Always Guess Correctly about Everything
Chapter 88: You are Made of Cemen
Chapter 89: Don’t Make Me Hate You
Chapter 90: What about Miss Mo
Chapter 91: Handsome to the Point of Being Sinful
Chapter 92: Stabbing Someone Tactfully without Showing Any Blood
Chapter 93: A Cuckold Who Can Tolerate Being Humiliated
Chapter 94: You Haven’t Had Enough of I
Chapter 95: You Have Eaten Her Conscience
Chapter 96: A Devastating Slap
Chapter 97: My Cell Phone is Innocen
Chapter 98: Leng Xiyao Had a Car Acciden
Chapter 99: Life-saving “Panda” Blood
Chapter 100: A Resonating Press Conference
Chapter 101: And You Love to Be Pretty
Chapter 102: It Means I Like Men, Not Women
Chapter 103: Choose Between the Woman and Your Father
Chapter 104: I am a Dynamite
Chapter 105: The Scheming Mind of Ye Zhongjue
Chapter 106: Song Pingting Ate Her Own Bitter Frui
Chapter 107: A Shameless Mo Sulian
Chapter 108: Do you have dignity?
Chapter 109: You Should Both Go to See an Eye Doctor
Chapter 110: She Had Been His Only One
Chapter 111: A Childish Man
Chapter 112: Protect Her and Make Sure She Never Gets Hur
Chapter 113: Who Are You?
Chapter 114: There Are No Men One Could Not Steal
Chapter 115: Who doesn’t Have Someone They Grow up with?
Chapter 116: How His Confidence Has Come from
Chapter 117: The Pathetic Gu Jiannan
Chapter 118: Playing the Role of a Hard Case
Chapter 119: A Divorce Settlement Agreemen
Chapter 120: No Good Will Come out of Comparisons
Chapter 121: Even If the World is Against Us
Chapter 122: Love at First Sigh
Chapter 123: Skip the Flirtation and Get down to Business
Chapter 124: I Might Want to Do Things to You
Chapter 125: The Order of Feeling Love and Being Moved
Chapter 126: They will Probably Commit Mass Suicide
Chapter 127: I’ll Be Getting Engaged with An Huilin
Chapter 128: Once Removed, Countless Times Remote
Chapter 129: A Bitch is Still a Bitch and Can’t Prevail
Chapter 130: Going to the Extreme of Shamelessness
Chapter 131: What a Brazenly Dirty Man
Chapter 132: Bad Influence
Chapter 133: Love Between the Same Sex is True Love
Chapter 134: Red Rose and White Rose
Chapter 135: Anne Has Always Been Right There
Chapter 136: Drinking to Death
Chapter 137: The Mysterious Jade Pendan
Chapter 138: It’s Like Stitching Clothes
Chapter 139: How She Feels about You
Chapter 140: Luring the Tiger out of His Den and Getting to the Cubs
Chapter 141: If Only There was a Way to Amend His Mistakes
Chapter 142: How Many Guns Will be Pointing at You
Chapter 143: Red Kill Mercenaries are All over the World
Chapter 144: Survival Guide to the Underworld
Chapter 145: A Husband Who is Like an Onion
Chapter 146: Love was Water That had been Spilled
Chapter 147: The Car Accident Three Years Ago
Chapter 148: Lies are a Taboo in Relationships
Chapter 149: An Incurable Disease
Chapter 150: Boyfriend from Nowhere
Chapter 151: They say that Obedient Dogs do not Stand in the Way
Chapter 152: No Different from Being a Mistress
Chapter 153: A Secret that Could Never be Known
Chapter 154: Don’t Mind Being Cannon Fodder At All
Chapter 155: If Your Mum and I Fell Into the Water at the Same Time
Chapter 156: My Manners are Very Valuable
Chapter 157: Rise from the Grave as a Living Corpse
Chapter 158: Forever Alone and Totally Useless
Chapter 159: Anne’s Fiance
Chapter 160: Outdoing Myself
Chapter 161: A Hopeless Expression
Chapter 162: Come On, Let’s Drink Ourselves to Death
Chapter 163: Petite, Feeble Girl
Chapter 164: Demented Fans Who are Out of Their Minds
Chapter 165: Shall I Sleep With You on a Spring Day
Chapter 166: Charming and Handsome Driver
Chapter 167: No Turning Back
Chapter 168: Stumbling Upon an Ingenious Idea