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351 Ch 349 : Lucia“s fall

"Now it's my turn to move."

'My pussy... ♡ It spreads... ♡ It started taking his shape... ♡'

Lucia's attitude was really calm as she tries to keep her cool with shallow breathing.

However, when Ray begins to move slowly, and his penis slowly penetrates her vagina, Lucia's back slumps, and she screams in delight.

"Ah~ ♡ Ahhhh~ ♡♡ No~ ♡ Ahh~ ♡"

Everyone who saw Lucia right now surely would not relate this Lucia to the strong and dependable Lucia they knew.

This side of Lucoa was only known to the one that had tamed her, and in this case, it was Ray.

Ray shook his head repeatedly as he looks up at Lucia's face, which is quickly becoming the face of a woman.

At the end of the day, Lucia was still a woman, and under the hand of an alpha male like him, Lucia could only submit.

But as they began to fuck around like a rabbit, Ray suddenly had a bad intention.

Despite the saying that she was only doing this for Agatha, she had slowly lost that initial intention. The sight of Lucia losing herself in pleasure was displayed all over the room, and now she slowly understood why Agatha had fallen for Ray.

This feeling was way too good, and it made her head fuzzy.

But here, Ray suddenly stopped.

Just before she could climax, the pistoning movement stopped and it made Lucia feel lost.

She tried to move on her own, but no matter what she did, it was far from what Ray had done to her, and she could not climax.

Her eyes turned to Ray as if she wanted to beg for Ray to let her cum, but here, she saw Ray was smiling evilly, and a bad premonition suddenly appeared in her heart.

She tried to run away, but it was too late. The moment she wanted to separate herself from Ray, Ray had pushed her to the bathroom stall door and continued his pistoning motion.

" You.. what are you planning to do~ ♡"

Lucia tried to be stern, but under the pleasure that Ray gave to her, her body quickly submitted as it enjoyed Ray's pistoning motion.

" You see... I have hard a piece of pretty intriguing news this morning."

Ray whispered to her ears, but his body had never stopped moving.

Every time Ray's penis hit Lucia's womb, the pleasure was amplified, and it she was very close to cumming.

But as she was only one step away from cumming, Ray whispered something that made her face turn pale.

" *Whisper*."

" You...."

Lucia's face turned very pale as she heard this. It felt like she was standing on a skinny rope. On one side, she was shocked by Ray's words, but on the other end, she really wanted to come from Ray's penis.

In the end, she could do what Ray wanted.

" You.. what do you want~"

Her voice was hoarse. It was a mix of pleasure and grudge. But Ray didn't care.

He smiled as he saw Lucia was once again going to make amend with him.

He pulled Lucia closer to him as he implanted a deep kiss which Lucia no longer refused, and then he took out something that looked like a pill from his pocket.

" This is a very strong aphrodisiac. Once you take it, I bet you will go to heaven. Of course, I don't want to force you, but...."

Ray said it like this, but Lucia was not stupid. 

She no longer wasted any time, as she took the aphrodisiac pill from Ray's hand.

She thought no matter what, she would be able to prevail in this tribulation.

But as soon as she took the pill to her mouth, she quickly realized how wrong she was.

This pill was purchased by Ray from the system, and the effect could be said as multiple times stronger than one that was sold in the market but with almost no side effect.

The moment she swallowed the piil, the pill began to take effect, and her body was feeling hot all over.

"Fuahhh~ ♡ It's coming~ ♡ My pussy~ ♡ It's coming~ ♡ Nn~ Cummmmming~ ♡♡♡"

There was no power left in her debauched head to think. Lucia climaxed as she threw back her head, screaming in delight as Ray's penis kissed her womb.

Ray's thick, strong penis was the best thing that had ever happened to her vagina. The vaginal wall, which was completely taken over Ray's shape and slowly would no longer be able to satisfy itself without Ray's penis.

But this was just the beginning.

Even after Lucia came, Ray didn't stop.

It was finally the time to tame the mad tigress.

"This is so great... ♡ it felt different from before... ♡ It's so great... ♡ My mind turning into a mush..♡"

The penis is inserted deep into the vagina, and the genitals are tightly pressed together.

Ray could see that the womb mouth was sucking on the glans, and the whole vagina was wriggling healthily to remember the size of the penis.

"Hehe... your pussy has slowly become mine?"

" Ah yes, It's great~ ♡ It's so great~ ♡ This is amazing~ ♡ The rubbing~ ♡ It feels so good~ ♡♡ I am yours~ ♡."

As of now, it could be said that the thinking procedure of Lucia has been regressed to one of a child. All she cared about was pleasure, and Ray was the one that could provide such a pleasure to her.

"I'm going to come inside you soon."

"Ah~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡ It's cumming~ ♡ Please cum inside of me~ ♡ ♡ I'm going to be impregnated by him♡ Because it feels so good~ ♡ I'm going to be impregnated~ ♡"

The more Ray saw this scene, the more the evil smile on his face spread.

For once, he knew why those guys in the hentai like Ntr-ing people so much.

He trusted deep inside Lucia's pussy, and as his penis once again met her womb, he finally ejaculated deep inside Lucia's pussy.

" Lucia I'm cumming, I will paint your pussy in my color!"

" Yes please~ ♡ Cum inside me~ ♡ Make me yours~ ♡"