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Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince

Author:San Yue Jing Zhe 叁月惊蛰

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Bai Aoxue, the best mercenary in the 21st century, is accidentally sent back to the Chengxi Dynasty in Great Continent due to an explosion in her mission, and trapped in the first daughter of Prime Minister. After her rebirth, she is set up by her father to marry the 5th prince Jun Yeyan who wears a mask all day long.
In the face of bloodthirsty enemies, discord between brothers, collusion am...
《Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince》 Text
Chapter 1: A Cowardly Girl or A Devilish Girl in the Bai Family?
Chapter 2: The Devilish Girl Had A Cow and Punished the Arrogant Maidservants
Chapter 3: Imminent Trouble
Chapter 4: Bai Qiwei
Chapter 5: The Emperor Granted A Marriage
Chapter 6: The Thoughts of Two Foxes
Chapter 7: Not Knowing Each Other at the First Encounter
Chapter 8: The Theory of Lion and Dog
Chapter 9: Preparations Before the Meeting
Chapter 10: A Night Visit at the Fifth Prince Mansion with the First Confrontation
Chapter 11: A Schemer’s Plan
Chapter 12: Spreading Anger i
Chapter 13: Spreading Anger ii
Chapter 14: Turbulent Undercurrents
Chapter 15: Build up Prestige
Chapter 16: Bai Aoxue Punished Su Qianqian
Chapter 17: Since You Like It, Drink All of I
Chapter 18: Bai Qiwei Showed Up to Save Them
Chapter 19: Never Stop Until Making a Mess i
Chapter 20: Never Stop Until Making a Mess ii
Chapter 21: Conspiracy and Suspicion
Chapter 22: Completely Abandon
Chapter 23: Dowries and Interests
Chapter 24: Plans and Tracking
Chapter 25: Various Motivations
Chapter 26: Raid of Assassination
Chapter 27: Summoned to the Imperial Palace
Chapter 28: Feigned Civility
Chapter 29: Ruthless Emperor, Hard to Ascertain.
Chapter 30: Why Do Women Make Things Difficult for Women
Chapter 31: Staying in the Imperial Palace
Chapter 32: The Origin of Moyu Hall
Chapter 33: Who is More Insidious?
Chapter34: Allies Take What They Need Individually
Chapter 35: Sea Accompany with Songs and Sheng
Chapter 36: The First Beauty
Chapter 37: To Destroy Flowers
Chapter 38: Crisis, the Emerge of Conspiracy
Chapter 39: A Grisly Secre
Chapter 40: A Cold and Merciless Viper
Chapter 41: To Kill with Poison Like a Demon
Chapter 42: Prince Peerless Charmed the World
Chapter 43: Prepare the Bride-price
Chapter 44: The Day Has Eyes
Chapter 45: To See My Little Princess
Chapter 46: Giving the Betrothal Gifts
Chapter 47: Fabulous Actor
Chapter 48: I Will Marry Xue
Chapter 49: Tamed, As Obedient as a Sheep
Chapter 50: Born in Darkness
Chapter 51: In Contest, Every One Had Their Own Thoughts
Chapter 52: Return, Honor and Miss
Chapter 53: Let’s Go Home
Chapter 54: I Am Willing to Marry Him!
Chapter 55: In Gathering, Waves surged Forward Dramatically
Chapter 56: Who Would Survive from the Battle
Chapter 57: I Trust You No Matter When
Chapter 58: Affection Linger in His Mind
Chapter 59: Banquet Raised up Waves
Chapter 60: To Use Intrigues and Schemes
Chapter 61: Displaying Charm and Being United Through Marriage
Chapter 62: Being Caught Unawares by Sudden Changes
Chapter 63: Jun Wuhen’s ruse
Chapter 64: Highly Poisonous Body
Chapter 65: I would Relieve Your Poisons
Chapter 66: Being Attacked by Poison, Which was Painful like Bones Were Broken
Chapter 67: The Past Has Faded Like a Puff of Smoke
Chapter 68: How about Die out Together?
Chapter 69: One Appointment for One Person Only
Chapter 70: Bai Qiwei, Who Finally Broke ou
Chapter71: Stamping on Your Main Gate and Your Face
Chapter72: Kill You Would Dirty My Hands
Chapter 73: The Biggest Failure in His Life
Chapter 74: What Goes Around Comes Around
Chapter 75: Fight, Whose Fists Are Tougher
Chapter 76: Making a Clean Break by Whipping Eight Times
Chapter 77: Bai Aoxue is dead
Chapter 78: Brutal Growth
Chapter 79: Well, I Will Let You Go
Chapter 80: Bai Qiwei’s resolution
Chapter 81: Kill the People Who Hurt Her
Chapter 82: The One Who Controlled Dark
Chapter 83: Don’t Hurt Yourself
Chapter 84: Girls Who Love to Smile Always Have Good Fortunes
Chapter 85: Schemes within schemes
Chapter 86: An Unexpected Chess Piece
Chapter 87: Give Him a Taste of His Own Medicine
Chapter 88: Growth After Tears
Chapter 89: I Did Make Difficulties for You Deliberately, So What?
Chapter 90: You Can Be Proud, but You Can’t Be Shameless
Chapter 91: Who Will Be the Winner
Chapter 92: I Come Back to Revenge
Chapter 93: A Good-for-nothing Whose Ability Doesn’t Match Aspirations
Chapter 94: Even A Hundred Times Crueler Can Not Let Her Calm Down
Chapter 95: Would There Be a Chance If It Were Him
Chapter 96: Intending to Get Rid of Him!
Chapter 97 I am Unique
Chapter 98: Dress in Phoenix Coronet and Rank
Chapter 99: The Game Begins
Chapter 100: Bridal Makeup
Chapter 101 Who Will Lose All Reputation
Chapter 102: Gossip Hurts People the Mos
Chapter 103 Cocoon Self, Bear the Consequences
Chapter104: On the Day of Marriage, Divorcing Letter
Chapter 105: The Peach Blossoms Are Blossoming Beautifully and the Girl Is Going To Marry
Chapter 106: Ten Miles of Spring Breeze Is Not as Good as You
Chapter 107: Jacaranda and Love
Chapter 108: Loving the Country but Loving the Beauty More
Chapter 109: I didn’t See Your Wrong
Chapter 110: An Approaching Crisis
Chapter 111: It’s Time to See the Ancestors
Chapter 112: I won’t thank you
Chapter 113: Leave Him and Go With Me
Chapter 114: Both Her and the World Are Mine
Chapter 115: The Consequences of Over-confiden
Chapter 116: Liushuang, the One Who Kills You
Chapter 117: If You Win, I Won’t Kill You
Chapter 118: I Lost and Shoot Your Reques
Chapter 119: Her Pride and Stubbornness
Chapter 120: I Wanted to Be Cared
Chapter 121: Responsibility that a man should take
Chapter 122 When Will You Return After You Are Famous
Chapter 123: You Are an Old Friend of Mine
Chapter 124: Have a Heart-to-heart Talk and Give Her the Opportunity
Chapter 125: He Came in the Sunshine
Chapter 126: Trust and Links
Chapter 127: I Will Leave You
Chapter 128: Two Knives, Blood Flowing Like a Stream
Chapter 129: Never Been a Herbivore
Chapter 130: The Feeling of “Losing Beloved Forever”
Chapter 131: How Can I Keep You
Chapter 132: The Man Who Walked Down the Altar
Chapter 133: They Were All Chess Pieces
Chapter 134 Find It’s not Him When Waking up
Chapter135 Today I Must See Him
Chapter 136 I Will Avenge Him
Chapter137: Who Is More Importan
Chapter 138 What Hides Behind Bitter May Be Swee
Chapter 139: Plan for Eight Years and Act Only for Her
Chapter 140 Conspiracy Starting, She Was the Prey
Chapter 141 Jun Yeyan’s opportunity of intimacy with Bai Aoxue was sabotaged by Mumian
Chapter 142 Jade pendant led to Cangsheng’s despair
Chapter 143 You must know something
Chapter 144 Love you ardently until the end of my life
Chapter 145 Jun Yeyan just had one year lef
Chapter 146 Cangsheng fell in danger when he committed assassination
Chapter 147 Twisted love between Jun Wuhen and Liu Manyun
Chapter 148 Cangsheng with his surname as Helian.
Chapter 149 Joy in reunion and grief at separation in one day
Chapter 150 Jun Wuhen’s thoughts
Chapter 151 Petals of peach tree blossoms floated in the wind and fell everywhere
Chapter 152 Jun Yeyan’s real identity was revealed
Chapter 153 I don’t need a reason to beat you
Chapter 154 Bai Suxue would not learn a lesson
Chapter 155 Bai Qiwei and Bai Aoxue quarreled with and took advantage of each other
Chapter 156 Everyone Was an Excellent Actor!
Chapter 157 Warmth in the cruel eyes
Chapter 158 Bai Aoxue’s Unshirkable Responsibilities
Chapter 159 Nalan Youhong, with a tan face, was a peeping weirdo
Chapter 160 Choice between freedom and Jun Yeyan
Chapter 161 Bai Aoxue Was Moved
Chapter 162 Take Care of Yourself, Master
Chapter 163 Jun Yeyan Went to Nanyue, to the All Corners of the Country
Chapter 164 The Wind Rose, All Parties Took Actions
Chapter 165 Everyone Was Lonely in This World and It’s Hard to Find a Confidan
Chapter 166 Mumian Was So Bold to Offend Nalan Youhong by Rude Remarks
Chapter 167 Not Love, Then Hate
Chapter 168 There Are Dormant Beasts in Your Eyes
Chapter 169 Sorrow of Different People Varied
Chapter 170 Bai Aoxue, An Unmatched Lady
Chapter 171 Coincidence
Chapter 172: Chidian was hur
Chapter 173: Bright light only for her
Chapter 174: My Lady, I Guard
Chapter 175: Fame and Ambition Finally in Vain
Chapter 176: There is No Shortcut to Love
Chapter 177: You Deserve the Bes
Chapter 178: Women Living in Troubled Times
Chapter 179: Beautiful Spring Scenery of Yangzhou in March
Chapter 180: Lighting up a Whole City for Her
Chapter 181 Give Her a Promise of the Prosperous World with Fireworks
Chapter 182 You Are Not Alone in Struggling
Chapter 183 Her Motivation to Live
Chapter 184 Take Whatever You Want!
Chapter 185 The True Boss Behind the Scenes
Chapter 186 Qi Muyuan’s Thoughts
Chapter 187 Lotus in His Palm
Chapter 188 Beauty Faded
Chapter 189 Want to Make Her Life Carefree
Chapter 190 The Fragility Moving Her Hear
Chapter 191 The Appearance of the Male Version of Bai Aoxue
Chapter 192 A River Lamp, a Period of Love
Chapter 193 Girl, Please Be Self-respectful
Chapter 194 Attend a Banquet to End the Hatred
Chapter 195 The Woman I Fancy
Chapter 196 Old Things, Old Grudges, and Old Feuds
Chapter 197 Today I Am Going to Kill Him!
Chapter 198 The Cruelty Hidden in His Eyes
Chapter 199 Don’t Kneel Even If Pelvic Bones Are Broken
Chapter 200 The Circulation and Retribution of Causes and Effects
Chapter 201 The Seal Carrying the Expectation
Chapter 202 The Consequence of Taking the Tiger as a Pe
Chapter 203 The White Horse Stepped Away on the Dus
Chapter 204 The Crown of the Killer King
Chapter 205 A Brave Hero Always Wins the Fiercest Competition
Chapter 206 Her Way of Survival
Chapter 207 A Unique Pe
Chapter 208 Atheism in Love
Chapter 209 Wish You All the Best in Your Life
Chapter 210 Jun Wuhen’s Trick
Chapter 211 Ever-changing Situations
Chapter 212 An Accident in the Acciden
Chapter 213 Dogs Bite Dogs While Cats Bite Cats
Chapter 214 Follow Me and Don’t Lose Yourself