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《illicit relationship》 Auxiliary Volume
-3 Characters
-2 Going premium
-1 Places introduced so far
《illicit relationship》 The owner of the original body's dream
1 New Life
2 Teasing Lin Xing Xue
3 Thank You Uncles, for Your Blessing
4 Home
5 Why Are You Smiling?
6 Maternal Aun
7 The Legendary Relationship Part 1
8 The Legendary Relationship Part 2
9 The Legendary Relationship Part 3
10 The Legendary Relationship Part 4
11 The Legendary Relationship Part 5 last par
12 Aunt, Lend Me Some Money
13 Now I'm Happy
14 Coffee Shop
15 I Just Like Firefly in the Dark Nigh
16 How Dare You
17 First Day of Competition
18 So, Will You Kiss Me or Not?
19 News
20 Illusion
21 The Results
22 It's Exciting
23 Bad Boy!
24 Oh! My Heart is Bleeding Right Now
25 Clothing Business
26 I Love You
27 Couple Café
28 New Feeling
29 Carry Me Little Brother
30 Thank You
31 Good Night, Love You
32 Announcemen
33 I Miss You
34 Come Here and Hug Your Lover
35 Dinner
36 Just You Wait, I'll Slap Your Buttocks Using a Wad of Money
37 Morning Exercise
38 Unexpected Gues
39 Guess Who Am I ?
40 Hey! I’m Here. Don’t Treat Me Like Air
41 My Love for You is Infinite
42 You Can Kiss Me, Hug Me, or Hold My Hands
43 Do You Have a Girlfriend ?
44 Let's Start and Success
45 Good, I’m Satisfied
46 Of Course, I Like It.
47 Good! I Take That as YES
48 When Expectation Is Different From Reality
49 Come Here and Give Me Good Morning Kiss
50 I Agree With Tha
51 Do You Want to Feel Something Sweeter ?
52 Oh! That’s a Good Idea
53 It Feels Good
54 Yes, It Was Grea
55 How Can You Be This Perfect?
56 Under The Table
57 Beautiful Lady, Are You Perhaps Interested in Me?
58 Do You Know That Song?
59 You misheard i
60 sorry, I made mistakes
61 are you trying to seduce me again?
62 Sure. I don't mind it.
63 it's a secre
64 You’re no match for me
65 Anything for you, mother
66 WOW
67 Yes, this big sister likes i
68 no, He is ugly, fat and smell bad
69 what a pity
70 You Are So Dazzling
71 son, happy birthday
72 hurry up and come back home
73 Autumn restauran
74 let's hold hands
75 Why Are You Here?
76 We Should Do This More Often
77 Morning Pleasure
78 Both of You Look Beautiful
79 Bamboo Restauran
80 Tian, There Is Something on Your Trouser
81 Let's Go Shopping
82 You Look so Sexy
83 Lingerie Store
84 I Am so Beautiful And Sexy
85 What Should I Do to This Bad Lady?
86 Tian, Do You Like It?
87 Thank You for Taking Care of Me and Make Me Happy
88 Tian, You Are Pervert!
89 It's Warm
90 Aunt, Drink It!
91 Tian, It's Mother Turn
92 Exercise on the Bed
93 What happened?
94 We Should Work Professionally
95 Please Don't Flirt at the Company
96 You Are Indeed a Bad Person
97 Feature Ideas
98 Are You Tired?
99 Go to Your Bedroom and Wait There
100 This Video Tutorial Is Complete and Utter Lie
101 It Looks Tasty
102 I Love I
103 I Am a Generous Boss, Right?
104 Young Talented People Magazine
105 Our Boss Will Be Famous
106 Don't Do Something Stupid Again
107 How Do You Feel After Becoming a Famous Person?
108 Tian, I'm Sorry
109 Give Us a Discoun
110 Rising Star TV Show
111 Ah. I'm Tired, Little Brother
112 Kyaaaa… so Handsome
113 Because I Want to Become a Rich Person
114 Holy Moly Fucking Shi
115 I'm Just Lucky
116 Strongest My Ass!
117 Everyone, Let's Start the Party
118 Mother, Feed Me Again
119 Are You Fascinated by My Beautiful Lips?
120 Big Sister, I've Kissed Him in Your Place
121 Qingyu, Do You Want It?
122 Aunt Wants a Kiss
123 Let's Go to Our Bedroom
124 I Forge
125 Good Morning, Boss
126 Xue, Switch Place With Me
127 Only the two of us
128 Mother, You're Torturing Me
《illicit relationship》 Helping Lin Xin Xue
129 My Next Goal Is to Make My Family Become an Upper-Class Family
130 Oh, That’s Not a Bad Idea!
131 Her Reason and True Feeling
132 One Sheep, Two Sheeps, Three Sheeps, Four Sheeps, Shit!
133 Sweet Time at Lin Xing Xue's Home
134 Ah…It Feels Good, Little Xue
135 Little Xue, Can You Open Your Mouth?
136 Don't Be Shy
137 Let's Head to Your Bedroom
138 First Time With Lin Xing Xue
139 What a Perfect Morning!
140 Thank You for Giving Me a Wonderful Morning
141 Can You Forgive Me?
142 You're a Liar
143 I Will Always Be There for You
144 Do You Want to Feed This Big Sister so Badly?
145 What an Interesting Lady!
146 This Is a Punishment for Teasing Me
147 Because We're Friends With Benefits
148 Mother, Why Are You Crying?
149 Please Don't Cry Anymore
150 Let This Big Sister Help You Unbutton Your Shir
151 You're Not Allowed to Kiss Me Anymore
152 Stop It, or I Will Punish You Again
153 Little Brother, Let Me Eat You One More Time.
154 Do You Want to Hug Me Again?
155 Beautiful Moment at Rainbow Garden
156 People Call Me a Devilishly Handsome Perver
157 I've Kissed Your Lips. Are You Happy Now?
158 Shanghai River
159 Do You Dare to Bet?
160 Do You Want to Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery While Holding Hands?
161 It seems like you're not that good at seducing a lady
162 Xin Er, I'm Thrilled to Be Able to Spend Time With You
163 Good Night, Tian
164 But I'm Your Lover
165 Do You Want a Normal Kiss or Passionate Kiss?
166 This Big Sister Dares You to Punish Her Now
167 It's Already 10:35 PM, and There Is Still Lots of Work
168 Bookworm Prince Who Turns Into a True Prince
169 It's Boring
170 Feng Yu and Feng Ao
171 I have to teach him a lesson
172 Liu Ning
173 First Step Works Smoothly
174 As Long as I Can Embrace You, I Will Sacrifice Everything
175 Put on Your Clothes!
176 Thank You
177 This Is a Huge Progress for Me
178 Here, You Can Sit on His Lap Now
179 The Second Mission Begins
180 How About We Eat Together?
181 I Want You to Raise My Status From Mistress to Wife. Hehe
182 Red Flower Bar
183 Nine out of Ten
184 Aunt, How About We Do a Passionate Kiss Before I Leave?
185 Mr. Feng, Do You Want to Come to My Room?
186 In My Room, You Can Do Whatever You Want With My Body
187 You Were Amazing Last Nigh
188 You Shouldn't Waste Your Precious Tears on Someone Like Him
189 Let Me Embrace You Before Going to Campus
190 That Sounds Better in My Ears
191 I Hope We Can Meet Again Soon
192 Are You Planning to Squeeze My Breasts Again?
193 Because You Bit My Earlobes, I Have to Punish You
194 Sorry. I Was Thrilled, so I Hugged You Reflexively
195 Mother Doesn't Want to Be Alone at Home
196 With This, You Will No Longer Doubt My Love for You, Right?
197 I Do Love You
198 Now, It's Time to Have Sex
199 Aunt, Let's Do a French Kiss Before Sleeping
200 Aye, Sir
201 Is That a Bad Idea?
202 Aunt, Let Me Tell You the Secret of Us, Men
203 Double Date Plan
204 Lady Liu Ning, Please Don't Make Fun of Me
205 Teaching Liu Ning How to Skate
206 Should I Call You the Third Wheel Young Man From Now On?
207 As I Thought, You Are Indeed a Sweet Talker
208 Lady Liu, Can I Get Your Number?
209 Does My Mistress Want to Lovey-Dovey With Me?
210 You Two Want to Bully Me, Huh?
211 As You Wish My Goddess
212 I Really Miss You, Xin Er
213 Shanghai Aquarium
214 Are You Trying to Seduce a Married Woman?
215 Liu Ning, I'm Lucifer, Give Your Soul to Me!
216 I'm Indeed Bullying You Right Now
217 Thank You for Today
218 You Two Are Indeed a Devil in Disguise
219 I'm Not Interested in Your Plan
220 Who Is Slandering My Company?
221 Why Did All of This Happen to Me?
222 You Are Lying to Me!
223 How About We Cook Dinner Together Later?
224 Your Big Brother’s Girlfriend Is Stunning
225 A Plan to Kill Da Lei
226 The Truth
227 You Can Cry If You Want To
228 Tian, My Heart Is Already Yours
229 I Will Discipline You in Bed
230 As Expected, My Wife Is a Good Wife
231 So, You Are Trying to Seduce Me, Huh?
232 Fuck!
233 Tian, Stop It. I Want to Work
234 Little Brother, I Have Been Waiting for You
235 You Can Also Taste My Saliva From My Other Mouth
236 Little Brother, Do You Want to Play With My Pussy so Badly?
237 Playing Doctor and Patient With Shi Fei
238 You Really Look Beautiful With My Sperm in Your Mouth
239 I Want to Remember the Shape of Your Cock in My Pussy Now
240 I'm Going to Sit on My Throne
241 Little Brother, I Want a Kiss
242 Taking a Picture of Xiao Tian
243 Good Morning, Hubby
244 As Expected of Myself, I'm Indeed a Lady Killer
245 Because We Are His Lover
246 So Where Are We Going Today?
247 As Expected of My Lover, She Is so Pretty
248 Do You Want to Have a French Kiss With Your Lover?
249 Jinlan Lake
250 I Will Forgive You If You Buy Me Ice Cream
251 Enjoying the View From Above Is Indeed a Good Thing
252 In the Future, I Will Be the Wealthiest Person in China and Sit on My Throne With Beautiful Women in My Arms
253 This Cake Is so Tasty
254 What Do You Want in Return?
255 I'm Fucked up Now
256 Are You Behaving Like This Because I Didn't Kiss You Today?
257 Tian, Let's Have a French Kiss
258 You Are Indeed the Best, Tian
259 I Can Do I
260 It Seems Like Mr. Xiao Is a Multi-Talented Young Man
261 How About I Kiss Both of You as a Reward?
262 Stars Hill
263 What Made You Fall for Me?
264 My Mistress Is So Wild
265 Little Brother, I’m Worn Ou
266 Why Are You Pouting Your Lips Like That?
267 Little Brother, Are You Proposing to Me Right Now?
268 You Indeed Have Tarnished Me
269 My Mouth Is Amazing, Right?
270 Tian, My Knees Hurt So Much
271 I'm Not Blushing
《illicit relationship》 Problems Begin to Appear
272 What the Fuck Are You Doing?
273 That Is Me, Xiao Tian
274 Xiao Tian, Don't Leave Me Alone.
275 You Don't Need to Call Him
276 Blue Ice Lotus Gang
277 Beat Them to Death!
278 I Will Let You Handle This
279 All of Them Are Useless!
280 Who Are They?
281 I Will Torture Him From Inside
282 Thank You, Tian'er
283 Torturing Feng Ao 1
284 Torturing Feng Ao 2
285 Torturing Feng Ao 3
286 Torturing Feng Ao 4
287 Torturing Feng Ao 5
288 Are You Worried About Me?
289 I Will Make You Happy Too
290 A Kiss Before Going Home
291 Underlings
292 Because You Are a Devil in Disguise
293 Why Did You Always Buy Chocolate?
294 Buy Me Ice Cream and Cake
295 Sorry for Waking You Two Up
296 Yes. I Miss You. I Really Do
297 Buying House for Shi Fei and Liu Ning
298 I Have No Clothes to Wear
299 Let’s Go Home Together
300 Ning’er, I’ve Come to Meet You
301 Don’t Forget to Take Care of My Son Too
302 Enjoying the Beautiful View With Ye Qingyu
303 Taking a Picture With Ye Qingyu
304 Today Is a Wonderful Day
305 So, How Many Times Did You Two Do It in a Hotel Room?
306 What Are You Two Doing?
307 I’m Just Lucky
308 Big Projec
309 Concer
310 I Hope We Will Be Together Until Death Do Part Us
311 I Will Punish You Later
312 In the Washroom
313 Going to Yun Xin Er's House Again
314 You Are My Prey, So You Should Behave Like Prey
315 Let’s Watch TV Together Before Sleeping
316 I Just Want to Spend Time With You
317 Little Brother, I’m Sleepy
318 Tian, You Are Awake?
319 Tian, Stop It!
320 I Just Want to Hug You
321 So, Where Should I Give You Hickey?
322 Let’s Continue Again Another Day
323 Attending a High-Class Party
324 Trouble at the Party
325 Beat Them to Death, Xiao Tian!
326 Do You Know What You Have Done?
327 Crawl Through My Legs Now!
328 Let’s Take Revenge on Xiao Tian Together.
329 I’m Home
330 The Problem Arises Again
331 Scandal
332 Where Is the Happiest You Promised Us?
332 Where Is the Happiness You Promised Us?
333 Sadness
334 Practice Martial Arts
335 Another Problem
336 Li Wen Make a Move Faster Than Xiao Tian
337 How Do You Want to Solve the Problem?
338 Who Dare to Cause Trouble in Front of This Young Master?
339 He Is Lying
340 Give Me 100 Million Yuan
340 Give Me 10 Million Yuan
341 One Problem Solved
342 Let Them Go
343 I Love Him Very Much
344 Don’t You Have a Little Pity for Her?
345 Is Your Heart as Cold as Ice?
346 Thank You for Saving Me
347 Who Is This Beautiful Young Lady?
348 Sir, What Are You Talking About?
349 Are You Zong Chaihe?
350 How Dare You Betray Me!
351 Well Done!
352 Whatever You Do, I Will Always Support You
353 Wait!
354 Tian’er, Can You Let Me Work at Your Company?
355 Hey, I Want a Kiss Too
356 Looking for a Place for the Company Headquarters
357 Can You Live Only With Love? That Is Bullshit!
358 Stop It! You Are Hurting Xin Er!
359 Stop!
360 I’m Leaving. I Will Call You Later
361 Sir, I Still Have Work.
362 You Will Regret Your Action Later
363 You Will Regret Your Action Later!
364 He Is MR. Qing Feng, Our Boss
365 Don’t Repeat the Same Mistake and Take Good Care of Your Mother
366 I Am Not Your Boss
367 Stop Calling Me Young Boss
368 Thank You for Saving Me
369 What Did He Do in His Past Life?
370 Did You Sleep Well?
371 Lady Lin, I Didn’t Expect to Meet You Here
372 Spending Time With Lin Xing Xue and Feng Yu at Amusement Park
373 I Hope Our Paths Cross Again
374 My Mind Is Tired
375 Fei, Do You Want to Go Home Now?
376 Little Brother, This Skincare Product Is Amazing
377 Eternal Beauty Company
378 He Is the New Owner of the Company
379 Going to Xiao Tian's Apartmen
380 Thank You
381 Finally, I Have Mastered the First Secret Move
382 It’s Boring to Practice Martial Arts Alone
383 Why Does My Face Become Like This?
384 Why Didn’t You Tell Me About This?
385 Tian’er, Have You Had Dinner?
386 Tan Fu, Why Did You Call Me?
387 I Want to See His Condition With My Own Eyes
388 I..I’m Falling in Love With Her?
389 Give It to Me Now!
390 Hawk gang
391 Protect the Founder?
392 Can You Let Me Borrow Twenty of Your People?
393 Training Martial Arts Again
394 If You Can Give Me a Better Plan, We Will Use Your Plan
395 She Is Already Dead
396 Solving the Problem Part 1
397 Solving the Problem Part 2
398 Solving the Problem Part 3
399 Going to Stars Clothes Company With Cai Yazhu
400 I’m Deeply Sorry
401 You Are the Person I Love the Most Now
402 Qingyu, I Miss Tian So Much
403 Release Them! Maybe I Won’t Kill You
404 Mission Failed!
405 Who Is the Woman You Love the Most Now?
406 Because I'm Totally and Utterly in Love With You
407 Good Night, My Love
408 Preparations Before the War
409 Do You Think I Can't Win This War Without the Help of You Two?
410 Kill Them!
411 He Is a Demon
412 It’s Because You Are Weaker Than Me
413 Our Big Boss Is Amazing
414 We Meet Again, Hong Family
415 Both of You Are Stupid!
416 Long Live Blue Ice Lotus Gang
417 I Also Feel Lucky to Have You as My Man
418 Why Are You Two Looking at Me Like That?
419 Do You Know That You Are Inviting a Wolf Into Your Den?
420 Did You Finally Take a Fancy to Me?
421 Do You Have a Thing for an Older Woman?
422 Winning Is Winning
423 Both of You Are Friends?
424 I Said Shut Your Mouth!
425 Please Punish Me Until I Can’t Move My Body Anymore
426 Is It My Turn Now?
427 Was My Decision to Break up With Him Wrong?
428 Because You Are So Attractive
429 Because Our Relationship Is Taboo
430 Do You Like What You See?
431 Sweet Time at Shi Fei's House Part 1
432 Sweet Time at Shi Fei's House Part 2
433 Sweet Time at Shi Fei's House Part 3
434 Sweet Time at Shi Fei's House Part 4
435 Sweet Time at Shi Fei's House Part 5
436 Sweet Time at Shi Fei's House Part 6
437 Sweet Time at Shi Fei's House Part 7
438 Fine! You Win
439 Ladies, Breakfast Is Ready
440 Maybe He Is the King of Beasts
441 I Really Love Hearing That Words
442 Are You Fucking Kidding Me?
443 Whip His Wife Harder!
444 Before Going to Beijing
445 I Came to Say Goodbye
446 That name suits you so much because you are evil
447 Pretending to Be a Couple
448 This World Is So Unfair!
449 Honey, I’m Scared. Beat Them to Death!
450 Fighting Jinhai and Gui at Street Vendor
451 Thank You, Elder
452 This Is So Much Fun!
453 Golden Opportunity
454 You Can Attack Me Now
455 Trying to Hire Martial Arts Exper
456 Meeting Yi Wenxin Again
457 Big Boobs but No Brain
458 Crazy Officer
459 Lan Ruoxi Is Teasing Xiao Tian Again
460 Aren’t We Lovers?
461 I Accept I
462 Going to the Hospital With Lan Ruoxi Again
463 He Is Indeed a Perver
464 I Really Like This Type of Ass
465 Please Be Careful With Your Words
466 I'm Not Lying
467 Chen Yueli Solved the Problem
468 Problem Solved
469 Fighting Wen at the Park
470 Please Help Me.
471 Another Beautiful Lady
472 My Love, Are You Alright?
473 Are You Planning to Do Something to Me?
474 Kissing Lan Ruoxi When She Is on the Phone
475 Shameless!
476 You Look Drop Dead Gorgeous
477 Going to the Banque
478 This Is Villa, Not Love Hotel
479 Qing Xiulan and Qing Feng
480 Because I Already Have a Sexy and Pretty Girlfriend
481 Yes. He Is My Lover
482 It Seems Like Your Life Won’t Be Easy in the Future
483 I Said Drink It!
484 You Are the Mastermind, Right?
485 The Real Mastermind
486 I Don’t Know Whether I’m Happy to Be Your Lover or Not Now
487 Talking to the Qing Family Members
488 Met With Su Lique and Chen Yueli at Tire Repair
489 Look! It's Shooting Star
490 Don’t Lie Again!
491 Su Family
492 Xiao Tian's Perfect Acting in Front of the Su Family
493 Staying the Night at Su Lique's House
494 Another Mistake
495 That Amount of Money Is Nothing to Me.
496 Forget It!
497 Why Do I Often Meet You?
498 Who Did This to You?
499 This Officer Is Useless!
500 Lady Lan Is So Mean to Me!
501 I Miss You Too
502 Meeting a Crazy Officer Again
503 Who Wants to Meet You?!
504 It Seemed Like You Were Lonely Yesterday
505 Failed to Tease Lan Ruoxi
507 Going Back to Shanghai
508 Meeting Ye Xueyin Again
509 Meeting Ye Qingyu Again
510 What's Wrong?
511 Come Here and Sit on My Right Side
512 I Love You, Ning'er
513 Good Moment at Shi Fei's House
514 Giving a Punishment to Shi Fei and Liu Ning
515 Sweet Moment With Ye Xueyin
516 Sweet Moment With Ye Xueyin Part 2
517 Sweet Momen
518 Let’s Head to Aunt’s Room
519 Don't Worry. Just Relax
520 Why
521 It’s a Normal Reaction
522 I Will Treat Both You and Mother Better From Now On
523 Wow!
524 Please Understand My Position Here
525 Sweet Moment With Shi Fei
526 Sweet Moment With Shi Fei Part 2
527 Do You Need Anything Else?
528 Talking With Cai Yazhu
529 Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin Met Xiao Tian's Women
530 You Can Punish Me Now
531 I'm Looking Forward to I
532 Little Brother Is an Amazing Person
533 She Is Really Cute
534 A Plan to Take the Hong Family Properties and Companies
535 Tian, Where Are We Going?
536 Love Letter Shop
537 Love Letter
538 Chen, What Did You Write?
539 Going to a Drive-in Movie
540 I Was Joking, You Know
541 Plans to Take Over the Hong Family's Wealth
542 Plan
543 I Hope Everything Will Go According to My Plan Later
544 Before Carrying the Plan
545 Inviting Reporters to the Company
546 The First Step Went According to Plan
547 Well, Because I'm Not Your Son
548 Meeting the Hong Family Again
549 I Hope You Can Finish It Today
550 Because I’m Also His Woman
551 It's None of Your Business
552 False Rumors
553 Going to Golden Bag Company
554 Solving the Problem
555 Meeting Zhao Sheng
556 As I Thought, He Is the Mastermind
557 Slap Their Faces!
558 You Will Do Whatever I Want?!
559 Going to Blue Ice Lotus Gang Headquarters
560 I Really Love Hugging My Woman Like This
561 Spending Time With Liu Ning
562 Are You Really My Nephew?
563 I Will Meet Her Later
564 Can You Fire Them?
565 It's Downpour
566 Boss, You Have So Many Identities
567 Bringing Mu Huo to Blue Ice Lotus Gang Headquarters
568 Talking With Lin Xing Xue
569 What Is So Good About Him?
570 Training Martial Arts With Underlings
571 Meeting Yun Xin Er Again
572 They Are Living Together Now
573 Sexy!
574 You Only Want to Kiss Me, Right?
575 Going to Zhao Sheng's House
576 Fighting Against the Zhao's Family Disciples
577 Old Man, That's Unfair!
578 Who Is Your Master?
579 Meeting Yun Xin ER at the Pool
580 Well, Because I'm Different From Them
581 It Hurt Me a Lot…and It’s Driving Me Crazy
582 Just Be Honest With Me. You Miss Me, Right?
583 I Didn't Expect to Meet You Here
584 Meeting the Old Man Again
585 Do You Love My Mother?
586 Are You Sure You Want to Do This?
587 One Second…Two Seconds… Three Seconds.
588 I’m So Happy Right Now
589 Stop Sitting on His Lap and Sit Next to Him!
590 Did He Agree to Get Back With You?
591 I’m Satisfied
592 She Is So Cute
593 I Know He Is Lying
594 It Seems Like She Is Having a Good Dream Now
595 You Are Also the Most Handsome Young Man I Have Ever Seen
596 She Is So Pretty
597 Little Brother, You Are Amazing!
598 Little Brother, How Close Are We?
599 Wild Conversation
600 Wild Conversation Part 2
601 Wild Conversation Part 3
602 Wild Conversation Part 4
603 Buying a Mansion
604 Moving Out to New House
605 Because I Know Your Personality
606 What Do You Think?
607 Both of You Are Like Husband and Wife
608 Ren Aoxu
609 Ren Aoxu Versus Tiger
610 Ren Aoxu, You Should Give Up!
611 Xiao Tian Versus Tiger
612 Going to Ren Aoxu's House
613 Is My Man Handsome?
614 Bringing Ren Aoxu to the Blue Ice Lotus Gang Headquarters
615 Fighting in the Garden
616 Can You Win Against Ten People?
617 I Always Put You Firs
618 You Are Really a Bad Lady!
619 He Is So Evil
620 Because I Won’t Take No for an Answer
621 Did You Do Something Lewd With Little Brother Earlier?
622 Why Is My Life Like This?
623 Tell Me Everything That's Led up to This
624 Meeting Zi Yuhan Again
625 In My Eyes, You Are Like an Angel and a Goddess
626 Carrying Out Their Plan
627 What?! They Are Famous People?
628 I Will Change My Attitude Later
629 Don't Go Anywhere!
630 Thank You for Appearing in My Life, Honey.
631 As I Thought, He Wants to Take a Bath With Me
632 I Have an Exciting Idea
633 I Really Want to Lovey-Dovey With Tian
634 Peeking
635 I'm Not Lying
636 Just Five Minutes
637 She Keeps Saying the Same Words
638 It Seems Like You Two Really Love Each Other
639 Practicing the Third Secret Movie
639 Practicing the Third Secret Move
640 Is She Lonely
641 I Will Help You
642 Someone Beat Ren Aoxu
643 Damn You, Zhao Sheng!
644 Going to the Hakken Martial Arts School
645 Fighting Against the Disciples of Hakken Martial Arts School
646 Beating the Disciples and Instructors of Hakken Martial Arts School
647 Jufan
648 Do You Think It Will Work?
649 Senior Brother Is Really Fearless!
650 You Are Damn Right!
651 Wicked Plan
652 Making a Plan to Poison Qigang
653 The Mission Begins
654 Carrying Out the Plan
655 Going to Shanghai River With Zhao Sheng and Lan Ruoxi
656 I Will Sleep With You Tonigh
657 Before Going to Zhao Sheng's House
658 Going to Zhao Sheng's House
659 Testing His Level
660 Resul
661 Sorry, My Kick Is Too Strong
662 Going to Blue Ice Lotus Gang With Ren Aoxu
663 I Will Give You My Hear
664 Beautiful Lady, May I Know Your Name?
665 Devil
665 Before Fighting
666 He Is Indeed a Devil
667 Xiao Tian Versus Qigang
668 This Is Getting Annoying
669 Who Is She?
670 We Were Only Joking
671 Having a Party With His Underlings and Land Ruoxi
672 This Is So Funny
673 It's Easy
674 Please Help Me Get Out of This Place
675 Releasing Lishang From Prison
676 Meeting Jufan Again
677 Where Do You Live?
678 Fighting Against Two Disciples of Ryu Martial Arts School
679 Changing the Plan
680 You Are Too Sof
681 Xiao Tian vs Lan Ruoxi
682 Discussing Plans
683 Can We Leave It to You?
684 Why?
685 Trap
686 Ace, What Are You Doing?
687 Capturing the Instructors
688 Shuren and the Other Going to Xiao Tian's House
689 Lan Ruoxi's Idea
690 Looking for Crystal
691 Xiao Tian and Lan Ruoxi Made Up
692 Protecting Shi Fei and Liu Ning
693 Making a Plan Again
694 Meeting Jie Ai
695 Jie Ai Agree With His Plans
696 Spending Time With Ye Qingyu
697 If You Refuse, I Will Bite Your Lower Lip
698 Carrying Out the Next Plan
699 Slandering One of Ryu Martial Arts School Instructors
700 Little Brother, I Hate You!
701 How Many Girlfriends Does He Have?
702 Visiting the Hawk Gang Again
703 Damn! She Is Bullying Me!
704 You Have to Beat Me in Fight Firs
705 Double Kill…Triple Kill…Ultra Kill…Rampage…
706 What's Going on Here?
707 I Will Count on You Later, Ace
708 Who Is Speaking Ill of Me?
709 Xiao Tian, The Pig Is Angry.
710 Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng Versus Jufan
711 Zhao Sheng and Xiao Tian vs Jufan Part 2
712 Defeating Jufan
713 End of the War
714 Going Home
715 Coming to Xiao Tian's Room
716 Going On a Date With Lin Xing Xue
717 Meeting Nalan Jiangge Again
718 Releasing Yun Xin Er
719 I'm Fine
720 Watching Movie Together
721 Big Sister Fei, Are You Already Awake?
722 Sweet Moment With Shi Fei
723 I Will Take Care of You Forever
724 Zhi Rou Meets Nalan Jiangge
725 Going to the Beach
726 Taking Pictures With Yun Xin ER and Lin Xing Xue
727 Tian'er, I'm Tired.
728 On the Beach With Liu Ning
729 Playing With Liu Ning On the Beach
730 Playing With Liu Ning On the Beach
731 Making Liu Ning Happy
732 My Ning'er Is so Alluring
733 If Only He Were My Lover
734 Spending Time With Shi Fei
735 I Won't Fall Into Your Trap Again
736 Sweet Moment in the Car
737 How Can I Go to Work Tomorrow?
738 Going to Yun Xin Er's House
739 I Forgot That I'm the Goddess of Luck
740 Competition
741 Do You Believe Me Now?
742 Everyone, Stop It!
743 Tian'er, I'm Sleepy.
744 You Look so Cute
745 Going to Suzo Park With Liu Ning
746 What? Another Illicit Relationship?
747 Because I'm a Kind Lady, I Will Grant Your Wish
748 Should I Just Reveal Our Relationship and Accept the Consequences Later?
749 Do You Have a Problem Again?
750 It Really Scared Me
751 My Boyfriend Is Amazing
752 Why Did You Hit Me?
753 Chao Ximeng
754 What Is This?
755 Well, It Can’t Be Helped
756 Tch! Shut Up!
757 Keep Beating Him!
758 Taking Revenge
759 Sorry, Can You Repeat Your Word?
760 Capturing Chao Dong and the Others
761 Spending Time With Shi Fei Again
762 Dream
763 Revealing Everything Part 1
764 Revealing Everything Part 2
765 Revealing Everything Part 3
766 Who Are You?
767 Liu Ning Gives Her Answer
768 Hey, This Is Unfair
769 Meeting the Crazy Officer Again
770 He Is Amazing
771 How Did You Know Her?
772 Sweet Moment in the Hotel Room With Shi Fei
773 Little Brother, My Neck Hurts
774 I Can Feel I
775 Giving Shi Fei a Lot of Hickeys
776 He Left a Lot of Hickeys on Me Last Nigh
777 Little Xue, I Have Something for You
778 Meeting That Lady Again
779 What a Beast!
780 Watching a Movie With Ye Xueyin
781 Battle Instinc
782 Flower, the Young Assassin
783 Fighting Flower
784 Going to the Zhao Family House
785 What Is Battle Instinct?
786 Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng Spar Again
787 He Is Also a Candidate to Be a Ruler
788 Father, Should We Kill Him?
789 Meeting Chao Yang Sheng
790 Xiao Tian's Plans
791 Spending Time With Ye Qingyu
792 In Ye Qingyu's Room
793 It’s Already 04:15 Am
794 It Seems Like Little Brother Is Busy Right Now
795 I Know
796 Going to the Blue Ice Lotus Gang Headquarters
797 Going to the Red Flower Bar
798 Carrying Out Their Plans
799 I Won't Take No for an Answer
800 Mr. Chao, Tomorrow Is Your Turn to Take Action
801 Do You Like What You See?
802 Going to Fuku City With Ren Aoxu
803 I'm Her Friend
804 Bad News
805 Don't Disappoint Me Later, Sheng
806 Should I Kill Him Now?
807 Fighting the Delinquents Again
808 Do You Think I'm Afraid Of You?
809 In the Forest With Flower
810 Looking for Xiao Tian
811 Going to the Waterfall
812 Rose, Can You Catch Fish?
813 It's Gender Equality
814 No, I’m Not Worried About Him.
815 Fighting a Wild Pig
816 Rain
817 Xiao Tian, I Can't Stand the Chill of the Air Anymore
818 Flower Is Sick
819 Please Stop Beating Us
820 I'm a Man of My Word
821 Fighting Two Wolves
822 I Have Found Where Little Brother Is
823 Who Do You Think You Are?
824 Tch, Tch, Tch
825 Nurse, How Is Her Condition?
826 Just You Wait, Your Nightmare Is Coming
827 Are You Falling for Her?
828 I'm Their Leader
829 Torturing His Enemies
830 Complicated Feeling
831 Meeting Chao Yang Sheng Again
832 Talking With Shi Fei in His Office
833 It's so Delicious
834 See! I Have Told You It's Delicious
835 Shi Fei Wants Him to Get More Women
836 Going On a Date With Lin Xing Xue
837 In the Cinema With Lin Xing Xue
838 In the Cinema
839 Asking Lin Xing Xue to Live With Him
840 I Want a MILF as My Lover Too
841 I Want to Kiss MILF Too
842 I Will Never Let You Go This Time
843 You Can Eat Me When We Are Alone Later
844 I Want a Laptop
845 Lin Xing Xue and Feng YU Moves to Xiao Tian's House
846 You Don't Need to Feel Shy
847 I Am Not a Pervert, I'm a Good Lover
848 Floating In the Water
849 Playing in the Swimming Pool
850 Lin Xing Xue Is Shocked
851 Today Is a Wonderful Day
852 Buying a Laptop for Feng Yu
853 Going to the Blue Ice Lotus Gang Headquarters With Feng Yu
854 Who Is This Adorable Little Girl?
855 I Will Fight You Seriously
856 Complicated Feeling
857 My Name Is Crystal
858 You Are Lucky to Have Girlfriends Like Them
859 Pretending to Be Asleep
860 Amazing!
861 Yu Shi
862 Crystal Versus Yu Shi
863 Talking With Lin Xing Xue
864 Big Perver
865 Then What Are We Waiting For?
866 Going to Ru Village
867 I’m Also Rank Top 100 Right Now
868 Meeting the Old Man
869 Lian Xun
870 What Is Your Relationship With Him?
871 Xiao Tian Versus Lian Xun
872 His Attacks Are Getting Faster
873 I Will Help You Later
874 What Is Her Name?
875 Buying a Motorbike
876 Your Father Is Good at Driving a Car
877 What You Did Earlier Was Dangerous
878 Lady Lan, I Challenge You to a Duel Right Here Right Now
879 Yu Shi and Crystal Went to Xiao Tian’s Company
880 I Want You to Marry My Disciple
881 Because I’m a Simple Woman
882 Little Brother, I Want Ice Cream
883 You Have to Take Responsibility
884 Meeting Crystal at Park
885 I Finally Managed to Master the Third Secret Technique
886 Going to Shanghai River With Crystal
887 Going on a Date With Crystal
888 It’s Not Enough!
889 I Know
890 Teasing Shi Fei
891 I Will Think About I
892 Will She Not Notice It Later?
893 You Are Almost a Pervert King Now
894 Do You Want to Test It?
895 Your Lover Is So Attractive
896 Sadness
897 I Will Help You but on One Condition
898 What Did She Do Earlier?
899 This Is Too Much for Me
900 I Want You to Be My Lover Today
901 She Is Indeed Amazing.
902 You Are Late!
903 Because We Are Men
904 I Doubt It!
905 Going to the Qing Family
906 Why Don’t We Talk a Little Longer?
907 Let Me Bring You to Your Room
908 As I Thought, You Were Lying to Us
909 Going to the Yi Family
910 I Don’t Miss You
911 My Love for You Is as Big as Gravel
912 Going to the Yuji Hospital
913 I Believe You
914 Fuck You, Zhao Sheng
915 I Said, Give Me Your Money!
916 I Only Know Martial Arts a Little
917 Defeating Fifteen Delinquents
918 Go Luo Di
919 Shocking Information!
920 Who Dares to Slander My Family Hospital?
921 You Are the Mastermind, Right?
922 Fighting Near the Park
923 How Dare You Slander My Friend?!
924 Two Kinds of Rankings for Martial Artists
925 We Have Made a Big Mistake
926 I Met Miss Silver Fox Earlier
927 Spending Time With Lin Xing Xue
928 The Ruler
929 Going to Star Hill With Shi Fei
930 Fun at Star Hill
931 What Is It?
932 I Won’t Leave You. Ever!
933 Forget It!
934 Discussion
935 So, Whose Idea Is This?
936 I Changed My Mind
937 Sword
938 Whatever
939 Cooking Rice
940 Eating Delicious Food
941 Eating Eggplan
942 You Are Righ
943 I Like That Idea!
944 Sun Auction House
945 Leng Nichang
946 Mocking Wu Tang
947 It’s Nothing
948 I Only Want to Be Your Lover
949 Mu Ai
950 Long Jingxian
951 Going to Lion Gang Headquarters
952 They Are in the Backyard
953 I’m Going There Now
954 This Big Sister Will Spoil You Now
955 Su Ruanyi
956 Buying Company
957 It’s Delicious
958 Sending Su Ruanyi home
959 Meeting Mu Ai Again
960 Star Film Company
961 Is He Your Secret Lover?
962 Who Is He?
963 Little Ai, I’m Back
964 Going to the Beach With Mu Ai and Long Jingxian
965 You Can Make Her Your Lover Too
966 Trouble
967 Bai Yuzen Is Doomed
968 Torturing Mu Cheng and Bai Yuzen
969 What a Big Teddy Bear Doll!
970 I Will Take Her as My Daughter
971 Holding Hands
972 Playing With Long Jingxian
973 Buying Vegetables in the Marke
974 Strolling Alone
975 I Think It’s Normal
976 I Will Cook Fried Rice Now
977 Kissing Long Jingxian
978 Going to Wushang City to Meet Long Jingxian’s Parents
979 Let Me Help You
980 Making Tea Together
981 Feeling Uncomfortable
982 Happy Feeling
983 Xi Ran
984 Meeting Leng Nichang
985 Che Hou
986 Kissing Long Jingxian in the Backyard
987 Che Hou’s Plan
988 Hugging Long Jingxian
989 Going to the Fireworks Festival
990 Watching Fireworks
991 Lucky!
992 Going to the Rice Fields
993 Going to the Waterfall
994 Playing Water Again
995 Unexpected Meeting
996 What a Wild Couple!
997 Good Night, My Little Angel
998 Thank You, Xiao Tian
999 I also want to live with you forever